Made In Michigan-VZ Hang Vinyl Siding Hook

Made In Michigan-VZ Hang Vinyl Siding Hook

hi my name’s Bill and I am Connie. from Larco Products Home of the VZ Hang vinyl siding hook. Welcome to Buy Local Michigan where we are promoting Michigan Business
communities and its people Hello my name is Duane from DW Video and
Multimedia and I’d like to welcome Bill and Connie the show today. Bill and Connie thank you for coming in today you guys are Michigan inventors can you
tell me what got just started in this process
well back in 2007 I resided in my house and my wife likes to hang home décor
out there. I was not about holes in my siding so she can you give me an ultimatum to find a way of doing it and went down my shop and I did. That became my what is known now as
VZ hang. So in 2007 you started the process when did you go into production and business
It took us about two years 2009 when production. What makes your product unique? Well it quick n Easy. It’s a low profile. It’s
made out durable plastic with UV Ray inhibitors and hold up the five pounds One thing that I find that very unique
about your product is that everything that you’re doing is
made where? Made in Michigan! Made in Michigan When I say that everything tell me I mean your engineering. Every everything
that we do with the product is basically made in
Michigan our engineers from Michigan our tooling companies from Michigan are injection mold injection companies for
Michigan and we packaged them in Michigan. How do
you install the VZ Hang? Our VZ Hang clip snaps
up in the seam of your siding. So you can hang welcome signs Wreaths house numbers and such home up decor
and I noticed that it goes on there you don’t have to use any nails you
don’t have to damage and that was how Idea. you know that’s correct. Our finished trim one goes up underneath the eves of your I’ll your
house where the finish trim goes and snaps up there where you can put your lights, patriotic bunting flags also you can use any your window
wherever there’s a finished trim. Okay so the person can have a lot of
different options and it’s just their imagination
that might slow them down yes but the nice thing is is there’s no
damage to the siding. No holes, No tools No damage. and up to five pounds. So
Connie how can somebody purchases this? They can
purchase it by going to our website at WWW dot largo products
dot com and also we list our retail stores on
our website ok and they can also go to Amazon and e-bay okay so you’re you give covering
all North America Canada and maybe somewhere in the future
looking at going international yes some sometime we are going to be
doing that that’s exciting and you do it all right here in Michigan. That’s
great. Bill and Connie thank you so much for coming in and being part of the
show today my name is Duane from DW Video and
Multimedia. Rremember to buy in shop locally. Buy Local Michigan
is produced by DW video and multimedia where we are telling your story

5 thoughts on “Made In Michigan-VZ Hang Vinyl Siding Hook

  1. These are neat – must get some!

    Michigan – oh pretty state, But no South Bend there …

    GO IRISH !!!!!!!!! 😉

  2. I bought a pkg on Amazon because we have vinyl siding but we must not have the same kind. I don’t see where I can lift up to slide the hook in. Bummed out now 🙁

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