Making Art Out of Making Love | Side Hustle

Making Art Out of Making Love | Side Hustle

I’m creating experiences during the day for brands and at night and on the weekends I’m creating experiences for people in love. My name is Alex Esguerra. By day I’m a creative director at a marketing firm. And at night and on the weekends I run an art company called Love and Paint. When you’re a child and you’re sitting there and you’re coloring, nobody comes over to you and says “You know what, the proportions are off” or “I don’t think that color combination is working so well” or “I don’t like your lineweight.” At a certain point, we’re all told that we’re
not a creative… you’re either a creative or you’re not a creative. And if you’re not a creative, it’s like “That sucks, what am I going to do… I guess I’m something else.” And I don’t believe that. Love and paint is about proving that we’re all artists. People think it’s just paint and canvas, but
they’re so wrong. Sex and love and art is this equalizer and
you know you can’t tell what type of person made what type of painting. It’s a complete mystery. And that’s the beauty of it. I think Love and Paint is six months to a year away from the tipping point. And if it gets to a point that it needs me to be there 24/7 then, you know, you don’t leave your baby. When I’m working in the agency, I see the full spectrum. I get like a bird’s-eye view of how brands do it. I learn what works and what doesn’t work and why. Everyone can have an idea but I always say that an idea means nothing without execution. This is so exciting. You know, when I get home sometimes I just want to put on Netflix and chill and just relax but I can’t. You have to burn the candle both ends all the time. People write paint on the window in the hotel experience or they’ll email me or I’ll get a text message filled with gratitude for giving them an opportunity to kind of like fall in love again. I’m always having this anxiety about how short life is and if you can create really beautiful memories for people that’s like an honor.

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  1. I honestly love this. I am seriously considering doing one of these when I get married and hanging the painting in our bedroom or something. Beautiful work, beautiful idea…!

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