Making A Route 66 Sign With A Bead Roller

Making A Route 66 Sign With A Bead Roller

yea baby…its that time again lets make something

35 thoughts on “Making A Route 66 Sign With A Bead Roller

  1. I like the idea of transfer tape to draw on instead of doing on the metal directly.

    A plotter with pen on low tack vinyl would work great for doing vectorized images.

  2. MUSTANG videos PLEASE … although making stuff like you have been is cool…  or how about a shop tour . I've been waiting for you todo more mustang stuff ..

  3. i love that u didn't just print something off and use that.. it makes it so much cooler that u drew that outline by hand. PROPS!! u should do a paint job on it n then scuff it up n let it rust.. that would look dope.

  4. You have got a really steady pair of hands there mate. I wish I was that controlled when sketching/drawing out a template for my graphic design stuff; thank the lord for computers and the 'transform>reflect' tool or i'd be done for lol!

  5. Awesome work! Look up in google images "Dodge LE tailgate". Do you think something like this where the dodge lettering is debossed into the aluminum would be difficult to re-create? How did you get the brushed aluminum effect, just directional sanding?

  6. Ok, if a person cannot afford a electric bead roller. Is there a brand that is reliable and reasonable to buy? Thx BTW- your channel is awesome!!

  7. Fantastic work!!
    I want to bead roll some interior door panels for my 62 skylark. What thickness do you recommend? Did you use a scotch bright pad on the hole sign to give it "the Look"

  8. Is that transfer paper or a specific type of adhesive back paper? Do you recommend a certain brand or vendor?

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