Magic Spell Book THE MOVIE! Part 1

(suspenseful music) – [Payton] Guys it’s dark in here. – But the sound’s getting louder. (clicking) (girls gasping)
(clicking) – Hey SOTY family. Today’s video starts with us leaving. (upbeat music) – And heading to check out our new house. – But first I have somewhere I need to be. See you guys later. – See ya Stephen. While he is at an activity,
a church activity, we are heading off to our house. We’re here guys, let’s get inside. – [Jordyn] It’s dusty. – Are you guys ready for this? Let’s go. – Alright guys I made it
in and I’m super curious what the bonus room upstairs looks like. Guys all the stairs are
done, go up, go check it out. – [Payton] Whoa. – It’s hot.
– It’s hot in here. – Okay so they’ve got the heat
on in here which is awesome. (upbeat music) Looks like our bonus room
is now a dance studio. They have definitely been
working hard on our house. Look at all of this. – [Payton] Why do they have nuts? – [Taylor] Parmesan cheese? – [Jamie] Well that’s one way
to store all of your nails. – Guys, let’s go check out our room. – Yeah. – [Jamie] Alright be careful. – [Payton] Okay. – Should I go up? – [Jamie] Huh, sure. Go ahead and fix that
window right up there. (Jamie chuckles)
– I’m not going up. – Steve is actually
really scared of heights. – [Jordyn] I can’t wait to see my room. (playful music) – [Payton] Are you ready Jordyn? – [Jordyn] Yeah. – [Payton] Whoosh. – Whoa.
– This is so big. – [Jordyn] We have so much space and this is where our
desk is going. (gasps) Whoa look at our closet. – Happy I want one of these drawers. – [Jordyn] It’s so big. – [Jamie] Hey. Just checking out the porch? You have fun out there, it’s way too cold.
– No, it’s cold. (door banging)
(Jamie giggles) – Alright guys so one
reason I was really excited to come here and show you guys, even at night when it’s
dark is because we got all of the molding done
in a lot of our rooms. – It looks so good.
– And it looks so good guys. This is going to be our
office and I’m just excited, this wall is going to be amazing. – Should we go into Taylor’s room? – Yeah. Wow. I’m in Taylor’s room. And now I’m in my room. – [Jordyn] Me too. – And this is Blake’s room. And we changed up the design
a little bit for her room. It’s super cute like a little baby’s room. And look at that closet space. (chuckles) – She has more space than I have. – [Jamie] Man, we need to buy
that girl some more clothes. (laughing) And Steve is breaking her closet. – [Steve] I’m real good. – Guys, this is the master bathroom. Absolutely no kids will be
allowed in the master bathroom on the marble floors. Just mom and dad. – The way it should be. – [Jamie] And guys, that wall right there. Look at that. It’s awesome. It’s gonna be all painted white, that whole wall is gonna be white. – [Payton] Taylor your room is so cool. – Whoa. (drum beating) (gasping) Guys, you just hear something? – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah. (suspenseful music) – Maybe something’s in here. – [Jordyn] Me and Payton
will look in ours. (drum beating) (gasping) – I definitely heard that one. (drum beating) (screaming) – I don’t know what that sound is but guys I’m getting out of here. – [Jordyn] Me too. – [Payton] Go! – Hey don’t push me.
– Go. – I just walked in our master closet and I have not seen this before. There are shelves everywhere. We’re gonna have so much space. Steve, I may have to buy a lot more shoes.
– Is this my space way back here? – Way way back there off to the corner and all the rest is mine. And guys, I may have
to buy some more shoes. I mean I really do. Look at all those shoes rack space. – I only have like two pairs of shoes. – I know, the rest are gonna be for me. Alright that’s pretty
much all of the upstairs. We’re gonna head downstairs. I haven’t heard the girls,
you know where they’re at? – No, they must be downstairs.
– We gotta go check on them. Downstairs. Man we could so some crazy stair slide. You slide down it first. – I probably will if you do. (Jamie giggles) – [Jamie] Steve’s heading to
his favorite room in the house. – The theater room. – [Jamie] That’s where he’s
gonna spend all of his time. (drum beating)
– You guys hear that don’t ya? – [Payton And Jordyn] Yeah. – I never heard anything like it before. – Maybe we should go and see what it is. – Eh.
– Yeah. (drum beating) – Guys I think it’s coming
from the pool house. – [Payton] Okay let’s go. (drum beating) – [Taylor] Come on guys. – [Jordyn] I see it. (drum beating) – I think it’s coming from over here. Come with me guys. (drum beating) (drum beating) – [Taylor] Ah! (groans) – [Jordyn] Are you okay? – [Payton] Come on guys. Faster. – Guys, what I’m most excited about is on this back wall we are going to have a little kitchen area
and we’re gonna have like candy drawers where you can
see candy bars in there. We’re gonna have a frig
that’s gonna have drinks. It’s gonna be kinda like a concession area outside an actual movie theater. And we’re gonna have a popcorn machine. And there’s my favorite tile, I love it. Alright so it’s this part of the house that I just know is going to be awesome when we’re playing hide and go seek or tag because you could run right through here and go on the other side, run around, go up the stairs either
side, it’s gonna be crazy playing all of our awesome games. As you can see this wall is getting ready to finish all of the molding. It’s gonna be my craft room. – Craft room. And here’s the girls’ room,
probably where they’re at. Let’s see their room.
– This is Taylor’s room. Taylor. – [Steve] Tot. – [Jamie] Taylor. – They’re not in here. – That’s weird. I haven’t heard ’em at all. This is kind of a big house but we would definitely hear them. – They’re usually pretty loud, I’m kinda. Are they hiding from us? – [Jamie] Well this is their closet. It’s kind of a conjoining closet so I bet they’re hiding in there. Girls. Girls. – Where are they? – [Jamie] Well this is weird. So this is gonna be the bunk room but right now I kind of am more worried about where the girls are. – Guys I’m so curious what this is. – [Taylor] Let’s go then. Oh guys look at this door. – [Payton] It’s another door. – Key to the bathroom. – Um. Guys. – Guys, the sound’s not coming from here. Keep following me. Over here. – [Payton] What’s this? – Guys, I don’t think
it’s in the pool house. – [Jordyn] Guys we just
gone around the house. – We’re suppose to be out here. (drum beating) – Guys I think it’s in
that building over there. – [Taylor] Come on,
because it’s all broken? (drum beating) (girls chattering) – [Payton] Guys it’s dark in here. – But the sound’s getting louder. (girls gasping) – [Payton] Guys look at this. – What’s inside? How long has this been here? – I don’t know. I’ve never seen anything like it. Look at this design. – Guys I don’t think we should touch it. – [Payton] Why not? – [Jordyn] It might be too dangerous. – Girls! – [Jamie] Maybe check Stephen’s room. – [Steve] Yeah maybe. – [Jamie] Maybe they’re
hiding in Stephen’s room. – [Steve] Girls. – [Jamie] Girls. – They’ve gotta be in the closet. – [Jamie] Okay yeah, for sure. – Girls this is the last
place we haven’t looked. It doesn’t have door handles. – [Jamie] You see ’em. – They’re not in here. – Um. Alright, that’s weird. It’s not like ’em to disappear. I don’t think they’d be
outside, it’s kinda dark. – Maybe they went back to
the car to watch a movie. – Maybe, let’s go check. – I just want to see what’s inside. – Girls!
(Payton gasps) Mom and dad are calling us. – Guys, I’m bringing this with us. Guys I’m bringing this home with us. I wanna see what’s inside. – Girls. What are you doing in the back of the car? – Nothing. – Let’s just go home. – Yeah okay. – Alright well that is kind
of our little house tour. We wanted to come and
show you guys a little bit of what has been done. I know we’ve done it a few times lately but I’m really excited about it. – It’s coming soon. – Mm-hmm I’m so excited. So we’re gonna head home, or go pick up Stephen and then head home. Alright we’ve picked up Stephen
and now we’re heading home. – What’s up? (playful music) – [Steve] Alright guys
let’s go inside, we’re home. Get your pajamas on and get ready for bed. – [Payton] Okay. (Jordyn snickering) – Sh. (screaming) – And we are finally back home and it looks like we’ll be
ending this video back at home. Girls are you ready to go to bed? Well like it or not it is happening. – Guys are you ready to see
what’s inside this book? – [Payton] Yup. (screeching) – [Jamie] What are you guys doing? – [All] Nothing. Just going to bed. – [Jamie] Okay, get in bed. – [Payton] Hmm goodnight. – [Jamie] Goodnight ladies. – Goodnight.
– Get tucked in. – Okay.
– See you in the morning. – [Payton] See ya. – Bye. (door clicks) – [Taylor] Do you guys
think the coast is clear? – [Jordyn] Uh yeah. – Okay. Let’s open it. Are you guys ready for this? – [Payton And Jordyn] Yes. (upbeat music) – [Taylor And Payton] Come in, come in. – What is she doing? – Just decorating for Valentine’s Day. The coast is clear. – Perfect. I can’t believe a book this awesome is completely empty. – I mean who would have
a book which is empty. – It’s a giant book of nothing. – Maybe I’ll use it as a drawing book. – Huh?
– Whoa! – Uh she looks old. – I wonder how long it’s been here. Ew it’s creepy. – I bet this book is super old. – (gasps) Mom’s coming. – Ugh. – [Jamie] What’s going on? – Nothing.
– Nothing just talking. – Girl talk. – Okay, so um I brought
you guys your Valentine’s. Tomorrow you guys are gonna
be handing these out at school so I assembled them all for you. I just need you to write your names so that you can have them ready. So Jordyn there’s yours. Payton there’s yours. And Taylor there’s yours. So work on those ladies
and bring them down when you’re done. – Uh guys I kinda don’t want
to do my Valentine’s right now. I’m gonna go look at that book some more. – Almost. Alright guys I just
finished my Valentine’s to my secret crush. – I already did my Valentine. – I don’t think I’m gonna
have a Valentine tomorrow. – It’s okay Jordyn. (giggling) Whoa! – I wish I had Valentine. (gasping) – [Taylor] Guys did you see that? – [Jordyn] Something’s appearing. – [Payton] Guys it’s a recipe. – Yeah.
– Whoa. – Cookie Crush Love Potion? – Taylor is that a regular cookie recipe? – It looks like it. Except for this ingredient right there. – A strand of hair, who’s hair? – My hair! That book opened up when I made a wish. – You think we’re gonna bake this recipe? – Uh yeah. These cookies are gonna
get me a Valentine. Please guys could we
go make these cookies? – Uh fine. – I just want to see what happens. – I’ll help you but
I’m not gonna eat them. – Deal. (playful music) – Sh. – Hey girls, I think
mom’s done decorating. Let’s put the book on the table. So what do we need? Flour, baking soda, baking powder, butter, white sugar, an
egg and something else. Alright girls let’s do this. – Alright girls let’s get baking. – [Jamie] Girls where are you? – The book, the book, the book, the book. – [Jamie] Girls. Girls where are you? – In the kitchen mom. – Girls what are you doing? – Making cookies. – Okay, alright girls but
before you start baking, I wanted to talk to you about this. Did you guys leave this on the floor? – Maybe. – Where did you get it? – I just found it laying around. – You found it, do you know who this is? – No. – This is your guys’ Great Great Great Great
Great Aunt Augustus. – A aunt?
– Yes. Great Aunt Augustus. I didn’t even know that we
had a picture this big of her. I’ve only seen a tiny picture of it in a book that my mom had. – So we related to that person? – Yeah and guess what? She was a great chef,
she cooked and she baked. I think she even had like a store that people would go to
and they would eat her food and they loved it. I remember someone saying
that she had a book of recipes but I’ve never seen it. But pretty cool huh? – Yeah. – Yeah, you want to be a baker. Maybe you go that from her. I’ll leave this here. Have fun baking guys. – Wow. – Whoa. – The book that I hid in the oven? – Guys, I think we’re
supposed to find that book. Like it was meant for us. – Yeah sure. Guys we’re definitely
gonna need this book. This is no ordinary recipe. We need 2 3/4 cups of flour. – Okay, coming right up. (upbeat music) – One teaspoon of baking soda. We need to add the baking
powder and the sugar. And the last ingredient we need is a strand of Jordyn’s hair. – I got one. – Okay, put it in. – Ah boo, hi guys. – Uh oh, I just dropped Jordyn’s
hair on Parker’s Barbie. – What are you making? – Cookies. – Oh no, I can’t tell which one’s which. Oh wait, I found it. (magical twinkling) – Guys we need to start mixing. – Gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh. – Do you know what you’re doing Payton? – I think I do! (screams) Now they’re mixed. – Alright we need to bake
it at 350 for 10 minutes. (keypad beeping) (oven beeps) Ah. – Oh they smell so good. – Whoa, they have like. – They look good. – I would not be eating one of those. – Me neither. – Because they’re all going to my crush. – Be careful. – Alright guys let’s go ahead and clean up and put the book away
before mom comes back. – I’ll take this one. – [Stephen] Mm, cookies. – [Girls] Stop! – Stephen, put the cookie down. – Real slowly. – Did you guys make these? – [Girls] Yes. – Uh. – That was a close one. – Yup. – Alright guys, let’s let the cookies cool and find out a good
hiding spot for the book. Go. (playful music) – Ugh, there’s a hair in this. (moves into romantic music) Are you from Tennessee? ‘Cause you’re the only 10 I see. – Uh, Uncle Derek. Um Derek, those are the girls’ cookies. Girls! (gasps) What’s goin on? – [All] Nothing. – Okay well, Derek’s eating your cookies. (gasping)
– No! – [All] Derek! – Derek did you eat a cookie? And why are you sitting next to a Barbie? – Derek do you feel any different? – Payton are you sure you
grabbed my hair for the recipe? – Alright guys, mom and
dad have so much work that we have to do. We’re gonna be in here working,
we need to get caught up. You guys can you please, you older ones just watch the little ones? Don’t let them get into anything, just play around with them. We’ll just be in here if you need us okay? We really need to get stuff done. Okay thank you. – [Payton] Alright guys
we’re in charge of you and don’t make a mess and don’t fight. – Yeah guys, me, Payton and Jordyn are just going to be in the piano room. – Come on Blake let’s go have fun. (playful music) (Blake babbling) – Guys it’s all blank again. – Check all the pages and let’s see. You’re skipping some pages. – Man this book is seriously magical. – And it works when we make wishes. – I can’t wait to start baking something. So who’s turn is it to make a wish? – [All] Me! – Jordyn you made the first wish remember. – Huh? – Yeah you wanted a Valentine
and you made the wish. – Oh. – So that means it’s mine
or your turn to make a wish. – So who’s gonna do it? – [Both] Me! – Jinx. – I know how to solve this,
rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Best out of three. (toy blocks clattering) – What was that? (gasps) Parker! – [All] Blake. – Guys what did you do? We weren’t gone that long. – How can two little
girls make such a mess? – Guys, mom and dad are
not gonna like this. – What about a cleaning spell? – Good idea Taylor. – [Taylor] Go. – Guys I don’t think a
cleaning spell is gonna work. – Mom and dad are just in the other room, they could find out. – Mom and dad can’t be in
the house if we do magic. – I wish mom and dad can go far far away. Just until we’re done cleaning the house. Big Apple Smoothie. Smooths out your problems every time. – Just looks like a
regular smoothie recipe. – Except for the secret ingredient. It asks for a big apple. (Blake babbling) – That’s weird. – Guys, we need to hurry
and make this recipe. We don’t have enough time. Girls start cleaning up, I’m gonna start getting the ingredients. (playful music) Alright girls time to mix. Wait, I forgot the special ingredient. The big apple. – First we need one cup
of frozen mixed berries. It says add sugar. – [Taylor] How much sugar? – As much as you want. – Okay. – That’s plenty of sugar. Add one banana. – One banana, coming up. (laughing) – That looks… (Payton giggling) – It’s gonna taste good. – That’s gross. – Ugh, guys this one’s
gonna be a good one. – With your greasy hands. – What, I washed my hands
instead of someone else. – How much milk do we need Jordyn? – A half cup. Alright guys now it’s time
for the secret ingredient. – [Payton And Taylor] A big apple. – Alright guys are you ready for this? – Yeah.
– Yes. – What but? – Smoothie. – Jordyn grab the book. We have hurry and give this to mom and dad before they come out. (Blake babbling) Mom, dad we got a little drink for you, it’s outside your door. – Thanks girls, this looks delicious. Look what the girls made us. – Hmm, smoothie.
– Smoothies. – Looks good. Smells alright. Cheers. – Ah. – Ah. Mm-hmm. – Mm. (door knocking) – [Taylor] Mom, dad can I come in? – Uh Taylor where are they? – I don’t know. – Just cup, the cups. – And the computers and no mom and dad. – The cups are empty.
(Blake babbling) – They drink it, all gone. – I hope we didn’t make
the recipe too strong. – We followed it exactly. – But I didn’t think it would really work. – I guess it worked guys. Let’s take advantage of this. – Alright girls, first things first. Party! (joyful shouting) (playful music) – [Payton] Dance party. – Mom and dad aren’t here, we
could eat whatever we want. – Candy anyone? – Me. – Alright guys I feel kinda bad that we’re having so much
fun without mom and dad. The reason we did this
spell was to clean this up. – Alright ladies let’s get to work. – [Jordyn] After. – What? Where? Oh my gosh where am I? Where are we? Looks like a hotel room. Oh, oh that’s so bright. Oh my goodness. Is that, is that Times Square? Are we really in New York? Steve wake up, wake up. Wake up, come here. Look. – Where are?
– We are in a hotel room. Look, go look. – Is this New York City? – [Jamie] Yes. We’re in New York City. Ooh.
– How did we? – I don’t know. Where are the kids? Where are our kids? – This is, crazy. – How long have we? We went to bed, in my bedroom. Gogh.
– I was just seeing if you were asleep. (hand thuds) (laughs) – We’re awake. – I am now.
– Went to bed in our room and woke up here. – New York City. I’ve never been to New York City. – [Jamie] Oh my goodness, this is exciting and frightening at the same time. – Let’s go see it. – Okay, I guess we’re on vacation. – Ugh. – That’s was exhausting. – Now what? (playful music) – [All] Parker no! (sighing) – [Taylor] Hey. – What is going on? – [Taylor] Come back here. – [Payton] What, oh. (grunting) – What has gotten into you Parker? (Blake babbling) – Maybe it’s our punishment for putting a spell on mom and dad. – Wait, let’s call the kids first and let ’em know where we’re at. – [Jamie] Okay, good idea. – [Parker] He he he he he. – Ugh, she’s too fast. (Parker giggling) (phone chiming) – The phone. (gasps) It’s mom and dad. – Oh no. – Hey Taylor, it’s dad. – Uh hello. You’re not at home. – I know, we’re not there. We actually woke up in a strange place. We’re kind of, it was just magically appeared in this hotel room. But yeah so we’re not gonna be there but we have grandma
and grandpa coming over with you guys and we
told them where we’re at and what’s going on and how
they can get in touch with us. So we’re gonna go ahead and
yeah we’re just gonna kind of explore the city and check things out and see if we could figure
out a way to get home. – Yeah, we can watch them
until grandma gets here. (Payton inhales sharply) – Grandma? – Alright, well you guys be good. Love you, bye. – Okay see you soon. Bye dad. (Blake giggling)
– Grandma’s coming? – How are we gonna explain what happened? – Oh sweet, our jackets are here. We’re gonna need these, it’s cold outside. – Awesome. Alright guys we’ve ventured out. It’s a little chilly but we are going to get something to eat
because we are starving. – We’re really hungry.
– And then I guess figure out where we’re gonna go. This is weird.
– Somewhere in New York. – Guys before grandma comes we need to hide this book really really good. – Yeah. Do you guys think grandma would notice it? – [Both] Uh yes. – Oh fine. – Large potato with bacon and a large lobster bisque. – He’s getting lobster guys. Ugh. Steve, your feet. Not on the right spot. – My bad. Foot. – We got our food. New York here we come. – The oven? (grunts) – Uh Payton what if grandma
wants to bake us cookies? – Oh yeah, good idea. – [Jordyn] What if we just put
it underneath the cushions? – Uh yes, definitely feel it. – [Jordyn] Alright. (upbeat music) – We are officially tourists in a city that we didn’t know we
were gonna be here today. So we have a map and we’re trying to find our way around here.
– It’s huge, there’s horns honking everywhere, see. – It’s crazy, I think we’re gonna go to the Empire State
Building because why not go there when you come to New York? So we’re trying to find our way, hopefully we don’t get lost guys. – We’re going to the top. – Yeah. (upbeat music) Alright guys we are going to go ride the subway for the first time. Hopefully we know where we’re going. This is exciting. – Can’t get lost.
– And scary. – We’re already lost.
(Jamie giggles) – Alright, we’re down here. We’re gonna get on the
subway in a minute guys. This is crazy, I don’t
know where anyone is. Alright, did you get it? – I’m trying.
– Okay. – I hope I get us the right thing. Let me in. (beeping) – Hmm. I think I got it. – Alright guys we barely
barely survived the subway. Steve almost got left. The doors were closing on him. – I was terrified. That’s scarier than waking
up in a random place. – It was, like a lot of
scary things happened today but exciting things too. (Blake babbling) – I hope grandma doesn’t
ask too many questions. – Alright I think we are close
to the Empire State Building so we are gonna go try
and find our way around. So let’s go. – I’m super excited about this. – Me too. – It’s gonna be so much fun. – Guys there it is. We made it to the Empire State Building. – It’s huge. – It’s huge and it’s awesome. (upbeat music) Guys that is one tall building. – And we’re going to the top. – The top. – The tippity-top.
– Are we even allowed to go to the top? – We’re gonna find out. – Okay. We are definitely not in Utah anymore. – Mom, dad can I go to Zack’s house? – (inhales sharply) Get him. – [Taylor] Stephen wait! – Whoa what’s going on? – Mom and dad says not to bother them. – So I’ll take that as a yes. – Yes.
– Sayonara. – Go ahead.
– Bye bye. – Bye.
– Adios. – Have fun.
– That was a close one guys. – Tiring. – We’re about to go a thousand feet up. I am not scared of heights. – Are we really gonna go a
thousand feet in the air? – He’s scared of heights. – This is way up high. (Jamie giggling) – Guys look at that. Can you guys see the Statue
of Liberty out there? It looks so tiny. Alright guys we came to
the Empire State Building and it was awesome. – I kept looking down. (laughing) – He kept looking down and
he’s a little scared guys but it is amazing and it’s freezing. So we’re gonna go find
somewhere else to go. We’re gonna sightsee all day long. – Now that we got him taken care of, what should we do about this book? – Do you think it was bad to use the book in the first place? – Do you think it’s a
good book or a bad book? – I think it’s a good
book, it does cool things. – Yeah, do you think we took it to far? – You made the wish. – And you came up with the idea. – It doesn’t matter, we just need to try to get mom and dad back. – Um Jordyn, go get the spell book. I’m gonna look at something. – Okay. (Blake babbling) – Uh guys, what are you doing guys? – [All] Nothing. – [Parker] Oh my gosh a big book. – No. (grunts) – I want this book. – [Jordyn] No. – Parker believe me, you do not
want to mess with this book. – Fine. (playful music) – Big Apple Smoothie. Do you guys notice this? There’s a whole nother paragraph
at the end of the recipe. – I don’t know. – Did you notice that Jordyn? – After 24 hours the
spell becomes pernament. – Do you mean permament? – Or is it permanent? – Yes. (upbeat music) – We just took the metro all the way here to the World Trade Center. – [Jamie] Yes. – This isn’t the World Trade Center but this is like the Metro station. This is the World Trade Center. – We need to get mom and dad back. – But first, I can’t resist. (giggling) – This is a bouncy bed. It sinks in. – We should play while we’re having fun. – How many hours has it been anyway? – Who knows? Three or maybe four, 10. – Maybe it’s as simple
as making another wish. – How’d you get so smart? – School. – It’s worth a try. – [Jordyn] Okay. – Alright guys so we left
the World Trade Center and just walked a little
bit and came to some water and can you guys see it? Way out there. – Is my finger pointing at it? – Uh yes. Right at, uh no no no, no no no. Yeah, uh uh, uh uh. Closer, no no. Yes. – I did it, I found her. – I wish mom and dad would come back. Did it work? – Nope.
– Nope. – Let me try. I wish mom and dad will come back. Nope. Still blank. – You haven’t done it Payton,
maybe it will work for you. – This is my first wish guys. I wish that mom and dad will come back. – Payton it worked for you. – [Payton] Come Back Cookies. – Because we want mom and
dad to come back, I get it. – Looks like all regular
cookie ingredients but it has a secret ingredient. Three expression of love. Mom and dad have been gone for a long time and grandma’s coming. We need to bake this fast. (playful music) Whup. – Guys this is awesome. Who knew that when I randomly
woke up in a strange place, that I would be able to see
all of these amazing things? – I wish it was warmer though.
– And Steve, I know, it’s so cold, it’s freezy, the suns going down.
– You’re like an Eskimo. – Look at me guys. The sun’s going down and I’m thinking that we need to go eat something. We haven’t eaten in a while and
we’ve been walking a lot so. Bye Lady Liberty. Should we go find something? – Yeah let’s go get something to eat. – Your eyes are watering. – I can’t even see, I’m freezing. – It’s so cold, he’s like crying. Oh there she is. Bye. Alright so where should we eat? – I don’t know, I was thinking something warm. (laughing) – Um.
– I want a warm meal. – Guys.
– Something that. – [Man] Oh my goodness. – What? – [Jamie] What? – What are you guys doing here? – [Steve] You guys are in New York? – [Man] Are you guys kidding me? – So we just woke up
in a random hotel room. – Oh my gosh I’m jumping into the Hudson. – [Jamie] Go, go do it, go do it. – What do you mean you
just woke up, that’s crazy. – I don’t know, woke up. – [Woman] Do you remember anything? – No. – Cup of flour. Cup of sugar. – [Taylor] Got the sugar. – Baking soda. Baking power, eggs, tablespoon of butter, tablespoon of salt, chocolate
chips and a secret ingredient. – But seriously guys, why are you here? – [Jamie] Yeah did you just wake up randomly somewhere?
– We got a crazy story. – [Steve] Did you plan
a vacation without us? – No. Boys, they went on a troop.
– Offended. – No, we did not leave you out. – Why didn’t you call us? – We bumped into these guys too. So we have this crazy story
about our boys were fighting over this book that we
had found in our attic and all of a sudden our little boy’s like I wish you weren’t here anymore. And we disappeared and landed here. – Whoa.
– Yeah. – And we’ve been
wondering the city all day and we ran into these guys. – We don’t know where our kids are. – We have a similar thing. We found a really weird
book in an antique store and then some crazy things happened to us. The power went out and we
found this glowing stone and we touched it and. – So way more weird stuff
has happened to you. (laughing) Okay so. – [Woman] We’re trying to
figure out how to get back home. – Oh I don’t know, I was thinking that we may just stay here. – We haven’t really thought about that. – [Jamie] (laughs) We probably
should check on our kids. – Alright guys that’s all the ingredients besides the special one. We need three expressions of love. – Will this work? – Sure. – Hug me. – Kiss me. – Cutie. (upbeat music) (oven beeps) (gasps) – They’re ready. – Cookies. – Careful they’re hot, don’t touch them. – Let’s put them in this container. – Good idea. – How do you get this
to mom and dad though? – (sighs) I have no idea. (gasping) Guys that was crazy. The cookie just disappeared. – Where did they go? – Hopefully to mom and dad. (door bell rings)
(gasps) – [Taylor] It’s grandma, it’s grandma. – [Payton] Hide the book, hide the book. Come on, come on. – Let’s go answer it. – Hey grandma. – Come in. – Dinner is done, we’re back
at the place that we started. And now I guess we’re going
to just try to figure out a way for us to get back home. We had fun exploring but now
we’re kinda missing our family and we really need to get back. – It’s time. – [Jamie] I thought we
we’re gonna get left out. – I know.
– Locked out. We have nowhere to go. Uh, what’s that? Look, maybe the hotel
left us a little treat. – Aw.
– Do you see a note? – No note, that’s weird. They just leave it on our bed? – [Jamie] We didn’t get
dessert, just dinner so. – Okay.
– Awesome. – I was gonna take that one. – Fine I’ll get the bigger one. They’re bigger anyways. Ooh, they smell good, (sniffing)
right? – They look good. – Well these are delicious. I just had the craziest dream. – Me too. – To which you catch one,
according to the legend, the leprechaun will have
to tell you where to go. It is hidden because
he is compelled to tell the truth by fairy law. – Is that true Taylor? – I guess so. – I wish I can catch a leprechaun so I can have a pot of gold. (gasps) I totally didn’t mean to do that. – Oh great another spell. – Guys I’m nervous to go over there. I’m not even sure what I wished for. – You wished for a pot of gold. – Luck of the Irish treats. (girls chattering) – Guys the secret ingredient
is a four-leaf clover. – Guys do you know how hard it is to find a four-leaf clover? We might not be able to make this recipe. – Do you guys know how awesome it will be if you found a pot of gold? – Payton I don’t think this recipe is gonna bring a pot of gold. You wished to catch a leprechaun. – So it will bring a leprechaun? Even better. – I guess we’re gonna be baking tonight. – Let’s get to work. Five cups of Lucky Charms cereal. Sh. One stick of butter. A half teaspoon of salt. One bag of mini marshmallows. And one four-leaf clover. Alright we have all
the ingredients we need but the four-leaf clover. – [Taylor] Let’s see. – [Payton] Are you guys sure
these are four-leaf clovers? – It’s either that or they’re weeds. – [Payton] Who cares? It will do. – Five cups of Lucky Charms cereal. (playful music) – One stick of butter. – One half teaspoon of salt. – One bag of mini marshmallows. Now all we need is the secret ingredient. The four-leaf clover. (magical dinging) Melt butter over low heat. Stir salt and mini marshmallows. Stir constantly. And stir the cereal. Remove from heat. Press firmly into pan. Allow to cool. Then cut into squares. (sniffing) Ah. – Uh, what do we do now? – I think these treats are
used to attract leprechauns. I think we need to leave these out and put a secret camera so
that we can see what happens. – Like a hidden camera? – Exactly. Come on girls follow me. Do you guys see anything? – Not yet. – [Leprechaun] Ee-hee. (feet clattering) Ah hee hee hee. Ah hee hee. Mm, hee hee hee. Hee hee hee hee hee. Ah hee hee hee hee hee. – Uh guys, do you think
anything’s happening? – I don’t know, I never
heard or seen anything. – I guess it didn’t work. Maybe we need to go do something else. (giggling) – What? What happened here? I’m gonna check the footage. – It’s all gone. – What did this? – [Leprechaun] Ah hee hee hee hee hee. – What was that? – What is that thing? – Why is it so green? – Guys it’s my leprechaun. It took all the leprechaun food and now it’s gonna leave me a pot of gold. I just need to catch it. – [Leprechaun] Ah hee hee hee hee hee. Ee-hee, ee-hee, hee. – I think it just went upstairs. – Let’s get it. (screaming) Get him. Not in here. – Hmm. – [Leprechaun] Ee-hee ee-hee hee hee. – No one’s in here. – How am I gonna be able
to catch this thing? – [Leprechaun] Ah hee hee. Ah hee hee hee. – Guys I don’t think the
leprechaun is up here. Let’s check downstairs. (Jordyn screams) – What happened? (playful music) – This means war leprechaun. – Ah hee hee. – The coast is clear. (gasping) – That leprechaun is still
here from all this time. – I wish I didn’t wish
for that leprechaun. I didn’t know it was
impossible to catch one. – I don’t see a leprechaun anywhere guys. Maybe we’re safe. – There’s no leprechaun in here. – [Jordyn] No sign of leprechaun here. – Nor here. – [Leprechaun] Hee hee hee hee hee. – Not again! (screaming) – Hee hee hee hee hee. Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee. – [All] No! – Guys I’m so sick of this leprechaun. – I’m sick of this leprechaun. – [Leprechaun] Hee hee hee hee. – [All] No! – Not again. – [Leprechaun] Hee hee hee. – Oh no another mess. – Gold! – It’s fake gold. Eh keep it anyways. – [Taylor] Yeah. – [Leprechaun] Ew ew ew! (Taylor screams)
– Our room. – Hee hee hee hee hee. – This is getting to be a little too much. – I don’t like this leprechaun here. I wish we could take a
break and go somewhere else. (gasping) – The spell book! – Oh. Take a Break Coconut Brownies. – This really sounds like
it’s gonna hit the spot. – We need three tablespoons
of water Jordyn. Payton we need a half
a cup of vegetable oil. – Got it. – And I’ll get the two eggs. Payton we first need to
stir in the brownie mix. (playful music) Jordyn you need three
tablespoons of water. One. Two. – Looks so good. – [Taylor And Payton] Three. – Oh I hope this thing
gets rid of the leprechaun. – Payton time for the vegetable oil. – [Both] Ooh, ooh. – Two eggs. – Crack it. – Time to mix.
– Wait! Taylor you forgot our secret ingredient. – Oh it’s coconut. – Coconut? I love coconut. And coconut. – Now it’s time to mix. Ooh guys I will preheat the oven to 350. Cook cook cook cook cook cook cook cook. (oven beeps)
(gasping) – [All] Oh yeah. – It’s brownie time. – Hopefully it’s break time. – Guys these look delicious. I hope this gets rid of the leprechaun. – (gasps) Did they just disappear? Oh man. It’s raining. Bye. (playful music)
(waves lightly crashing) – Huh? Where are we? – What just happened? – Look. – We’re in paradise. – Guys I think we’re in Hawaii. – We get to relax. – Let’s go relax then. – The water feels amazing. (screaming) – Ooh ooh.
– Whoa. – [Payton] It’s cold. – This is the best wish we ever made. – Tell me about it. This is so relaxing. – Do you know what will
make this wish even better? – Ice cream? – No, if we we’re mermaids. – That was exactly what I was thinking. – I wish I was a mermaid. – Whoa! – What just happened? I’m a mermaid. – Apparently we can make wishes here. – Things are about to get crazy. – [Both] We wish we were mermaids. – Whoa.
– Whoa. – We’re a mermaid’s tail. – Yes we are. Fin Fun Mermaids. If you want a Fin Fun click
the link in the description. – This is the best day ever. – I can’t believe we’re all mermaids. – [All] Let’s go swimming. – Uh um, how do we, how do we move? – Follow me girls. We’re almost there ladies. Don’t be scared. We’re mermaids, mermaids are never scared. – Sometimes. – Ah! – Ah! Big one. – Ah. – Let’s go, let’s go faster. – I feel right at home. – This is so much fun,
I wish Parker was here. (popping)
– I’m here. – [Older Sisters] Parker you’re a mermaid. – Uh, how did I get here? – It’s magic. – (gasps) I can’t believe
I’m a real mermaid. – Now that we have Parker, I
kinda wish Stephen was here. – Me too. – Me three. – Me four. – Uh Payton, do you see that out there? – Um, I think so. – Uh, what is that? – Guys I think it’s uh, uh. – [All] Shark! (tropical string music) – Guys that’s not a shark. – Hey girls. – [Payton And Taylor] It’s Stephen! – Guys where are we? – Hawaii! – Well I don’t know how that happened but I’m going with it. Woo! Here comes the shark. I’m a shark that’s washed up shore. Take me back water! – This is so relaxing. – I love it here. I’m a mermaid! – I can stay here forever. I never want to go back Jordyn. – Me either. – This has been the best day ever. – Do you think we get
to stay here forever? – I hope so, this is awesome. So ladies, what should we do now? – Swim all day long. – The waves are so pretty. – Guys, does any of you guys feel weird? – Yeah, I do. – Guys I think we’re disappearing. – No! – I wanted to stay longer. – Why, I don’t want to go. – What’s happening? – What’s happening to us? I want to stay. – [All] No! – Oh. Where did everyone go? (upbeat music)

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