Making Slime Food vs Squishy Food! Squishy vs Slime Challenge

Making Slime Food vs Squishy Food! Squishy vs Slime Challenge

Hey guys, it’s Chloe and welcome back to my channel I am doing another food out of something video, okay? And guys love these I’m gonna keep giving them to you I saw that slime is a huge trend obviously people love my slime food videos squishys are also a very big trend right now So why don’t we combine them? So I’m basically taking squishy that look like food and slime that looks like food and putting it all together That’s this video so let´s get into it! But before we start the video today’s ten-second challenge is like this video press subscribe if you’re not already Turn on my notifications and comment below. What is more satisfying slime, or squishies and the time it takes me to squish this squishy go Okay, so I hope you guys were able to complete the challenge, and I’m doing a livestream today at 3 p.m. Pacific Standard Time so make sure you’re there. It’s going to be on YouTube – slumber party theme Wear your and lets get into the video Okay, and to get that mint chocolate chip color We’re gonna add some shaving cream to this because I want this to be nice and fluffy we need that ice cream texture! Okay, and to get that mint chocolate chip color I’m gonna add a little bit of green and a little bit of blue and just mix it all up girl Now we’re adding the secret formula the slime Bonder, I’m adding a little bit of borax in hot water, but you can do contact solution whatever floats your boat Guys I hope I’m poking this right, I got a bunch of comments in the last video. That’s what I was doing it wrong Alright now we got to make some chocolate chips, so I’m taking some Brown Mold-able clay actually clay is Mold-able . Okay, Chloe doing great. I’m gonna. Cut it into little slivers This made me crave chocolate so bad it actually looks like fudge or something I just pop it in the oven for ten minutes, and there you go you got your chocolate chip Whoa satisfying Is it the slime is it the squishy you can’t even tell the difference It’s actually looks so cool we did that All right, I’m gonna keep this part quick because I’m sure you got it by now pouring the glue in the bowl We’re in the shaving cream in the bowl mixing it up whoo I should have a little slime song that I play like you puts the shaving cream in you put the glue in you mix it all around Okay, I think I’m finally doing it right you guys said the one finger poke not the two finger poke. I got it Now we are making the frosting, so we’re just gonna make some basic Af white slime we’re going twice as hard on this one Look at that magic Want you guys to comment below right now and tell me which one is more satisfying the squishy or the slime All right, so now we’re gonna make our perfect doughnut Color this one was a little tricky Now the fun part we’re going to make the chocolate frosting so basically just add every food color that you own into a bowl mix it all together and See what happens, it’s a fun surprise you get to see all the colors Sometimes this looks so good like this literally looks like brownie batter Amazing goodness chocolate fondue, and then you add the borax in and it looks like this And now we’re gonna make the sprinkles so just take every color clay you own and chop it up into tiny little pieces Now time for the dressing of the donut, we are adding all our toppings so first you want to add your chocolate frosting now I’m adding a nice vanilla frosting drizzle and The sprinkles, this is a literally a masterpiece like I’m not even gonna try to be humble right now. I did that Honestly, I’m not really a fan of this squishy like it’s alright, but that’s slime tho So that was it for this video, I hope you guys enjoy it Just make sure to leave a comment and let me know What was more sa

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  1. I swear I'm the only one who does the 10 sec challengenane did anyone e else hear dle gk real quiet then loud

  2. I was dying when u said ok two finger poke got it I felt like poking it with my fingers lol🥳🥳🥳😋😋😋 ur a cool ytuber tho. Love these videos plz continue them

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