Make a Corkboard World Map

Make a Corkboard World Map

Hello and welcome back to Switch and Lever! I’m not even going to make any excuses for
this video, I love maps, and my walls have been too long without one. But what fun is a map if you can’t mark where
did you come from, where did you go, where did you come from, Cotton Eye Joe? So follow along as we make a corkboard map,
so you can pin all your favourite places. But wait a minute, I hear you say, cork is
so expensive!? Indeed it is, if you want to buy cork on a
roll, especially for a bigger map like we’re making, it’s going to set you back a little. Let’s go to IKEA and think it over, maybe
there’s a solution to this issue among the lingondricka and meatballs in the restaurant? Of course! We can buy some IKEA cork placemats. They’re just a few bucks for a pack of four. While they’re a bit thin for a corkboard,
you can always double them up for a thicker board. Now, to find a way out of this home decoration
maze… Unfortunately the cork isn’t ideal for a bigger
board right out of the package. First thing we need to do is to cut off the
rounded corners, so there are no gaps between the cork pieces when we patch them together. Since cork is a somewhat floppy material we
next need to attach them to something more sturdy. Use a piece of thin plywood, or masonite,
and sprayglue the the cork pieces down to stick. Don’t do the same mistake as me and try to
glue to the non-smooth side of the masonite, it will just absorb the glue and nothing will
stick. Flip it over and restart! Once you’ve done the first layer, add another
layer, but overlap the seams so there is nowhere one could stick a pin between a full two layers
of cork. Again, since the cork is quite floppy you
may want to weigh down what you glue as you’re working. Finally you’re going to have to weigh it down
with something large and flat to distribute pressure all over the cork, and leave it until
the glue cures. When the weights come off you may have found
that some parts have shifted slightly, and for some reason expanded, so curse to yourself
a bit while you break out your carpet knife and start trimming the edges to match the
size of the underlying board. To make sure nothing will separate over time,
or if the glue should fail that nothing will lift, tape all the seams with wide clear packaging
tape to hold it down. Also, if you tape the fuzzy backside of the
masonite with duct tape you can fold over the edges of the clear tape and it will actually
stick. The reason for using clear tape, as opposed
to duct tape, on the front is in case the paper map which will be applied is slightly
translucent. This way the cork will be even all over, and
no taped seams can be seen through the map. Now we’re getting to the most exicing part
since the meatballs, choosing your map. There are many maps out there, and you can
sure just buy a map to fit your board, but there are also other ways to obtain a map
which will suit just you. The best location you can find maps online
is no doubt the David Rumsey Map Collection. It allows you to browse more than 30000 maps
from all over the world, and through many ages of time. It also allows download of most of the maps
in very high resolutions, which is suitable for poster printing, even at the demanding
quality required for maps. Pause this video, have a browse, realize you
spent the entire night looking at maps, come back to this video and finish it before going
to bed. It’s worth it, trust me! With your map in hand we can move on. You may want to protect the actual surface
of your map a bit more using sticky back plastic. Since I don’t particularly like the look of
shiny maps I chose to cover the map in matte plastic. You can get this kind of plastic from most
stationery or craft stores. It can be a bit tricky to apply, especially
to something this big. The best way I found is to remove the backing
from one edge of the plastic and attach just that edge of your poster. Then slowly work yourself down the poster,
slowly removing the backing from the rest of the plastic, while pushing from the center
out to push out as many air bubbles as possible. Once the poster is all stuck down to the plastic
you can bring back your corkboard and match it up with your map. Fold up the edges of the sticky back plastic
to the back of the board to attach the poster securely. Some bubbles are unfortunately unavoidable,
but they’re not the end of the world. Since paper isn’t entirely airtight most bubbles
can simply be gently pushed out. The more persistant bubbles may require puncturing
to give a small hole for the air to escape from. This puncture mark won’t be visible once the
bubble is squeezed out though. Almost done now! Of course you could stop here and just hang
your corkboard, but wouldn’t it look much nicer in a frame? Yes, yes it would. I simply taped the board onto the frame with
framing tape. It’s definitely enough to hold it in place,
but if you’re worried you could always add a few small nails as well. To hang it, just run a thin wire from each
side of the frame and attach it securely. Here we’re using a staple gun, but you could
just as well use nails instead. Just be careful not to damage the frame. All that’s left now is to hang it up and start
pinning all those places you’ve been, or plan to go, or whatever else your imagination can
think of. Hope you enjoyed the video! While dreaming of new places to travel, why
don’t you check out some other videos from Switch and Lever? Also be sure to subscribe, and follow Switch
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63 thoughts on “Make a Corkboard World Map

  1. There is an excellent map shop in central London, which is where I bought the Europe map for Tom Lipton (whatever happened to his viewer pins, I wonder), for those without very large ink jet printers.

  2. Thanks for sharing. The resultant map looks wonderful. At the end of it all, with about 30% of your place mats going to waste, was it still cheaper than buying cork sheet?

    You really need a touch-screen TV for your wall maps – routes and destinations easily inserted or deleted, maps swapped out and your holiday snaps easily tagged in.

  3. You're great at these things! It's also awesome how we use saws and stuff for all of these creations you teach us to make!

  4. Fin film. Ett litet tips bara: istället för kork kan du använda nåt som heter kapaplatta som passar utmärkt för ditt ändamål. Väldigt mycket lättare att klistra på och om man inte vill hålla på själv så kan man lätt lämna in den för klistring på en firma. Blir bättre men är inte lika skoj förstås. Tjosan!

  5. The secret to Ikea is to enter through the exit. You bypass all the furniture and get right to the placemats. Just look confident and don't make eye contact.

  6. How did you find the map you used in the tutorial? I spent forever on the David Rumsey site and could not find anything close to that.

  7. Så jävla bra kanal, kan inte fatta att du inte har fler prenumeranter. Du och This Old Tony är lätt mina favoriter.

  8. Hej 🙂
    Hvad er dit job i dagligdagen og hvordan har du adgang til alle de herlige maskiner ?

    Mvh Morten, Follower from Denmark

  9. To stretch paper, canvas, and similar sheet materials on a board or frame, start in the middle and stretch it outward as you glue or staple it. You will end up without wrinkles or bubbles. I learned this in oil painting class many years ago.

  10. I love this video. Do you have any tips for attaching the map to the board without using the sticky back plastic? perhaps a glue that will not compromise the paper map?

  11. Hi! Thanks for the video! Do you have any advice if you can't find any sticky back plastic that will cover the entire map with a single sheet? The size of my map is 102 x 138 cm

  12. Would love to create this as well. Thanks for the vid 🙂 But which map did you buy? I can find it. do you have a link to the map used?

  13. I bought 4 pack thinking it was six. Now I’m having to spend all day cutting my 5$ map into 6 pieces (8 x ?) for an old window w/ 6 spaces – I’m terrible w/ math – ugh I hope my son loves it haha 😂
    Any help or suggestions please

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