Low price paint or putty 4 per feet कम बजट में कलर कैसे करवाये ?

Welcome to marble flooring jitendra sharma In today’s video we will see how we can paint the house in low budget this work is mostly done in rajasthan This work is done in rajasthan between 4 to 7 rs per feet This work can be done in the budget of the common man When i wanted to get it done for my house but because of not having my budget, i am doing this work Name SADALA OR GUTTAI This process is similar to wall putty It is only complicated in the two cot If you want to paint on it, you can also paint Nothing worse than 10 year If ever there is yellowness in it, you can paint it on the white paint costs decrease when painted on this This is the soap stone powder that you see in red cloth This work has been done in a room at ranakpur temple in rajasthan and it looks completely morror This work first ran a lot in the palaces This material just gets readymade in the market This final furnishing will come Secound cot matrial It is the matrial of the first cot and it is made in this mill If you like my video, then you must like and subscribe Thanks

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