Lowe’s Innovation Labs: The Holoroom (Long Version)

Lowe’s Innovation Labs: The Holoroom (Long Version)

Kyle: It’s really my dream come true. It’s
something that I have always wanted to see that I had seen in science fiction stories
in the past that I always thought, man I really wish that was real. And so we built it and
it exists. I’m sitting in it. Paul: The pace and rate of technology change
today is exponential. Kyle: Technology is moving crazy fast. Scott: We’re seeing massive shifts in nanotechnology,
printed electronics, 3D modeling. Kyle: It’s going to blow your mind! It’s so
new and so different. Ari: It’s literally plucked out of science
fiction. Kyle: The Lowes Innovation Labs is all about
being proactive and creating the future. Paul: One thing that we think we are well
ahead of the field in is 3D technology Kyle: The reaction to the Innovation Labs
is usually “Lowes is doing what?” Paul: We call that our Holoroom. Kyle: Followed by, when the explanation comes
soon thereafter is “wow, that sounds pretty cool, that’s pretty exciting.” Ari: You can create any environment you want
so if you want to be in a forest you can be in a forest, if you want to be in the desert
you can be in the desert. We have the technologies today to do that. Kyle: What we decided as a company to do was
to create these labs, which are physical places where we can quickly bring in new technology
and new startups and try them out really fast. We as a company want to be involved in development
and partnership with these start-ups. Everything we are working on inside of the Lowes Innovation
Labs is stuff that no one ever would think that Lowes would be coming out with…ever. A great example of Lowes working with uncommon
partner is a science fiction prototyping company called SciFutures. SciFutures is a foresight and innovation consultancy.
What we do is use the power of sci-fi narratives to explain the complexity of the times in
a way that everyone in the organization can understand. Scott: You look at some of the most major
advancements in the last 10 years and they came straight out of, you know, science fiction
stories. Ari: We were able to completely pull back
the curtains and say come on Lowes. Pop your head in and have a look and see what the world
could be like using these technologies and obviously they were so excited about it they
were like we’ve got to build that. And out of that came this idea of this Holoroom. Kyle: Welcome to the Holoroom. So the Holoroom
essentially is an augmented reality room. Ari: One of the problems that customers who
are renovating their homes have is its very hard for them to visualize what a removed
bathroom would be like. How’s it going to look if I change out the
countertop? If I leave the floor? It’s very difficult to be able to visualize that and
even if you can visualize it your partner in life probably can’t and that inability
to explain your vision to your partner is what stops many projects dead in their tracks.
So that’s why we created this thing. So the first thing you do when you go to the
Holoroom is you recreate the room you want to renovate. Next you add in furniture and
appliances, flooring all things that you could possibly buy or do inside of a Lowes. Customer: The mirror, the vanity. Customer: I just love that toilet. Kyle: Then the real magic happens and you
go inside this Holoroom where you get to experience the selections and layout that you just picked
and you get to see and feel what its really like. Customers: It’s like I’m right there, like
you’re in the bathroom. This is cool. Customers: Laughter Kyle: And that augmented reality experience
allows you to walk up and see the actual grain of the wood. Customer: That is amazing. Customer: That’s the one that you choose over
there, isn’t that cool? Kyle: It’s an intuitive experience. The way
you would really experience a room. You walk around you don’t just stand and look at it.
You walk and you see, you get under parts, see underneath cabinets. You can’t do that
with a picture. What I noticed is that when people try it
out they giggle, cause it’s so fun. It’s feels like they are on a ride. Customer: It just is a reminder that the future
is upon is. This is probably just the beginning. Kyle: Initially we are going to be rolling
it out in stores but the future is pretty obvious right, you will in the very near future
be able to use this in your own home. In your pajamas if you want to. Sarah-Frances: You will get a print out from
Lowes just like this that you can take home with you and you download the app. Customer: That is very cool.. Honey I know
it doesn’t look like it, but this is our new bathroom. Kyle: So this is really big for Lowes, in
a lot of ways both for the Holoroom and just for this Innovation Labs idea. This new way
of thinking is spawning other things that are even further out and wilder and crazier. Paul: We’re about to change the game. Kyle: The things that are coming up are going
to blow people away. No question about it. I can’t wait for people to see it. Giggle.

14 thoughts on “Lowe’s Innovation Labs: The Holoroom (Long Version)

  1. The Oculus Rift DK 1 is available for over a year now… And it is way closer to a holoroom/holodeck experience, than this is.

  2. ah, here I was thinking the walls would actually emulate the colors and create holographic images, it's basically an app with that utilizes a motion sensor. So there's really no point to the "room" at all other than to not look like an idiot while looking at the screen while turning around or angling it up and down…

  3. It's getting there but looks like it still has a ways to go.  I think people will still want to see the real product before installing.  This will give them an idea but even real paint will look different in different rooms depending on the surroundings. 

  4. I'm 24. In California, I'm trying to rebuild my moms house. It was built in 1953.. So it's pretty old, my bathroom is in BAD,BAD condition.., I have no ac in my house…I just use a Fan. I live in SoCal, so some of you might know how the weather is in here lately.., I've been living here for 10 years..so far, I never imagined something like this would come out! The future is bright!!

  5. How about updating your Genisis system instead of making superfluous things like this. System is like like DOS. I think current BIOS screens areore intuitive.

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