Making Rolling Stone Magazine Wall Art!

Making Rolling Stone Magazine Wall Art!

Hey guys, as you can see behind me, I’ve got
this beautiful wall of Rolling Stone magazine covers. This is actually an art project that’s been
about a year and a half, two years in the making. I got an idea from a friend who had wallpapered
his entire apartment in Rolling Stone wallpaper. The night that I saw it, I went home and bought
a box of a bunch of Rolling Stones. I’ve had this box sitting in my apartments
and moving with me for years now. When my friend Vindhya came up and visited
me, I decided to just make it a fun art project for the day. She’s super artsy, and so I wanted to leverage
that and just make something that was really interesting to put on my wall besides all
the comforters and random other stuff I have up on my walls that were being used for acoustic
treatment. Up on this wall I have musical artists specifically. Big-name hip-hop artists like Tupac, and Eminem,
Dr. Dre, and people who have been influential to me, along with a bunch of other random
artists. I know Deadmau5 is on there, Bob Dylan’s on
there, Kurt Cobain is on there. All these random people that I’ve really enjoyed
listening to and just have influenced me and my musical style. So I took a lot of footage while we were setting
this thing up and I just cut together a bunch of the footage with a new track that I’ve
been working on and so I hope you guys enjoy it. Run it. Man I need better style. What, what’s wrong with the pajama pants though? Alright guys, well, I hope you enjoyed that. If you did, leave a like, leave a comment
below about what you thought about it, subscribe for more videos with similar content, more
of my music in the future. I’m trying to release more consistently because,
you know, it’s the new year, gotta try to stick to those resolutions. I’ll see you guys in the next video.

3 thoughts on “Making Rolling Stone Magazine Wall Art!

  1. Dope concept and awesome execution, video quality keeps getting better! I like the music too – what are you using to make it before you mix? Like are you playing different instruments and recording or using a synth?

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