Livspace Experience Centre Walkthrough | Connect With The Best Interior Designers In India!

Livspace Experience Centre Walkthrough | Connect With The Best Interior Designers In India!

Hey there! I’m Nitya Srinath. An interior designer at Livspace. I’m here to take you on a walkthrough of our
Experience Centre. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve got in store
for you! The kitchen is the heart of the home, where
great meals and memories are made. At Livspace, we believe in intelligent and
beautiful designs. Our kitchen experts design every inch to suit
your needs based on your style preferences, the kitchen layout, family size, storage requirements,
and even your cooking style. So this is an L-shaped kitchen. There is a space saving option that allows
for free movement. This is ideal for small to medium spaces,
for corner layouts, and perfect for open plan design. The countertop used here is a kalinga stone
top, a type of engineered quartz. This is a very strong and durable material. We have multiple material and finish options
for countertops available. The core material used for the modules can
be plywood, PWR plywood and other cost-effective options. The shutters are of membrane finish, these
can also be made in laminate, acrylic and PU. Each of which is available in 20-30 different
shades in matte, high gloss and wooden textures. We also offer different types of handles for
shutters. Our catalogue includes appliances for your
kitchen such as chimneys, hobs, microwaves, dishwashers, and more. Your kitchen can be customized with accessories
like sink faucets, cutlery trays, detergent holders, wicker baskets etc. This island kitchen is perfect for a dynamic
lifestyle where you can talk and eat while you cook. This style is best suited for large spaces
and families. It’s adaptable to open layouts and offers
maximum storage and workspace. The finish for the base shutters here is acrylic
and for the wall cabinets we have laminate finish. The tall unit is available in a few options
like you have storage option. They are available in different storages,
for drawers and shelves. They also come with appliance. Like your oven and microwave. So this here, is a U-shaped kitchen. It gives you maximum storage. You can see that the kitchen counter also
extends as a breakfast table. This layout provides ample storage space with
great flexibility. This is ideal for medium to large space and
best for maximum storage. So, for the base cabinets we’ve used PU finish
here, and for the wall cabinets we’ve used a high gloss laminate. Here we have a glassed roll up shutter unit. Here are blind corner units which are great
for making use of corner spaces. So here we have our living room setups. We’ve got a complete range of living room
furniture, from sofas, accent chairs, rugs, poufs, and more. These can be customized with upholstery fabric,
colours and patterns of your choice. We also have coffee tables, side boards and
more to complete your living room. Livspace also offers an innovative range of
modular storage solutions to fit spaces of all sizes. From shoe racks and foyer units, to wall mounted
entertainment units, and other storage units to organize your books, DVDs, and more. The possibilities are endless! This is an option for a large unit finished
in acrylic. You can treat large walls with open ladder
units and wallpaper. This is one of our storage options for smaller
spaces. One of the ways to enhance your living room
is with wall treatment like this one, which is a stone veneer backdrop. We’ve got a wide range of dining table sets
available in a variety of sizes and styles like solid wood and glass top. We also have other dining room furniture such as
sideboards and ladder units. If you’re looking for a way to partition spaces, then
a jaali wall is a great idea. You can separate the space while still allowing
light to pass through. And these can be made in different designs,
with different materials. So here we are in the bedroom section. We offer solutions based on your needs and
the amount of space you have. For your bedroom, you can choose from beds
with built in storage and hydraulic beds. Accessorize with upholstered seating and bedside
tables to store all of your essentials. Choose from our range of decorative lighting
options such as pendants and ceiling lamps. You can also opt for smart lighting solutions. Our bedroom styling concept here includes
a false wall, with exposed brickwork wallpaper and a niche. You can also choose beds with upholstered
headboards. These can be customized with colours and patterns
of your choice. You can opt for wall treatments like wallpaper,
and wall decor like artwork, decorative mirrors, etc. So with Livspace modular wardrobes, you get
to choose at every step. Whether it’s the size of your wardrobe, the
number and position of shelves and drawers, or the door type when it’s finished. Here we have a sliding door wardrobe. The shutter finish here is lacquered glass. We have different options for the core material,
similar to what we have for kitchens. Your wardrobe can be customized according
to your needs. Choose modules and accessories that match
your requirements. So this is a swing door with external drawers. These doors can be finished in mirrored shutters,
glass shutters, or solid shutters. We also have L-Corner modules that can be
customized to fit into corner spaces. Your wardrobes can also be designed with lofts
for extra storage. Livspace provides end-to-end solutions for
your home. This means that we take care of everything;
right from flooring, false ceiling, partitioning, and much more. At our Experience Centre, you can browse through
the wide variety of swatches and the material and colour options that we have. All of this and more, only at the Livspace
Experience Centre. A home within a store. Come and be part of the ultimate home design

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