Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

If you want to spend more time enjoying your garden than working in it, then you need a low maintenance garden.
Hi, I’m William Moss and I wanna give you six tips on how to
plant a garden that will save you time and look great.
Tip one: Plant perennials. Plants like day lilies, peonies and
daisies come back year after year. That means you
don’t have to get down on your knees every spring and re-plant the garden. You
buy once and enjoy for many years. Tip two: Choose waterwise plants. Landscaping that’s
designed to conserve water is called zeroscaping. By grouping plants together with similar
watering needs and focusing on plants that don’t require as much moisture, you use less water. Waterwise plants
include cone flowers, day lilies, ornamental
grasses and butterfly weeds. Look for the waterwise symbol on
your plant tags. This means that the plants require less
moisture to grow and maintain. Which means they’re perfect for areas that
are drought prone or water restricted. Tip three: Go native. No matter where you live there are plants adapted to your weather and your soil. They’re called natives. For example, if
you live in an area that used to be prairie then prairie natives like cone flower and this butterfly weed will work well in your garden. Ask your Lowe’s garden center expert which natives work best in your area, they’re easy adapters. Tip four: Mulch. Mulch retains soil moisture, it stops weeds, it prevents erosion, and as it breaks down it releases nutrients into the soil. And as
a bonus mulch also makes the garden look neat and tidy.
Tip five: Group plants together with similar needs For instance, hosta and begonia both like it
moist in shady. So rather than combining them with plants that may
like it dry or sunnier, that way I can water only where the
plants need it.
Tip Six: Drip irrigation system is an easy way to water your plants without having to lug around watering cans or hoses. Drip irrigation systems link up to your
watering hose and they lay on the ground and deliver
water to the plants that need it when they need it so you don’t have water coming
from above and landing the foliage which can evaporate away or cause foliage
diseases. Drip irrigation systems are easy to install
and you can even hook them up to a timer to make the job even simpler. If you love
your garden but are short on time these low maintenance tips will help you stay ahead of the curve.

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