Make a Large Vinyl Wall Decal – How to Cut Larger Than Mat on a Cricut!

Make a Large Vinyl Wall Decal – How to Cut Larger Than Mat on a Cricut!

– Hello everybody, my
name is Jennifer Maker. Today we are making large
wall decals and decorations all the things that are larger than a fit on your cutting mat. (upbeat music) I love decorating the walls in my house. I’ve been known to paint
beautiful murals on them and cover them with pictures
and other things like that. But, now that I have a cutting machine it’s so easy to create my
own wall decor with vinyl. But here’s the thing, I like to make wall decor
that is bigger than it fits on a standard 12 inch by
12 inch cutting mat, right? So at first it might seem impossible but you can totally do it, and I’m gonna show you how in this video. We’re going to make these
larger than mat projects step-by-step together. Now, let’s first look at how to make a large vinyl wall decoration. I’ve got my trusty guy
to paint my board white with interior flat paint, exactly the same stuff
that most of us have on our walls right now. And, I’m going to put a
large three-foot square vinyl decoration on it,
step-by-step together to show you how it works. Now it’s important that you use removable vinyl on your walls. If you don’t, and when
you go to remove it, looks like because you wanna move or it’s time to refresh your room, you might accidentally take
some drywall off with you. But if you use removable vinyl you won’t have any issues removing it, so this is really important. And in addition to your vinyl you’re going to need a
bunch of transfer tape. Some scissors, a scraper, weeding tools and some tape as well. You’re also gonna want
a way to cut your vinyl. I am using a Cricut Explorer Air today. One other really important
thing is your mat. Now you can use a standard 12
inch by 12 inch mat to do this if that’s all you have. But if you can get a
12 inch by 24 inch mat, it all means so much less work for you and that’s what we’re going to use today. Now, before we can even get
started cutting things out we need to prepare our design. Since it’s too big to fit on one mat we need to separate it
into mat size pieces and then join it after we cut it. I’m gonna show you how this works. I draw a cute unicorn to put on a wall, and you can get the unicorn
design free on my blog at So, let me show you
where to find the design then we’ll so head on over
to Cricut Design’s face, to prepare it for cutting. Oh, great so, we need to get a design that you can scale up for a wall decor. And I have created one
for you, over at my blog. So head on over to where you’ll find the project, if you don’t see it you can
search for it over on the right. And once you’re in here you’ll find the tutorial here on my blog and the actual design to
download in my resource library. So click on libraries, then click enter the free resource library and enter your password. If you don’t have a password you can request one on this page. And once you’re in the library search on flying unicorns SVG, and go ahead and click
it to start the download. And once it’s downloaded you can open it and you can actually see the SVG file sitting right in there. And now we’ll go over
to Cricut Design Space and upload this. So click on new project,
then click upload. Click upload image then click browse. Find the SVG file you
downloaded and click open. There it is, so click save. Then select the image
and click insert images. So now that the design is on our canvas but it’s only 10 inches wide. 10.532, we want it bigger. So up here at the top you’re
gonna wanna add changes to the size that you want
it to be when it’s done. So, I’m gonna say 32 inches high. And you can see it resizes right away, so let’s make our canvas a little smaller so we can see the whole thing on it. All right, so there it is. If we click make it right now however, we get an error that says
this image is too large. This is what we’re going to
fix in Cricut Design Space so that we can make this
large vinyl wall decal. So what we’re gonna wanna
do is first ungroup things so that we can get the purple layer on a layer by itself. So that purple layer at the back there, we oughta be able to select it and have it be alone,
right now it is, all right. So you can hide it, and
only that layer disappears. Now, if we hide just that layer, and we no longer get the ear. And that tells us the only
piece that’s too large for 12 inch by 24 inch
mat, is that purple layer, everything else will fit. So, if you are you
doing a different design and it doesn’t work this way you just need to identify
the layers that are too big, that’s the key. So the layer for us that’s too big for our mat is the purple layer, so that’s the one that
we’re gonna work with. I’m gonna drag it over to the right, so that we cannot isolate it and separate it into mat size chunks. So click on shapes and select a square. Then up here at the top, I
want you to change the size to 11 inches wide, by 22 inches long. You’ll have to get the
little unlock icon there to create a box that size. So, 11 by 22 is pretty much the maximum that we wanna put in
our 12 by 24 inch mat. So we drag it over our image
to make sure it’ll fit, but obviously it doesn’t
fit width wise at all it doesn’t even fit height wise, right? It’s still just too tall for the mat, so we need to make this even smaller. So this is how we check and make sure what I’m gonna do is actually
get that purple layer resize down, so that it
fits within 22 inches this is my goal, so that I
don’t have to do too much because it’s gonna be just a little bit just a tiny little bit. Of course if you’re working
with a very specific size you can’t do that, but I can, I can afford to fudge it by an inch. So we’ll see if we can get
our whole design size down to fit within 22 inches, that purple layer within 22 inches. I wanna make this 31 inches high and then we’re going to ungroup everything and we’re going to
isolate that purple layer. Now, we can see that it’s
21.85 and two inches tall which will fit on our cutting mat right? So click on shapes, and click a square that changed the size
of the square at the top to 11 inches wide, by 22 inches high. You’ll have to click that unlock
icon to make it that size. Now you can see, that
at least height wise, it will fit on a mat. It won’t fit width wise
but we’re gonna fix that. So, I want you to duplicate
this rectangle two times so that we have three
of these just like this. And if we spread them out we can see our design will in fact fit on to three big 12 by 24 inch of mats. So, let’s select all three and make sure that they’re aligned, at the top. We want them all to be
in the same position. You can make it a little bigger to make sure that everything looks good. You wanna make sure that they’re just butted
up with one another not overlapping and don’t have any gaps, this looks pretty good. Now, our goal is to
separate that purple layer into these three size, shape sizes, okay. And it might seem a little confusing but I’m gonna show you how to do that. So once everything is in position your three rectangles are side-by-side and in line to the top, you go ahead and send them to the back so that you can see all four layers here. And you need to select
one of your rectangles, so your far left rectangle,
and your purple layer so make sure just those
two layers are selected and then click slice. So that will slice that purple layer, And we wanna get rid of the
parts that we don’t need which are the black parts. So the only part we want left is just that tail end of our unicorn. So, there’ll be two extra
layers that we wanna just delete and if you can’t find them, just go ahead and drag it off to the side well just as I’m doing them now. Now, do the same thing
with the middle rectangle and the purple layer again. So select just those two layers, and confirm on this side there
that you have just those two and then slice it. And then again, get rid of
the parts that you don’t need. All right, and then it’s
just our last two layers. And we go ahead and slice them, although actually we didn’t
have to do that, did we? Because it was all ready
to go but it’s okay. So now we have our purple layer and we get rid of the extra layers and we have our purple layer all sliced into three mat sized pieces. See that, that awesome. Now of course, if you don’t
have a 12 inch by 24 inch mat you’ll have to separate these
into mat sized pieces to fit the smaller standard size
mat the 12 by 12 mat. To do that you’ll need to create a square that’s 11 inches square and then use that as your
divider for your slices. And of course, you’ll also
have to slice the unicorn and the rainbow in exactly the same way we’re doing the purple layer. So that will require
quite a bit more work, and that’s why I recommend you use the biggest mat possible
which is 12 by 24 inches. All right, so let’s
just select all of this and send it to the back and
put it back under our decal, so we can make sure everything
looks good which it does now, just in case we
accidentally change the size And we’re gonna click make it. And now we can see there’s no air, it can make everything that we want it to on our 12 by 24 inch mats. But if you look you’ll see
that Cricut has separated these into a lot more mats that is necessary. I mean the purple ones look okay because those are really
big bits of vinyl, but the other colors they
need to be consolidated and you’ll need to do this manually. So you wanna click on
this little one here, click the three dot icon,
in the upper left corner, and select the mat and then
move it to the 12 by 24 inch mat and just rotate it, move it
around until it fits on your mat so that you don’t have to waste any vinyl, we don’t wanna waste any vinyl here. This is big pieces of vinyl, we want to be as efficient as possible. So we did the same thing
with the second yellow mat, click that three dot icon
and move it to your other mat with all your other things. Again use that rotate icon
in the upper right corner to get it into position
so everything fits. Just like that, it’s a good
idea to move your bits around so there’s lots of extra
space in between them. There’s no need for anything to be crowded when we have all this
extra vinyl going on here. So just go through each
layer and make sure that your colors are
consolidated as much as possible, so that you don’t have
to waste any extra vinyl anymore than is necessary. They’ll still be vinyl
here that we don’t get cut and you are welcome to cut them off and save them as scraps if you like. I won’t be doing that in this video simply because it’s already
going to be a very long video. (laughing) We’re gonna keep it as simple as possible. For this one you’ll need to change the mat to actually be a 12 by 24 inch piece, and then move that third one
over to your first pink mat. And then everything will fit, you just need to move
it around a little bit. And then you just need to check that everything has plenty of space, and that you didn’t skip
any little bits or layers or anything, in any of your mats. When it looks good, click continue. and then choose your cricket
or the menu at the top unless you only have one, in which case you don’t need to do that. And I will send this to my Explorer Air. Click browse all materials
and choose premium vinyl. There isn’t an option for removable vinyl so just use premium vinyl,
and then click done. You’re welcome to change
your pressure to more, I always do that. And, let’s cut this out. All right so we’ve set up our file in Cricut Design Space, and now it’s time to
send it to our Cricut. So, I’m just gonna go
ahead and get started. So our first layer is going to be white, because we can always tell at the top what our first layer is, just make sure I did
click on that yes, white. And it actually says it’s
a 12 inch by 12 inch mat it doesn’t matter then that we use a 12 by 24 mat at all,
it’s just not gonna use the whole mat, so no big deal. So you don’t have to switch
over to your other mat just because it says to use a 12 inch mat. So, and if I look, if I click on the mat preview, I can see that it only
need a piece of vinyl that is 7 by 4 inches, so we don’t need to cut off
a big giant piece either. So, I’m just gonna cut off a
7 by 4 inch piece of vinyl. I just use the grid on my mat to make it nice and simple on myself. No need to get out ruler, in fact I have been known in a pinch to use, the grid on my cutting mat is a ruler for other things, when I don’t have a ruler handy. And by the way when you’re
done with your vinyl and you’re not finished with it, I like to put the wrapper back on and with it just a piece of painters tape or something really easy. And I like to do this
because then I always know what kind of vinyl it is
without having to guess. There’s definitely ways
that you can guess, typically removable vinyl is matte and permanent vinyl is
glossy but not always. So, sometimes it also will say in the back so like this says, yeah, I
can see the word removable. But not always so it’s good
to keep your vinyl labeled. All right, so I’m gonna
take off the plastic and I’m just gonna do at
this end, this closer to me. Put that in the corner, just like that make sure that it’s down. Feed it into my machine, like that. When you do you it, you wanna make sure you’re pressing against
the rollers, right. And press the load button, we’re gonna move these out of the way and go ahead and cut it. Now, you’ll note I have
two of these big mats to queue in my package
and I’m going to use both. So, as one layer is cutting I’m gonna try to prepare the next layer so that I can just keep
feeding them in quickly. This one will be really quick though so I probably won’t make it in time. That’s okay, I get it ready, all right. So we’re gonna unload this one. All right so my next color is tan beige and this needs a, again I’m
gonna check the mat preview to see how big it is, and it looks like it is 19 inches. The vinyl is like kind of wrinkly too, and if that is the case
it’s better to fix that now rather than later. And you can do this same way, like I basically like
to start in the center and smooth it as I go and that all tends to get a lot of the wrinkles
out automatically, right. So see, no wrinkles now nice and smooth. All right, so let’s
feed it into our machine and go ahead and press go. All right, so while that is cutting, we’ll take off this one. I’m gonna set it over here and our next color is gonna be yellow. Okay, so we’re gonna start in the center oops see, and so that happens and it’s okay that it happens, I didn’t have it on my map very well. I’ll take this piece off. Dealing with these big pieces
of vinyl is a little tricky. Just gotta be patient. And it’s got this roll to it, but this roll is gonna happen because once you start
going over 12 inches, it’s going to come out of roll, so we just need to deal with that. Again, so we’ll start in the center and then smooth outward. We’ve got some bubbles there, but I don’t think that’s a big deal. Vinyl can have gonna have
big creases and stuff. All right there we go, that looks good, those things out of the way. All right, so let’s unload
this mat, make sure it cut the way that you expect it to, now it looks good to me, that looks good. So, we put this in, load it up. Make sure we got the yellow
one cutting, which we do, and go ahead and cut it,
and take off the cream. So this one I just pulled off you can see it’s kind of wrinkly, right? So we’re gonna fix this
later if this happens. And you know, it could happen it’s a big piece of vinyl,
and it’s rolled, right? But not to worry we can fix that. Okay, our next color is blue. Make sure you have plenty of
workspace for this project, because these are big pieces of vinyl. All right, and it’s really important that you have the space behind your Cricut when you’re doing these big mat projects, because it’s gonna go
all the way back there and that’s why I put my Cricut here so you can see exactly how that works. All right, so again I’m gonna place it and smooth out from the
center, just like that. Air bubble there, and a crease here and I don’t like that crease so we’re gonna fix that right now. I’m pulling up a lift up
on the vinyl on this one so if it’s really
stubborn, really creased, what you can do is actually
lift up on your vinyl… Because it does slide around
a little bit on the bowl especially this removable stuff. It is nowhere near as sticky as like the permanent stuff is. You can see we have a big
crease here some of that has, let that lay back, oops. Like that, trying to
get that smoothed out. Okay, it looks pretty good. Now, I’m gonna smooth this down. Here we go. Yeah, now I smooth it all down even though it was kind of messed up. Okay, so let’s remove this one. Set this here, just like that. And we’re gonna set our mat face down, on our cutting mat face
down on our big mat, right. And what we’re gonna do, is we’re going to peel the
mat away from the vinyl okay. If you need some help in fact I’m gonna tape this down. It’s a very big piece of vinyl, so a little tape will help us here. All right, let’s do another one up here. Sure hope we got that good, okay. Here we go, okay. So again, we’re moving the
mat away from the vinyl instead of the other way around to keep the vinyl nice and flat. So just go slow, hold
the vinyl down as you go to encourage it not to
wanna roll up with the mat. There we go, and it’s find if it does that ’cause that’s the natural role of it. All right, so let’s compare the difference so you can see what a better job that did, let’s set these right here,
’cause we can use them again. Okay, so here is our beautiful piece of yellow vinyl, no
wrinkles or anything on it, right, awesome? Now let’s compare that to
the first one that we did, the cream which when we pulled it off without regard to its role. And this is again removable vinyl, so it’s not as well adhered to its backing which we like right, it’s not as sticky, so it will move around more
as you’re working with it. So you can see, all the
little wrinkle little stuff we got here, that we’ll have to fix later and none of them here,
so this is our goal. Is to, you know you guys. Much as you can get this
nice flat no wrinkle versus this one right, okay. And it’s okay though that
it rolls up like this ’cause that is gonna happen, ’cause that’s what it was before. All right so, let’s unload our blue mat and I believe our next mat is purple. (upbeat music) Okay, so the next step is to weed all of our cut vinyl and I’ve got my weeding
tool and some scissors and an exacto knife or really it’s the Cricut TrueControl
Knife, craft knife., just in case we need it for something. All right, so let’s start
with the simplest piece which is the white piece. And with weeding we’re just taking off all the excess vinyl that we don’t need, and then we’re also going
to cut the pieces apart. Sometimes if you can’t get it off, what I like to do is kind of cut it away, like sometimes it helps, like you can kind of cut the corner, Right, you cut a corner,
you don’t wanna cut through you’re just trying to cut the vinyl and then you can bend it right there and then you can get the corner off, and let’s make sure we keep
our bits out of the way. And then now you have a starting point. And then we just pull
our excess vinyl away, and I’m gonna need a
place to put all my vinyl you wanna make sure that
your vinyl that you weed away is away from your work surface. I’m gonna stack it up over here, because otherwise it will find its way back onto your project. Then this, it’s got some nice big pieces that you can come out, so that piece, that piece you can put
them on your hand as well, as you’re working, and that looks like it. Okay, and then we’re gonna cut them apart. Cut the excess back in there, And we’re gonna set them, way to the side. Once everything is weeded,
we will figure out where. Okay, yellow. Now you might find it easier to tape your vinyl down as you’re working. Let’s go ahead and make a
little cut in the corner, we’ll do it right here. Again we’re cutting just the vinyl and then we can bend it,
like this and remove it. And then we can tape ready. The tape is like having a extra hand. And then we can tape it down right here so that it doesn’t wanna flip
up on us as we’re working. All right, right here, right here, it’s just
the design is curved in so we just wanna go nice and slow. And I like to take away the excess vinyl when I’m finished with it, so
it doesn’t stick to my project because that is a huge
mess when it does that. And the nice thing about removable vinyl is that it’s nowhere near as
sticky as the permanent stuff. So, it is really in some
ways easier to work with at least at this stage. All right, there we go, so let’s cut everything apart. This is part of the main I believe, there this is part over there. This is part of the rainbow. These are the hooves. And I don’t expect you to remember what all these bits are, this is part of the main as well here. But you’re gonna wanna refer to the image on your computer,
or you could print it out and then it’s gonna help you a lot. Then this is part of the
other side of the rainbow. Let me put those together. And then this is part of the little sun spots, I don’t know what to call them. I’m thinking of them as sun spots. And then, this is part of the mane as well. Oh and this has some weeding. So you can see here that there is little bits here, oops. This is how your vinyl can
find its way in places as well there’s a little , some bits here, so we’ll use the weeding
tool to get these out. I like to use that angle of
the light to see the edge. Of course if you have like a light box or a bright pad you can use that as well. All right that’s our yellow
pieces, let’s do our blue pieces tape is a bit top for us. I’ll speed this up for you. Now you may remember the wrinkling problem we had with the cream vinyl, here’s how to fix that. We’re just gonna lift up here, and we’re gonna smooth it all down, a little bubble there, let’s get that out there we go. Smooth it all down, see all fixed. And then over here as
well let’s do it up here. Lift it up gently, and then very gently smooth it down. Don’t let it stick to itself. Let the vinyl go where it
wants to go, here we go. All fixed. (upbeat music) It’s time to assemble
and layer the design now we have our unicorn pieces now, let’s start by putting things in order so we know what they are
and can identify them. So, this is the unicorn, this is the rainbow down here. All right, oh, let’s cut of those, we don’t need those right now. Okay, so here, is our rainbow, our unicorn rainbow. Just like this, right? So here’s the head and here’s
the rainbow and here’s a tail. And you can refer to
the image that’s online and/or in this tutorial,
so that you can see. So there’s two ways that we can now put everything together, and then get it on to our board. The first way, in the
way that you might think would be the most obvious
is to put them on, right now just as they are. And layer them and position them on our board as we go, one by one. But you know, that working an angle upon our wall is not always the easiest. If you would like to
do it that way you can. I want you to be able to
see everything I’m doing. So instead of doing it on the wall, we’re going to layer our
vinyl first, all right. So, this isn’t always the right
choice about how to do this but when you have something
with a lot of layers like we do it can definitely be the right choice. If you have just one layer, like all black, all red whatever, you’re probably gonna
wanna it on your wall. So, in fact you are,
especially if it’s really big you’re gonna wanna do it in your wall. So, this is the size of ours, plus we have a Dream big that goes at the bottom right here, right. I wanna basically create a
giant decal that’s layered before I put it onto my wall. But I think that that would work better because I can get much better positioning, and every like that. I need to put my unicorn rainbow baselayer, so that’s the purple layer together. Now, what I’m gonna do is essentially I’m gonna join these
pieces of transfer tape, but of course we have, these big, they don’t come to the edge. And you could cut them to go to the edge but there’s other ways of doing this. So, what I’m going to do it in fact is we’re gonna fold them and put them together like
right here at the joint. So, lets’ set these over here, I’m gonna flip this over, like this. And actually, only one side, is gonna get flipped over for now. What we’re gonna do is, I’ll push this, we’re gonna pull this back like this. And crease it there, so that it’ll stay back. There we go. Now, I want to join these two, okay. So, and this is like you
can’t really see through so we’re gonna have to flip them over, now that we have them stuck there in one. and we’re going to join them. We’re gonna join them
where we can see them. So, we’re gonna very carefully position. You wanna get right up, right up next to it, you
wanna but them together. You don’t wanna see a scene, right. So right here we can
see that there’s a seam, that will not do. So what works it’s to do
the top in the bottom. Okay. Almost there. There we go. All right, so now we’re going to make sure that this is nice and flat there. All right, so let’s flip this over. Now that we have them joined, we’re gonna peel it up like this, and then press it down. We don’t want it back like
that the whole time, okay. And then we’re gonna tape it, tape it. All right, let’s see how
it looks on the front, might be nice and smooth, and if it’s not we will fix that. So I can see some wrinkling here, but it doesn’t seem like it’s a big deal. But lets fix it anyways, we don’t want there to be any wrinkling. All right there we go, we got it. We wanna do the same thing here. And you know, we’re gonna
try cutting these instead. I feel like having a big bit in there is becoming an issue for us. I’m gonna try cutting it instead. (mumbles) It’s such a big piece of vinyl. I don’t wanna take away too much here All right, now you can see it’s just wrinkled at (mumbles), honestly. We’re gonna have to fix that, so let’s just match it up top and bottom. And the thing is you’re only gonna see the seam at the top and the bottom not even the seam in the middle. And I’m gonna lift this
right up, right now and then so that I can place it exactly where I want it to go, right here it’s gonna get covered up so it’s okay that’s just a
little bit off right there. And smooth all of this, so it’s just this one
that’s causing the issue. Let’s just fix it up, and lay it down, smoothing it as we go. There we go. Now we have our unicorn and now it’s time to actually
start layering things. All right, so now we’re
gonna get these on. I’m thinking it’s gonna be easier to do this without transfer tape, let’s try it shall we? All right, so we know based on our photo what this looks like. So, I’m actually just gonna take this off and we’re gonna put it on because it’s not that big of a piece. So let’s just try placing it on right now. Let’s not press it down yet, we’re going to go in case
we have to move anything. Okay. Let’s move this out of our way, we’re gonna want our mat again. I don’t want transfer tape sticking to cut paper, stuff this right here. All right, I’m gonna be able
to take off the backing. Now we will position it, before you’re able to do a better job actually you need to get rid of all of this extra right here. Actually let’s get rid of
everything that’s extra. It’s gonna help a lot, to have out, to have out all of that transfer paper then we can reuse this, so don’t worry. Let’s set this right here, to re use. Now, make sure everything
is nice and flat. Put your head right over it, you’re looking for that, your
margins be about the same. When you press this down, you don’t need to adhere to the purple anymore that necessary. It’s gonna come off fine. Let’s use our transfer tape for these other sections as well. (upbeat music) Awesome. Let’s lift this up so you can see. This is our, big, giant, unicorn sticker. Now we need to get it over here. Right, that’s our goal, is to
get it over here on to this. Now that we’ve put it all together. So we’re gonna do that with transfer tape. Lets do that. Okay so now that we’ve
assembled everything it’s time to put the transfer tape on and put it onto our wall okay. So I am going to put the
transfer tape on like this, because we can get two of these on and then we only have two have
two strips of transfer tape on our project. We could do it like this, but then that would be
three with three seams, so I think I’m gonna go with two. So we just need to cut our transfer tape to the same width desired design, just a little bit bigger. And these rolls of
transfer tape from Cricut are 48 inches long, so I won’t be able to just
use what’s left on this roll, so instead we’re gonna save this roll, this remnant of the roll
for another project. So, I’ll need to use another one. So this project is going to need three rolls of transfer
tape to do it properly. All right, put those aside. So just like when we
do any other transfer, we’re gonna want to be very careful about placing the tape onto our project. So let’s get the backing off, and once this back comes off, it’ll stop being so curly,
it’s gonna help a lot. But because it’s a giant
piece of transfer tape you’re gonna want to be careful and not let it stick to yourself or to your project or anything like that, because that’s just a big
mess better then, right. All right, so there we go, there’s our big piece of transfer tape. Now, like I when I always set this on, I always like to make this U-shape, right? So that we’re going to be
pressing from the outward in, so it’s about equal right here. So we just wanna make
sure that we’re covering our project more or less, and then gently and let it down like that. And then smooth it from
the center outward, there we go. Now, for the second piece of transfer tape we’re going to overlap it slightly, like maybe like by half an inch so you can see the grid on here, so that it essentially forms
one big piece of transfer tape. All right, so carefully
remove the backing, hold it away from your
body and your project as you unroll the backing off. Again make a U-shape and you’re
gonna want to do your best to overlap it by about a half an inch. You’re not gonna get it exact because you’re holding it above like this. So, make sure you have
plenty of air for margin. I mean there’s plenty of tape here to cover the rest of the design. So then right now I
can say I have an issue because I have this paper board. So I’m gonna move this right now so my design is more on the mat, right? Because where it’s not
touching the backing it’s gonna wanna touch the surface that I’m working on. Okay, so let’s pull let’s cut away this top part here right now, ’cause you see it’s stuck to
it now, if that had been paper I would have had a giant mess on my hands. All right so let’s just
cut that away right now. Let’s flip this over and make sure they get everything more
or less pretty smooth, don’t have to worry about
bubbles that’s not important. We’re looking for big giant
creases that kind of thing, I thought we don’t want. So now with removable
vinyl, you need to be gentle when you scrape down the vinyl to the transfer tape. It will move more if you’re
like really aggressive about it so don’t go too nuts. You just need it enough so that it’s going to stick
to that transfer tape. Fix any wrinkles if you see them, because we want it to go
onto the wall nice and smooth without us having to make any corrections. That’s the whole point
of us doing this design, layering it before you
put it onto the wall so that we have more control
over how it looks, okay. That’s probably good, okay. So now that we have
our decal all assembled there’s one more step before
we can put it on the wall. Turn it over, and we need to make sure that all of this, the
backing on our decal, is all taped, so that it’s all one big
basically one layer back here and that’s important for removing it and how we’re going to
apply it on the wall. So, I’m gonna use this tape and basically we’re trying to make it
into one layer back here. Okay, so there’s a piece there. And this is like you know, there’s only so much we can do right here, because it was cut, well it wasn’t even cut there it was just where the
piece of vinyl started. All right, so now it’s one piece about what piece of the backing on this. Now we need to put it up under the wall, don’t remove the backing yet and position it where you want it to be. So this design has like
some spots above it and the words dream big below it. So we’re really gonna center
it on our board like this, but we wanna make sure that it’s level and that it’s positioned right. So, always check your
placement of your decal before you put it on, right? So I’m gonna use my ruler and I’m gonna make sure
that it’s centered. Okay, so it’s centered. Then I’m gonna use a level
to make sure that it’s level because there’s nothing worse than having something on your wall that’s not straight. And I’m just checking the
bottom of the rainbows because that’s the straightest
part in this design. And that looks straight
and it’s a good idea to ask somebody else if they
think it looks straight, someone who’s like
standing a distance away. Greg, does this look straight? – [Greg] Yep. – All right, so now our next step is to tape along the top
edge of our transfer tape. You know what strong
tape but be sure you use in the painters tape, so that you don’t take the tape off or get the paint off of your wall. All right, so now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna flip this decal up and remove the backing and then
smooth it down onto our wall so it really helps to have a
second pair of hands for this because it’s so big, so Greg is gonna come help us out. (upbeat music) So I’m gonna smooth it
from the top as we go, staying in the center just like this, smooth
in the center outward so I’m gonna stay in the center, I’m gonna pull this backing down. – Watch the tail there. – So you wanna smooth
from the center outward just like you do any other kind of, whenever you’re working with vinyl. And take this off now. And then we’re gonna wanna scrape it down because this is a removable vinyl, it’s gonna be in that second stick as well as you might think
with like permanent vinyl, so we’re gonna need to help it all we can by getting it scraped down. (upbeat music) And just like before, it’s good to go, pay
attention to the edges right, any bubbles develop work from the center outward
to get the bubbles out. (upbeat music) All right let’s take off our transfer tape you’re gonna want to
go slow and be gentle. (upbeat music) All right, there we go. So once it’s off, you want
to look for air bubbles use your scraper tool and
work from the center outward. All right, so you might
have some bubbles here that are difficult to smooth out. And if it happens what you can do is use your Cricket TrueControl
Knife or an exacto knife or anything with a really sharp point. And what you do is you put
the point of your knife just you basically a pop in the bubble, you wanna get an air like up a hole in the middle of that bubble
so the air can escape. So there’s one right here. And I’m just gonna put, just and then it’s gone just like that, right. And you cannot see that where you know, you’re not making a slit or a cut just you’re poking the bubble. All right so now we need
to get our letters on, so those go right down here at the bottom, this will be really easy but we’ll want to make
sure they’re centered. And then we need to put our sunspots on. And I’m just gonna do this
one spots totally manually, we’re not going to use transfer tape because all they are circles
they’re just big stickers. But I am going to put them on. And again I’m just gonna do them. I’m gonna put the color in the purple before I put it on the wall, it’s really pretty simple here. So, there’s one over here, just like that that’s super easy this is
like the best of this project. (upbeat music) All right so we’re gonna
need a piece of transfer tape for our letters for sure,
no getting around that. (upbeat music) So, let’s see if this is enough, no it’s not. So close, it’s okay,
we can make this work. So, it looks like it’s about five inches. (upbeat music) And we’re gonna cut off a five inch strip. Go ahead and put that on right now. And then we’ll just need another extra a little bit there at the end. In fact what I’ll do, is I’ll put dream behind one piece of transfer tape that’s big than the other. (upbeat music) All right, there we go, so let’s use our scraper. To make sure that it’s
really well adhered. Okay, so now we want to
make sure its centered on you know, we have a good spot for it before we set it down. So we’re going to check. So this is 18 and a half inches, so let’s see how wide is it at the bottom. This is 31 inches, so 31 minus 18 and 1/2 is 12 and 1/2, yes 12 and 1/2, so half of 12 and 1/2, is six and 1/4. We make sure we have six and
1/4 inches on either side, that’s how we’re gonna know
that it’s centered, right, so I’ll make it down here. We’re gonna need a piece of tape, to make it and mark it. Okay, so we’re gonna
measure it to make sure that we have the same distance
on either side of our design. So that’s six-and-a-half on this side. Okay, so that looks good. So I’m gonna keep it taped right here because we have a little extra. If you don’t have extra right there you can go ahead and just put
a piece of tape right here, so I’ll do it, right. So you’re gonna put a piece
of tape right there like that and then you’re gonna lift it up. See how easy that was? So we got it positioned perfectly before we even had to worry
about where it was gonna go. So we did the same thing like before, we scrape it down and then we
take the transfer tape off. (upbeat music) So here is our project, I
think it turned out awesome, don’t you think? It’s so, it’s so super cute. So I know there’s gonna be some questions, the first question I’m
sure that’s gonna come up is “Do we have to use removable vinyl? “What if we only have permanent vinyl? “What if we don’t care
if it sticks to our wall “and removes drywall,
because we’re whatever, “it’s not important to us, or whatever?” So here’s the thing in
addition to it being removable which is awesome and we want that, removable vinyl is also matte. So you see how there’s not glossy it’s not reflecting the light, that means that we can
see our design better. If this were a glossy image you’d see some of it being
reflected, some of it not and it’s difficult to make out the design. So I suggest that you avoid glossy vinyls even if you can find a glossy
vinyl and a removable vinyl because of that image,
because of that issue. so just that shine on the wall will make your hard work
so hard to appreciate. I mean now some people do combine a removal like a matte vinyl, and a removable glossy vinyl together for particular effects
but you just need to use the glossy vinyl carefully,
sparingly, right? And of course, I mean I
think some other questions will be, “Well what if
it’s just one color? “Like, I’m not doing all
this layering stuff.” If you’re doing just one color you can totally just put it up on the wall and match it all up as you go, right. You don’t need to layer in advance. And again, you can still layer
it on the wall if you prefer if you think that it’s
going to work out for you and you’ve got a good
reach and good lighting, and you know you can move your head to where it needs to be right? So, it’s gonna depend
on kind of where it is if it’s an awkward location, you’re probably not gonna
wanna do it that way. All right, well I think that’s it hopefully this has helped you see how it’s really quite possible to do these larger than matte projects, without it being like something you know, it’s not magic, right? It’s really just separating out our pieces into matte sized parts so that we can cut it on our mat and then we just put
it together afterwards. And of course we can do
this with paper as well. It doesn’t have to be
vinyl you can use cardstock you do exactly the same way, except you piece your back
sides to the purple side gets pieced together with tape. And then we glue all the layers on top and that’s how we do that. So I found this paper it’s called Cricut Cardstock Sorbet sampler, and it’s ideal for this
particular project. If I’d had time, I would
have cut this project out with this paper to show you how you can piece a larger than mat project together with
paper, instead of vinyl. But this videos already
taking such a long time. I can show you again in the future if you are interested
just leave a comment below and I would be happy to go through this project again with
paper instead of vinyl. All right, so if you
have any questions at all please just leave a
comment below the video or come on over to my amazing and awesome Facebook group at and I think that’s it,
remember if you can tell me what you want to make I can
show you how to make it. Until next time. (upbeat music)

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