Make an LED Light Box

Make an LED Light Box

Welcome to Get Hands
Dirty. Today Iʼll make an
awesome light box that can
be used to photograph, draw and make other
creative stuff. This is the structure of the frame. Weʼll be cutting miters, inserting splines,
making grooves and covering everything.
Letʼs get started! First, I cut the plywood to more manageable pieces. Then the rabbets are
routed to accept the back panel of the frame. I make a rabbet test to check the thickness of the plexiglass. And I like it a bit loose. Here comes the new 45 degree cross cut sled! Letʼs cut the angles at one side
of each piece. The lengths are traced in the opposite sides and all the cuts are
simplified by the sled. We just need to align the pencil line with the blade kerf and weʼre good to go. Iʼm having a little bit of tear out so masking tape to the
rescue. As you can see this plywood is pretty thin so I thought it was a good idea to
reinforce the joints with splines. A test cut is always the best way to begin and
plus I never did this before. It turned out nice but unfortunately the ice cream
sticks are too thin for this purpose. Letʼs make all the cuts. I like to try assemble things whenever possible and it seems quite perfect this
time. The edging and splines were cut from a piece of Agba wood and yes yes yes, I
need a zero clearance insert with splitters at the table saw. myself a zero clearance for the
band saw really quickly to minimize blade wobbling. I make adjustments to get a closer fit for the splines and cut them to size. The final tuning is made with the block plane upside down and iʼm very careful to
not destroy my fingers. I glue everything and clamp the frame with a picture frame clamp. And I think I
never made such a square frame in my life. Oh, I realized I forgot that one side should be smaller so the plexiglass can slide in
and out if someday it needs to get replaced. So to fix this problem Iʼm removing
a bit of the height and obviously I canʼt go all the way through. I need to stop
before the miters. Iʼm begining and ending the cut where the frame aligns with
the edges on the fence. Now I remove the rest of the miters. I slide the plexiglass to be sure I can move on to the next step And obviously now the edging needs to be
thicker then the other ones. Itʼs time to work out! Alright, letʼs miter the edging strips and make a rabbet in the thicker piece. Iʼm afraid that the glue can make it harder for the plexiglass to run out after, so Iʼm applying some plastic wrap to prevent glue squeezing out. Strips are glued one at a time so I donʼt stress out and have enough time to
concentrate in each alignment. Well It’s a bit hard to pull off because the plastic wrap got stuck in some parts inside the rabbets but with patience and time I get it out nicely. Clean up the left glue
residue. It’s ready to sand and I do it by hand. I unpeel the sticky paper from the plexiglass and you can see how I love to
always check how it fits nicely in the grooves. Time to finish! Two coats of wood sealant and two coats of matt spray lacquer. I sand lightly between all the coats with a fine grit pad and wipe of the dust with
a paper towel. The inside of the box is all covered with aluminium stick tape. It is crucial to
cover the entire inside with a highly reflective material . The lightning system is very simple. Iʼm using an inexpensive LED strip and a
transformer. The LED strip has a sticky back which is very convenient and easy
to use. When you finish your application be sure to cut the extra length where
you see the small scissors icon and DO not cut it elsewhere or you will break
the circuit. Pluging that in and it works! Now, we need to cross the wire through the frame by making two notches with
the router. To fix the backer board, I made 8 thin wood holders. You will want to grind the
tips of the screws if you see that they may cross out the frame. Screw
everything carefully. And the last thing to do before the final assembely is to pilot the holes for 3
small screws that will secure the removable edge. Actually I made this light box for a friend who works with photography and here
are some cool examples of her work. Thereʼs really a lot of creative stuff that you can make with a light box. You can
copy drawings, blacklight images, photograph small items or even use it as a
set light. I photographed this woods shavings just for you. Thanks so much for watching. If you liked this video be sure to subscribe and go get your hands dirty.

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  1. Olá Cristiana!!! 🙂 parabéns pelo teu canal!! Sou viciada nos teus vídeos :p

    Estou a fazer uma caixa de luz e tenho uma pergunta rápida: qual a espessura de plexiglass que recomendas? Obrigada 😀

  2. Hey there, great work. I have a project that is coming up and will need a light box. I don't have the time or tools to "get my hands dirty". I was wondering if I could buy a box from you?

  3. Wow, this girl give me a boner. She's da Boss! Seriously, how much do you charge for this. I like to pay you to make one for me.

  4. I also want to start the similar work like this for commercial purpose. Hope u will help me to find some solutions.

  5. Gosh this woman is giving me life !!! Don’t suppose your in the U.K. and can make me one of those ? I am guessing it way more superior than what I can buy in the shops …. love it

  6. OMG i accidentally found this channel thanks to the star wars thumbnail and it is already my favorite ever. Liked the video and subscribed instantly.

  7. Hi Dirty hands. That is a very nice light box! I built one very similar for my daughter (she is an artist).
    I don’t think mine was as exact as yours but it turned out pretty good. I added a nice antique caring handle. Someone asked in the comments about all of your machines and the money involved and you answered perfectly. “Follow your passion, save for it and invest in it.” I have a family of 4 but I have always wanted to build things, so I looked for used tools wherever I could find them. It took me several years to find the starter tools which I used to build more tools benches and work tables to convert my hand tools to table tools. I really enjoy watching your videos and I learn from them. Thank you for that!

  8. dude i respect you!! awesome work my friend just awesome, would love to get my hands dirty in learning wood work!!

  9. I'm hoping to make a light box/ tracing table but want to make it ~76 cm x 101 cm. I'm worried my Plexiglas/acrylic will give when I go to trace on it (considering how large it is)… Did you have any issues with yours and do you have any suggestions?

  10. OMG, i am an artist of 47 1/2 years and i love❤ this light table can you plz make one for me, that is the oerfect size i need for doing my reproduction artwork 😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍

  11. Nice job! I would like to know what kind of printing do you use for photography? A regular one is not transparent, how did you make that effect?

  12. Amazing video!!! The finished item is beautiful……

    ONE QUESTION: What is the thickness & specification/type of plexiglass you used?

  13. Hello Christian, excellent light box, do you know what were the measures of the box more or less and the measures of the wood slats? thanks greetings

  14. First off, what are you bout 13? you are amazing! How did you learn to use all those funky angles and omg the tools! I got an idea and some wood but mine wont be nearly that nice but thanks for showing. Whats your next project, a 5,000 sq ft fort in the backyard? haha Oh and ya got great hair too, you got way too much!

  15. Hi, I just finished my project that i was inspired by this video! I kinda started woodworking after i watch this, so i wanted to make one by myself when i can. It was finally time, and i tried! It was definately not easy for me though, but i m super happy with what i have made. I want to say thank you for making great video! please visit my video and check! Thank you!

  16. I found your channel while looking for ways to make my own light box, and I was so impressed with how beautiful your work is that I've subscribed after seeing several other projects I'd love to do some day!

  17. Great build!
    Can you tell me what material the white sheet is made of? I guess acrylic? I want to build something similar to view and scan film negatives with my DSLR.
    I've got tools and LED stripes.Thanks!

  18. I need to make a lightbox for viewing and digitizing my negatives. Your video is so well made, You do really know how to make a light box and how to use those amazing tools in your workshop, thanks!

  19. hey! i love what you make and how you make it. quick q: how thick is the plexi you used? also, would you recommend putting rows of the led strip on the bottom instead (or in addition) to the ones on the sides? i want the light to be as bright as possible. thank you!

  20. Great job. A lovely box. I've looked at a few lightbox tutorials now. Some put the LEDs around the side, some put them on the bottom, facing up. Can you explain why you put them on the sides? I would have thought the illumination in the middle of the box would be weaker as a result… is it not? (I'm planning to make an A2 lightbox) Thanks!

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