Making home decor with imprints of plants by KLEVER

Making home decor with imprints of plants by KLEVER

How many days until Spring? In this short video tutorial I decided to share with You 3 DIY Ideas for lovely Home Decor In this video description, You`ll find links to a full version of each tutorial There is not so much needed to start to create Your own Botanical Tile which always has a unique design and an individual composition So You will need only three materials Airdrying modeling clay the modeling clay can be different colors Any soft Pottery clay will also do We need soft clay for making imprints of plants no need to wait until the clay dries The second material is a PLASTER mixed with water Proportion 1:1 meanes an equal PART of water and plaster music playing Before taking an imprint I soften the clay with fingers and then roll it with a rolling pin to get a smooth surface any plastic mold with a different shape can be used depends on with the shape of a tile would You like to do In these Spring tutorials, I’ve used delicate Snowdrops They a very tender and soft but despite this I’ve got a wonderful imprint for my tiny botanical cast And now how does the casting happen Usually, it takes a week until the tile is completely dry You can always add some colors on a tile and paint it with acrylic paint or just leave it in a natural color finishing with Acrylic Varnish There is 64 days until Spring 🙂

24 thoughts on “Making home decor with imprints of plants by KLEVER

  1. Always so pleased to see another of your creations. Each gives me an insite into your/the skills to create such intriguing and beautiful work.

  2. Завораживает! Красота получилась! На панно с вербой фон голубой ,очень нежный. Спасибо за вдохновение!

  3. Очень красиво, но пока было в белом оттенке, первая мысль – нежность.

  4. I love watching you create these botanical pieces, I love nature and flowers, I’m amazed at these beautiful pieces. I might have to try this out since Daffodils is all I can keep in my yard as the deer don’t like daffodils. 🤣🤣🤣🤣thanks for sharing your talent

  5. Вот и пришла весна в моё сердце… Сразу, среди зимы, стало светло и уютно. Спасибо за праздник! С Новым годом Вас!

  6. Amo seus trabalhos! Parabéns!! Belíssimos!👏🏽👏🏽❤❤ Qual é esta massa? É gesso ou cimento branco?

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