Magnolia Flowers – DIY Decoupage on canvas tutorial

Magnolia Flowers – DIY Decoupage on canvas tutorial

Paint a canvas 30×80 cm with primer or white acrylic paint. Apply the texture paste 704444 or 1011 onto the canvas to achieve relief. Paint the canvas with white acrylic paint C0200. Cut out the motif of rice paper RP692. Cut out another motif of rice paper RP691. Apply glue for decoupage Cplus onto the surface. Apply glue for decoupage Cplus onto the rice paper. Glue a small motif from the rice paper RP691 onto the surface. After drying apply acrylic varnish 733932 or KADL1 . Paint background with beige acrylic paint C9020 . Paint background with milk – white acrylic paint C6480 at a distance of 1 cm from the motif. In some places paint the background with peach acrylic paint C9047 dilute with Blending gel 2471. Dilute acrylic paint C4350 with Blending gel 2471 and paint corners and borders . Paint the inside of the petals with white paint C0200. Spray the points with red acrylic paint by brush. Apply 3D shiny Gel Paste 706943 or 4201 onto the surface to achieve relief. After drying shiny gel will become transparent. Thank you!

48 thoughts on “Magnolia Flowers – DIY Decoupage on canvas tutorial

  1. Me emociono a cada trabalho seu; é tão perfeito quanto à pintura em tela. Parabéns! Márcia – Belo Horizonte-MG/Brasil

  2. Once again, you have produced a beautiful piece. I always learn at least one thing in your videos to give the work dimension. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  3. Beautiful work, a very talented lady but I wish she would give more info on what supplies are needed and any advice she may have to help beginners.

  4. hola,enhorabuena y gracias por poner la opción de español,tenéis tienda Online en España??????

  5. do amazing work.i m one of your followers.i also wanna try my hands on this art. do you supply tissue papers and rice papers in India.if yes,then how can i place my order?

  6. Escuse .. Can you show me a brand name of shine gel .. Because I didn't find any like that and I ask the store and they don't know , please .This to put on the picture and became translucid ? I don't speak English well .. Thanks

  7. Can you put what you are doing on the video as you are doing it? Such as colors your using and the steps as you go through each process.

  8. There are English subtitles on all ours videos. Ci sono i sottotitoli in Italiano. Hay subtítulos en español. Our online store Materials: Canvas 30×80 cm, Texture paste 704444,
    Rice paper RP692 and RP691 , Glue for decoupage CGLUE, Acrylic varnish KADL1, Acrylic paints C0200, C6480, C9047, C9020, C4350, Blending gel 2471, Shiny Gel paste 706943 or 4201, Brushes 5934/2, spatula KT14.

  9. Hello Dear Svetlana, first i want to wish you Merry Christmas and a very happy and successful New Year…. i ordered this rice paper b4 but not the colors and now when i was doing my order i noticed that the color C9047 says its peach color while in your video you say pink so i want to make sure that its the right color pls? thank you XX

  10. Precioso trabajo una pregunta donde se compra la lamina de papel de arroz o como puedo reemplazarla soy del sur de Argentina .. No eh visto laminas grandes con este tipo de papel solo comunes…fesde ya muchas gracias y Felicitaciones

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