Making a Laminar Flow Nozzle

Making a Laminar Flow Nozzle

100 thoughts on “Making a Laminar Flow Nozzle

  1. Mom : what are you doing with that’s 🔨 Me:I am going to smash the like button and smash subscribe button to

  2. Well you still have a bit of disturbence in there. Perfect laminar flow makes it look like it is frozen. On yours you can still see that is actually water flowing.

  3. i understand that its hard to create laminar flow but you could've done better… it doesn't look like glass.

  4. i found an easier way actually. So i live at the philippines where some water is dirty so we need a water filter from the faucet so my mom made a homemade water filter using a square of cutout thick sponge thats new are used a rubber band to make it stay on the faucet, which coincidentally made a laminar flow

  5. 3: 46 “ alight guys we have now cut prepped an prepared all of our parts “
    He just said he cut prepared and prepared all of his parts 🤣🤣

  6. It doesn’t become less consistent due to the water hose… it’s due to Reynolds number haha noob step your fluid mechanics game up son

  7. Looking at this for memories it is crazy looking at how shy and short worded he is compared to having Cali he is so out there

  8. why not cut the pipe down to right after the straws and bypass the empty space and thus the need for the screens?

  9. Would an expandable bladder before the flow columnator (straws) serve to buffer the variable input pressures and allow higher nozzle pressure?

  10. Did anyone else come here just to find out what the f*** is a laminar flow? And now that we know, why do we need one? What will we do with it?

  11. Are you cutting PVC in your living room, or is your work space way cleaner and ten times more orgenized than my living space?

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