Lisa Elias

Lisa Elias

We are looking at a drinking fountain that I’m building for the city of Minneapolis. It’s gonna be on 9th Street and 2nd Avenue in downtown Minneapolis This is what I’ve done, and then all these pieces on the ground too. I mean, these are just forged pieces. I’m just really trying to have this organic, very luscious, kind of a very graceful feel to this whole piece. Yeah, this is mild steel. It’s 2 inches by about a 1/4 inch, and then also some 5/8th’s round, all solid. Eye protection… ear protection. Kind of sounds like a train. (men; rock) It’s gonna be today Don’t care what the doctor say loud, sharp tapping I want to make another nice curve to accentuate this one, so I need to taper this end, and it’s going to be curled around similar to that edge. I like the different qualities of small, big. I mean, it just kind of gives it a lot more dimension if I’m using more metals than just one size. I’m gonna do a nice soft edge on it. There’s sometimes I’ll throw my iron out the door, just kind of good cooling down– livin’ here in Minnesota. The thing with public art, I did a fence, a 400-foot fence. I did tree corrals for downtown Minneapolis. Most of them are kind of on the functional side because that’s kind of what I’ve always done, and that’s what I do best, is just kind of make things that work, that seem to have somewhat of a purpose. Crema Cafe was a great spot for me. The owner had me do these gates and grillworks and inside interior work. (woman) Lisa’s done a number of public works for the city. Lisa really has a gift. She has this ability to craft something that is really beautiful, simple, straightforward, and elegant, and people love that about her work. (Lisa) My style is kind of influenced by art nouveau. Obviously, it always has been that early 1900’s ironwork, glasswork, visiting Paris for the first time and walking outside the Metro and going Oh my god, this is so gorgeous! So I’m thinking about this spigot that the water will come out of, and I have to have a splash guard so that when the water comes out, there’s not things splashing on into it, or when the water is not on, or people’s mouths going directly on top of it, so I’m gonna think about having these leaves somewhat covering the bowl just slightly, so I need to make a few more of these. loud hissing loud russshhhh of the fire banjo plays softly I had another one; where did it go? There’s one. This is the problem with metal; you lose everything because everything is gray. Hammer off the edges a little. Basically I don’t have a lot of tools. I mean, I have what I need. A lot of blacksmiths or metal artists have so much more, but I feel like whatever I got, I can make it work. Simple is sometimes better. I’ve gotta wear my sweater because otherwise I’m gonna get burnt. That’s the other thing with metal; you got cords everywhere. Good thing I’m not a musician! crackling When I’m in the zone and it’s really working, I’m pretty happy and just feeling like I walk into my space and this is where I want to be. Absolutely. Today I have an inspector coming to look at the arc, see how all the plumbing, the interior plumbing is, because it’s the big day to say yes, we can install, or oh no, I have to rework the plumbing, which involves more work and more people. So we got the spout attached. Got the spout attached. We got the bowl passivated. Got the drain in, got the push button, and hopefully everything is A-okay. Yeah, good. When we get this on-site, this is all going to be enclosed? Yes, I have 2 access panels that are getting painted because this is not completely, completely finished, but it’s very, very close. Okay, all right. Should we turn it on? Let’s turn it on! Wow, look at that. Absolutely wonderful. It’s water. Good. All right, that looks good. It looks like it should just work fine. I’ll approve it today. Right on! Should we shake on it? Sure. Lisa laughs Whoo! laughs That always feels great! I’m thrilled that my work will be here for a while. I hope that the materials that we chose, or I chose, are durable. I love the fact that my little boy can walk down the street and say hey, you know what? My mom made that. So I hope that it’s here for a while. (men) timeless rose ’cause I can’t see you through these roses. electronic music plays

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  1. Was in your shop 20 years ago, you name popped into my head and here you were, your work is even more beautiful, breathe taking Lisa, very nice, keep up the good work. Francis

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