Liza Koshy’s Dream Office Makeover | OMG We’re Coming Over | Mr. Kate

Liza Koshy’s Dream Office Makeover | OMG We’re Coming Over | Mr. Kate

Previously on OMG We’re Coming Over. We’re here it’s happening Wait wait wait I straight-up thought that was white. I think we need to take the bed out Oh my god Oh my god. We got the bedroom done it is office time. Do you wanna have a knob race? OMG! Can’t wait to decorate there’s so much we can make how will it turn out? OMG we’re coming Over Open up we’re here. Okay you’re yelling like so loud Part 2! Part 2 Liza Koshy Part 2 She loves her bedroom you guys saw It. Now you’re back. Guys before we get into this. Subscribe Thumbs up if you like the bedroom thumbs up if you’re excited to see what’s coming thumbs up before you even see it. Its’s gonna be good. Yeah. You guys saw us, we painted the Room I’m the paint salesman did you need some paint? We’re creating our own Built-in for Liza so we’ve started It. Crazy yeah we’ve got the countertop and we had to put down PlyWood with the countertop on Custom for Koshy and Guys We are here We’re still here. Let’s go finish the office. Okay comon move Good God I love Mr. Kate Guys I’m so excited I already saw the bedroom and now I’m just so excited to see what they do with the office I really really want to start something new on my channel where I kind of do like Interviews What are you a natural at? Interviews Different things like that and I really want a cool office that has good desk space That I can do my editing on but then also another desk area so I can do you know different work and writing and different stuff like that so I want this to be just like an office of opportunity Kate, can you open the door for me? So because the rooms so small we really want up So we’re gonna do a Built-in Shelving System with a custom countertop base cabinets the whole Shebang. Liza likes Bohemian she likes all of those neutral colors and the wood thankfully Is a neutral so we can bring in different tones of wood because we’re still playing with the neutral palette Welcome, to the most beautiful office, ever! Oh yea it looks so good All right so this shelving unit Is no joke you guys it’s custom so it is cut to size for the space. I know the original design was to have the two shelves here but I kind of really like It open like this. Since this is supposed to be like display behind her, I want it to look like a bookshelf but not a bookshelf more like a display shelf and so we’re playing with some verticality with those vertical pieces which are also helping to stabilize all the horizontal pieces that we’re using She already has a roller blind on this window which we want to leave because it’s really functional it’s inset and the window it’s not in the way so we’re just gonna dress the outside of the window with some curtains if she ever wants to black out the room she can just close those curtains and if not they’re just there for a nice luxe decoration and they also bring your eye up just further making This Room feel larger I’m so excited about this rug! Are you? Yeah Because this is her space she’s gonna come in and feel vibrant And work in I think that the presence of a little bit of a brighter color underfoot is actually gonna work really well for her energy. I feel like we should clean her gum off the floor Yes, that is a giant piece of old gum. That’s a weird habit. Does everyone know that Liza throws her gum on her own floors Liza Koshy I do declare my love for you. I will scrape your old gum off the floor You also have to taste it to see what flavor Joey, no We draw the line there. That came off pretty easy let me smell it Peppermint it’s peppermint. Dude we could sell This on ebay for so much money Liza Koshy’s used gum off her floor. Yeah Pretty sure it’s not gonna go for much. I think it’ll go for a lot Oh my gosh it’s so Pretty I can’t lay down with my faux hawk. My faux hawk is not compatible Plus there’s way too much to do.Joey Two Rooms One day Two Rooms One day GTFO Are we spinning this? Well don’t touch the sides. Oh Gosh. Got it? Okay go that way. No On top of the rug we’re giving her a really cool dark wood desk with some hairpin legs we just got to get it in here. No we’re gonna go She got little drawers here for her little Doodads pencils her chair will go here Tripod With her camera there right She’s Got a Nice light come in here maybe another light There? Okay so we’re gonna do the mirror here we do anything else as well just the mirror right Just The mirror it’s a big one do you think you can do it yourself? I’ll Phone a friend if i need to But I’m gonna be doing art work with Liza downstairs and we’re best friends and we talk So much, and we may not hear you. You always make such good friends with the people at whose homes we do and it’s like what am I? Chopped liver? I’m just saying Just, I don’t know what you’re saying I’m just saying I need friends too. Alright get back to me. I have some DIYs to do with Liza I am so excited. We are going to do a DIY Which I’ve never done before so you can see how the creative process is one that just Blossoms and there really is no wrong way to do DIY art I have a frame. Oh you do have a frame. Okay we are going to do a DIY together What?! Are you serious?! So Kate brings me outside and she tells me now it’s time to DIY and i’m like DIY not let’s go girl I suck At DIYs and I know you’re brilliant at them I’m actually Not I Just Know she pulls Out some frames and she pulls out some wire. and I’m wondering what’s gonna happen. I feel like you’re A very like physical person yeah What do you mean I’m confused by what you mean That’s a really good lead-in to this. Is It? Because we have bendable wire here i like the idea of doing wire art so some sort of Two-Dimensional Shape Yeah that will then mount on this Really thick paper ooh she’s thick okay yeah I get a lot of Inspiration off pinterest so I just looked at some other wire art and of course there’s a lot of three-Dimensional wire art out there but I wanted to do something two-dimensional so we could actually fasten It to a piece of watercolor paper and then Put them in frames. Here’s like a Skyline Oh my god mine’s not gonna look anything like an object. Well it can look very picasso-esque you know that’s $39 can we just buy it and say we did it? Okay what color do you like? I was thinking black I think it’ll stand Out Cuz we’re gonna do two of them okay so i don’t know what to design. Oh my god Just Like Butt Cheeks we’re Looking at the wire and we’re looking at the frames and like what the heck do we do with this and the first thing that pops into my mind is booty Wired Butt cheeks is really funny. I can have them on the frame behind me because i don’t have them on my body Butts it is guys Hey I have one I wanted to make some booties of all different sizes and shapes because mine’s really small But others Have Really Big old Booties and I love those and i love staring at those so i want to be able to have that art in my House so i could stare at Booty all the time i’m gonna make a bunch of butt Cheeks i think i’m gonna make different butts Oh I love that We all have butt cheeks. Everyone’s shaped differently Okay yeah and Every butt is Beautiful. Know why? because they all serve the same purpose We all just poop out of them no matter what they look like You’re right Butts are not discriminatory. You know who poops? Beyonce. It’s true i never thought about Beyonce pooping I am she has such a Hilarious sense of humor but she also has a Beautiful Aesthetic so Taking Wire and Making Butts Out of It is like The perfect combination of that Because This is gonna Be like Really Cool art That’s gonna look amazing in this Room but gonna be Hilarious Why not? How big do you wanna Make Your first butt? The biggest Booty you ever seen like Kim K booty. Oh that’s good oh Like If i do my Booty it’s like This What do you think i should do? Ooh first thing that came to my head was booty so What’s the word that comes to your head when you want To make art? I could do Boobies, it could Be Boobies and Booty. I like that. Genius Boobs. We’re Weird That’s like a super Round Boob like I’m gonna Need to get a little more Oblong but we could do a little A little Nipple right there is that It is that a Nipple is that like a Nipple piercing no what is that? I can honestly say this is the first, making a wire areola Look At That.That’s a Nice Ratio of Boobs to nipple. Yeah Mine don’t look like that Mine don’t either I have massive areola There’s no wrong Way to areola there’s no Wrong Way to areola I’m making boobs. I’m making them all different Shapes and Sizes it’s Really Easy Make a Circle Banana Oblong Pear Shape Along and Lean Tiny Flat e Droopy these are looking Very Picasso i think. Different sizes and They’re all Beautiful so you know it’s gonna go my wall Thirty six plus nine and a forth Thirty-six. I am going to somehow attempt to hang the biggest Mirror ever To get it on the wall i’m Just going to make My Measurements Definitely Looking For a Stud Here if you’re not on a stud you want. To make sure you’re using a Really Heavy-duty anchor Yeah That’s right I Got It, Come look at Yourself anyone, not anyone, no one come please just Liza please We’re doing something Really cool we’re Actually Hanging a Planter in One of The spaces for The Shelves so then this Beautiful Drippy Fake Plant of Course is coming Out and Dangling Carrying down to the Shelves Below On top of the desk I’m styling with some various trays and of Course we have clips and pins and all Those Things that Just Make It Feel like a Welcoming office Liza has this Amazing vintage Looking Gold Microphone that she told me about and of Course I had to like factor that in. It’s an Actual Working Microphone like There’s a Cord Plug It it Looks so good So you Guys remember how Funny that Was seeing Liza Sign Omg They’re coming Over so of Course we have to use that whiteboard in here so i’m Just lining It up on opposite side of the desk and I gotta change It because we came over in front of The Desk I’m placing This Little Stool It’s got Kind of a cowhide Looking Cushion It Doesn’t take Up too much space and it’s Just a Nice Textured Moment on that Beautiful Rug This Shelve is taking on so much life and of Course the benefit of a Shelf Is The Stuff on it is movable but she can arrange it However she Likes There’s so many options I’m creating another Quick art moment for a frame again she can change It out but I’m tearing a page out of a very old book it’s Just an old Book i got at a garage sale for like 10 cents so don’t get mad at me I’m not Really gonna Read the book guys I’d Rather Just use the page for some Art so I’m tearing This page Out and it’s really Cool and Naturally weathered Paper and then I’m Just writing Yeah It of Course Was Really Hard to figure out How to bring furniture into the space because it’s so small but a bench Under the window is awesome because she can have it for People to come and Sit on she ever does Collabs Where she Wants two People sitting Behind The Desk with her she can trade Out the Chair to put the bench there. Plant in the corner it’s like a Black Pot on The Brass Plants and The Same brass tone That’s going on in the stool Guys it’s done it’s time to bring her in this is a Very exciting Room for you because you’re gonna be Able to make lots of cool videos So what do you think? It’s beautiful I love it! I’m once again Very Moist there’s a Lot of Juices coming Out of my Body out of Excitement One….Two…..Three I can’t I literally cannot I can’t Okay okay. Ready? Hold on there’s alot of liquids coming out of me Okay I’m like peeing I don’t know what’s happening One…..Two…Three! Oh my god I dropped my gum again Oh my god Omg They came everywhere Oh my god it’s so pretty. I’ve never cried on camera I teared Up before on camera but, I’ve never ever cried This is my room. What are you kidding me? This is beautiful You Guys Already Seen It okay this is Beautiful. Oh my god you came The Most epic Like Mirror ever the most epic Built-in Shelving Could immediately Start Fixing My contour not my contour Isn’t it beautiful? My god oh my god this feels so good. Well you have your vlog You know situation Here right then spin Around and This is Your Workstation The rug is beautiful I know hand made. You handmade this? It’s 5:43 Yup I took an extra hour I’ve never had anybody do something so sweet for me it captured my Personality But Also Captured My aesthetic and also Captures Like My vibe for like an office and for my videos and it’s Just gonna look so So pretty on camera like It Does Right Now i know you’re looking at It and you’re so Jealous because you don’t live in my house. I’ve never had a desk. Really? I’ve never. I Shared a Room growing up with My sister I moved into a Bedroom apartment and i didn’t have a desk there oh my god now you have two front and back. You got the mullet You do it in the front you can do it in the back It’s 2017. First question How much fun did you have Working on this Project? You have to say alot because I’m right infront of you. Alot! but I mean it! Well Thank you Guys for coming over I mean this has been really fun Was that a seg-way? No. This is a segway High fives. Okay. We’re going to do it like slow mo I don’t want to leave. This is such a beautiful room! I am so so Honored that i have a little piece of you guys in my home This is Just a little piece but The Whole piece can Stay Here with me if you want Please? I’ll be back i’ll be back you know I will I saw that screening room. Yeah baby come on down. Can I come? No So good she loved it so much Are you making fun of her? No What’s Crazy Is we’ve had criers before but That Was like the most tears out of anyone and it’s like Liza. Oops Liza Koshy I will like Viscerally Remember That moment Forever. I actually think I shed a Tear did you catch that moment? Did you? No i just did one of These like a Very presidential like eye wipe It was such a Special Experience We Really want to hear from you Guys in the comments What you thought about the rooms and Liza’s Reactions of Course and if you Haven’t Seen The Bedroom yet Go watch That Right Now if you’re not Already Watching Liza’s videos Like You have to. It will change your life. Two Thumbs Up Actually three Thumbs Up for three awesome videos Two for the two videos we did One For the video Over on Liza’s Channel. We Got more coming though don’t worry we have some other W.A.C.O up our sleeves Maybe We Should Just Go to take a nap in the guest bedroom before we leave Good Job as Always You’re so good at what you do. Thank you, you’re so good at What you do that custom shelf We’re getting really good. What do we do next? Excuse me are you still there? Make sure to subscribe to MrKate and Joey they did a Fantastic Job I Cried I’ve never Cried before I’ve never felt Feelings before They made me feel a lot So make sure you go subscribe to them and you better give this video a Big Thumbs Up have a Good day Seriously leave no please stay Go, I have no friends. Please. I have a guestroom if you want. No Hey guys what’s up welcome back. Oh my gosh just breathed in I just breathed in water molecules. I’m sorry what is this an off-camera question? Have I ever nutty potted? Maybe It sounds better with an accent nutty potted. No it sounds worse.

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