Male Bowerbirds Seduce Females with Interior Design Skillz

Male Bowerbirds Seduce Females with Interior Design Skillz

Bower bird males are the kings of interior
design. The put a great deal of effort into creating
the perfect ‘female friendly’ space. But – these love spaces don’t always last. Bowerbird bachelors can be intensely competitive
with one another in order to secure the affections of the ladies. After all, there’s only so much love to
go around… There are twenty species of bowerbirds, and
these are primarily located in tropical areas of Australia and Paupa New Guinea. Males build bowers using sticks and small
branches, and they decorate them to a potential females’ delight! A wide variety of environmental objects can
be used in this way, including shells, stones, berries, flowers or even human-derived objects
like bright colored plastic, cutlery or glass! Why all the show? Bowerbirds display a reproductive system called
‘resource-based polygyny’. This means that males don’t really provide
anything to the female except for sperm. The best way for a female bowerbird to decide
whose sperm to select comes down to the beauty of the bower, and only the most beautiful
bowers win the attention of the females. In addition to carefully designing and constructing
their own bowers, males engage in something called ‘marauding’ behavior, where they
attempt to destroy and loot the bowers of other males. In some species, bower destruction by competing
males is a daily occurrence. Any time a male leaves his own bower, he’s
risking the chance that another male will come along and destroy it. And if a male destroys a fancy bower of another
male, it’s a double win for him (since his competition’s love nest is destroyed AND
he can take the decorations for use on his own love nest. All’s fair in love and war! Actual mating takes place when a female approves
the males’ bower. She comes to mate with the male in his cushy
pad, but she doesn’t stay. Once she’s received her sperm selection,
she will build her own nest in which she will lay her eggs and take care of her chicks when
they hatch. She will be a single parent from here on out,
as the boys continue on their own quests for the most beautiful and enticing space for
the ‘next good thing’. Want to see more animal videos? Check out this playlist from our friends at
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95 thoughts on “Male Bowerbirds Seduce Females with Interior Design Skillz

  1. not gunna lie I'm not a huge fan of this format, I feel like seeing actual footage rather than representations makes the video more visually interesting and informational – no one is going to be able to recognize a bowerbird or bowerbird nest from these paper cut outs, give us the real thing.

  2. I hate these birds, stole my blue nike cap off my head when I was 9. Lucky my mum hunted it down and kicked the stupid thing.

  3. Whats is it with seeker and animal mating? This is like the second video about it in a week, are the people at seeker into bestiality or something.

  4. I wonder what would happen If people started randomly placing man-made Bird houses all over the place, in those areas. would it throw off their economy?? lol

  5. As soon as I heard Monti's Czardas in the background this became a bird music video. I'm guessing no one knows what I'm talking about, but if you do B)

  6. Lol even guys get played in the animal kingdom my dude the bird build a down ass house and babygirl bird just dipped after sex

  7. Holey cheeses! Now i'm glad humans aren't not quite like Bowerbirds …yet. May y'all be touched by his noodly appendage.

  8. Bower birds need meninism. Those female bowers are a bunch of useless gold digging ingrates.

  9. When I watch a science video, I expect to see actual footage of the topic whenever possible. This is a nice art project, but doesn't showcase the behavior or habitat of the animals themselves.

  10. Hello people at Seeker. You may not see this comment in the massive sea we call the comment section. But I have always wondered why everything seems to have a spherical shape. Our Sun, Earth Mars, even protons and electrons are depicted as spheres. So my question would be is, why is this circular shape so common in the Universe? why not a cube or cylinder etc. I would appreciate an answer but I totally understand if you guys don't find this comment.

    btw Awesome Channel keep up the good work.

  11. If the female isn't going to use the nest that the male has made, then what's the point of making the nest in the first place?

  12. I need a Disney-style movie of one of those birds going through a crisis because he doesn't find its interior design skills to attract the true love of his life

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