Living Room Ideas | Interior design tips explained with simple examples!

Living Room Ideas | Interior design tips explained with simple examples!

There are a lot of easy and inexpensive
things you can do to change the look of a room without spending a fortune. In
today’s video I will be sharing some easy and practical tips to give your
living room a refresh and this video has been a highly requested one so I really
hope you get some ideas and inspiration. If you do and wanna show your support it
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for future videos. Thanks so much for joining in let’s get started. The first
point that I want to talk about today is how to make your living room appear
larger and brighter if you have a lot of warm tones in your living room like we
have you know dark paint, dark cabinets and things like that so how do we bring
it up to make it brighter without changing a paint color to white. Couple
things we can do here the first one being adding sheer curtains so it makes
such a big difference. I’m going to insert some before pictures here so you
can see the comparison for yourself but white sheers will make a dark room look
bigger and brighter. They are an awesome way to add luxurious style on a budget
and there is something very special about this airy look that just drips
luxury on a budget and floor-to-ceiling curtains are great they make the space
look even you know more bigger and brighter. The next is how to figure out
your focal point in the living room first of all let’s first understand what
is a focal point. It is an area that draws our attention due to being more
dramatic than other areas. Look around your room to determine the biggest
feature. It may be a fireplace, a picture window or a built-in bookcase or a TV
console unit or a big piece of furniture This will generally be your focal point
you can also have two or three focal points depend
upon the layout for example in our case we have two main focal points one is
this fireplace here and the other one is this nook area or the cabinet space
right by the fireplace. If you don’t have a focal point don’t worry you can create
a focal point by painting one wall a different color from the rest and
accessorizing with a wall arrangement. In reality there is no absolute limit to
the number of focal points a room can have however sticking to a maximum of
three focal points will help make sure the room stays orderly. In a smaller
space sticking to maximum of two is the safest bet. It’s not an unbreakable rule
but it can definitely make things a lot easier. Once you have identified your
focal point use contrasting colors to make the focal point stand out. Using
contrast is a powerful way to make a stylistic statement so experiment with
colors, textures and details to add flair to your living room
not to worry about impressing others just like in all of life you try
multiple things and eventually figure out what works for you so you know same
thing here allow yourself the freedom to mess up and and change your mind it’s
not the end of the world. For example, we like palm trees and we also have those
in our back yard so you will see a lot of palm details in our living room. So,
include home design elements that represent your personal style so because this is a white wall I’ve
used darker colors against this wall to add contrast. Light colors are airy and
as a general rule they make the rooms feel larger and brighter. Dark colors on
the other hand are sophisticated and warm and they make the rooms feel more
intimate. For the second focal point that we have
this cabinet or nook space here I’ve added a lot of whites and you know sort
of brighter colors to bring up the space because this space is dark, white adds
a lot of contrast. I’ve used two again you know contrasting
mirrors to bring up this space figure out what your personal style is if you
like contemporary go for it but right now we are more into rustic decor so
this setup you know speaks to our style and we are totally in love. Coffee table: coffee table is the
centerpiece of a living room a white tray looks wonderful on a glass
topped coffee table and a small living plant or fresh flowers is the perfect
thing to put on your coffee table Absolutely cannot go wrong with that you
can always decorate with flowers and candles of course but then don’t shy
away from adding small pieces to add personality and you can get creative
here there are no rules when it comes to showing creativity and personality with
small objects. For example I brought this tea saucer cup from my kitchen and added
potpourri in one and coffee beans in other and that becomes your object of
personality and then you add flowers or or candles whatever you want to add or
another creative idea is to bring out your vintage
or unused kettles and put them to use on your coffee table. So we’ve talked about
the most important pieces like figuring out focal point , adding contrast, coffee
table now it’s time to layer and accessorize. Accessories are what bring
the room to life. Adding a throw is an inexpensive way to spruce up the look of
your couch and when it comes to styling your throw you can either fold it in
thirds so it stays in place but my living room is already structured so I
wanted to add some casual sort of rumpled look so I just positioned it in
a way that it looks unfolded to make it look more comfy
and when it comes to arranging pillows you can go for a simple or symmetrical
or electric or layered look you know. Some people put couple pillows on one
side and couple pillows on the other side but I personally like the
symmetrical look it looks more you know cohesive you know more pulled together
and also gives the guests more place to sit essentially so I personally like
this look but it’s your personal choice at the end of the day. Another great way to accessorize is
using books to decorate it’s a great trick to elevate a single
decor item and also give it presence. I absolutely love decorating with books.
Every room needs balance. Balance in height finishes and color. For example, I
chose tall accessories on my fireplace mantel to balance the height of the tall
windows adding things like greenery fresh flowers or plants give the room a
lot of texture and also give it life and personality I buy a lot of multifunctional furniture
and home decor that I can use continually throughout my home even if I
redecorate so things like you know greenery picture frames neutral lamps
that can be used throughout my home I love investing in those pieces that way
you really save money in the long run and finally I really wanted to mention
this real quick be true do you don’t feel obligated that you have to buy
everything at once please don’t get carried away by Pinterest pictures and
you know what’s trending in the latest home decor blogs it’s really not worth
it those are the places to get your inspiration from you know take it all in
and then figure out what you really like what works for you what will work in
your home what will make you happy and then go for it
that’s it for today’s video I know we have covered a lot of information so if
you have any questions comments suggestions write to me in the comment
section down below if you enjoyed today’s video which I really hope you
did it always helps if you give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the
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time bye for now

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  2. Did you catch the transformation pic (before and after pic..from when we bought the house -> now!) What do you think?

  3. Ohh that's great ma I feel happy that even u liked the idea of using cinnamon sticks nd coffee beans using tea cups as a theme

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