Magnets can clean oddly shaped glasses?

Magnets can clean oddly shaped glasses?

Hon, can you give
me a hand with this? In case you’re not lucky enough
to have tiny, baby hands, the Magnetic Spot Scrubber
cleans hard-to-reach places with ease. It’s a textured,
silicone scrubber coupled with the
magnetic handle, that cleans through the glass. To use, drop the scrubber into
a vessel with warm, soapy water. Grab the scrubber through the
wall, with the magnetic handle, and clean away grime as the tiny
nubs glide over the surface. The silicone scrubber
removes debris without scratching the glass. It’s the ideal solution for
washing nooks and crannies in all sorts of containers. So reach for the spot scrubber
to clean the sauerbraten, hassenpfeffer, or mayo out
of your footwear shaped beer receptacle. Clean hard to get areas with
the Magnetic Spot Scrubber. Buy it now at

100 thoughts on “Magnets can clean oddly shaped glasses?

  1. Does the lady asking her husband not have a brain,cause you can cut a long rectangle and use it for thin glass, perfecto

  2. Lol this is pretty cool and my 9 year old is pretty hip to this vat19 channel she's the one who showed me this 😂

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