Making Wall Art – Woodworking, Woodturning

Making Wall Art – Woodworking, Woodturning

I am pretty please with how this turned out
overall, except the polishing job. I used the rotary tool with some polishing
wheels and polishing compound. It left sort of a… I do not know, sort of a smudge effect. This is the first time I have tried buffing
something with the rotary tool. This piece is made from a few scraps of mahogany
I glued together. The piece of brass used to be the pendulum
from an old clock one of my neighbours threw out. I think it is a nice way to repurpose it. It was pretty dingy when I first got it. I used my drill and this sanding disk to smooth
it out at first. I initially polished it using my honing strop,
of all things, with some honing compound. That worked great at first. Then, I had the bright idea to try the rotary
tool. That seemed to make it worse, which was strange. Thanks to Total Boat for sending my the kit
to try. I used epoxy to set this piece of brass in
here. If you want to try some epoxy, you can go
to and use the code CAMMIE20 on checkout to get 20% off. I still have a few scraps of mahogany left. I also have the gears out of the clock that
I took apart. You can bet you will be seeing that in an
upcoming project from Cammie’s Garage.

12 thoughts on “Making Wall Art – Woodworking, Woodturning

  1. That is beautiful. I thought it was one of the little circle side mirrors for a vehicle at first. That had to be a little scary turning that thing at first.

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