Lowe’s Innovation Labs: The Next-Generation Lowe’s Holoroom

Imagine if there was a place where you could
take the objects and the ideas in your head and make them real. There is a place like
that. Welcome to the Holoroom. Well the reason for the Holoroom is that Lowe’s
sells amazing products, but it’s really hard to figure out how all of these possible
things might come together in a real space, in the real world. With the help of a store associate, you’ll
be able to walk through and build your room – so your kitchen, your bath, and you’re
able to build it out with real Lowe’s products that look incredibly, incredibly real. Alright. Nice work. And now you can position that, get that just
where you want it. So now we can go into the Holoroom and check it out at full scale. And then you’re able to go in and put these
goggles on and be fully immersed in the space that you just created. Go ahead and just slip that on. Now I’ll
be seeing what you’re seeing here in the app. Oh wow. Oh my gosh. Oh that’s crazy. You can move throughout various points in
your room and view what it’s going to look like. Even changing materials like countertops,
paint colors or cabinet finishes. I think we should change the paint color.
I think we were looking at what Pacific… Pacific Shoreline. Pacific Shoreline. Can we change it? I’ll go ahead and change that right now.
There you go. Oh, wow, oh that looks much better. Yeah it
looks fantastic. From there, you’re able to take that room
that you built and you can port it over to Google Cardboard. It’s a cardboard headset
that you can take any smartphone and drop it into, and you can have a very similar experience
to what you had in the store, with you anywhere you want to take it. You know you walk out of the store with your
finishes in your hands and you have your Google Cardboard so you can see your space when you
get home. The Holoroom translates something intangible
– your vision inside of your head – into something that everyone can see. I couldn’t believe how realistic it was
inside, and it felt like I was standing in my new kitchen, it was awesome. What do you think? Oh this is incredible. Emily, what do you
think? That looks great! Oh this is awesome. I can’t believe how
real it looks! This is a great way to make it tangible, and
to make it easier for the everyday person like me. So with the Holoroom, and the other things
that we’ve released from the Labs, we’re trying to create unique experiences that you
can’t find anywhere else. I think it’s a game changer. It’s great to be able to go in and try something
like this that no one else has. It was kind of mind blowing in a way, I felt
like I could reach out and just open up the fridge. It was like nothing else I’ve ever seen,
it was really, really cool.

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