Hey Guys this is the GTA V Poster so.. as I was saying this poster is made from (can’t control laugh) BRO: So I made this poster using a software called PosteRazor You can’t see from this angle but… these are 22 sheets of A4 size Paper here let me show you So Now I will show you How yo can do this at your home or wherever you want Let’s DO THIS! So first go to your Browser and enter the website link is given in the description find the “Download” tab and click on it then choose your operating system like mine is “Windows”click on it and you will get a link to Download the software Download it After Downloading, Install the application Now open the application here you can see the browse icon click on it you can select the image for eg I am… selecting this image open here you can see the image properties now click on next here you can see a couple of options “Format” where you can select the Paper Fomat for eg A4, A3 or letter the “Orientation” Portrait or Landscape as you wish and you can select the borders for eg I have selected 1.5 for each side Now click on “Next” Here is the “Overlapping” option You can select any 1 of the 4 Here I have set 0,0 so there’s no problem click on “Next” Now here you need to set the size of the Poster you need You have 3 options You can select any of the one I am selecting the “size percentage” so for eg I need a 200% larger image than it’s original size So Next Now we have to save the Poster by clicking here you can give any File name for eg “Trevor” After that you can see PDF file created in the location you have selected Now you have to take Colour/B&W Print out of these papers and solve the puzzle. ENJOY!

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