Man turns 500 sq ft into a mansion – room idea video

Man turns 500 sq ft into a mansion – room idea video

is James Hong. I do design work, interiors,
mostly in New York. When I first saw the
apartment, it looked really bad. It was abandoned, it had
basically no plumbing, but I could see the potential. This space is my office as well,
so I spend a lot of time working and, quote, living. A lot of the elements arise from
a real need, so it’s not that you just decide to do
something whimsical. What I did to the bathroom,
I made the tub that doesn’t fit the space. The wall texture is kind
of a take-off on the Venetian plaster. The sink is a poured
resin top. And the sink itself actually
was a kitchen cook pot. The door was a very tricky
thing, because I didn’t really have room for a door
to swing there. In the kitchen area, I tried
to incorporate a bunch of different elements. I had a electric cooktop, a gas
burner, and then I had a sliding thing of steel. Counter, I put in a custom
kitchen hood to capture the gas fumes from both the electric
and the gas side. I collect books, and I didn’t
want these books to accumulate dust. And so I wanted to house
them in a proper way. I think overall I’m satisfied
with all the things that I’ve done here. The main thing that I’m very
pleased with was that I was able to incorporate a
lot of elements that were recycled, found. I like the fact that it gives
the impression that it’s a super luxury type of effort, and
yet in reality it’s done on a very modest scale. FEMALE SPEAKER: Like
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99 thoughts on “Man turns 500 sq ft into a mansion – room idea video

  1. Awesome ideas!!! I love how you used recycled items to give your cozy home its own unique personality!!! I have been in very run down apartments and very expensive houses where they lacked warmth and charm!!! Thanks for sharing your terrific ideas!!! May Life spoil you rotten!!!

  2. Found an apartment without plumbing?

    Then um, how is an apartment? It's just a broke-ass room.

    And what does he mean he found it "abandoned"? Is this a crack house? If he's renting then why does he have to do all of this major work just to make the place livable? Are all of the other units in the apartment space also abandoned pieces of trash that may or may not have been turned into chic hipster spots by their residents? Or are his neighbors just hobos?

  3. My 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bathroom 32,00 square foot home with spacious front and backyard may NOT have all those fancy interior designs and furniture but I wouldn't trade it for that small "mansion."

  4. My 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bathroom 32,00 square foot home with spacious front and backyard may NOT have all those fancy interior designs and furniture but I wouldn't trade it for that small "mansion."

  5. Fancy aplliances? Still, it looks rather tumbled and the bathroom is quite a mess – check out the rather unclean looking tub & sink, a WC with no lit and a manual toothbrush looking about 2 years old – yak!

  6. I live in a huge mansion it very luxuries and a lot of interior designer have designed and celebs have given my Mom advices but this mansion was best he did amazing work

  7. I like how he cares about books and how he still has books in a small living space! That's nice, and I believe he did read those books, not just like some people do: they gather up books just to display them and collect dust, while nobody ever reads them.

  8. good space, and genius solutions. but this guy has a problem editing / curating his belongings. i like to watch these videos with the volume off, so i can study the space objectively from a functional perspective.

  9. I'm sorry but thay bathroom sink is a waste of space. Creative, but a waste. In my experience, small sinks just get in the way.

  10. "Super Luxury" my ass. Trump's apartment is made out of gold. THAT's "Super Luxury". Hell his airplane is made of gold. THIS joker doesn't even have a bed for christ sakes!

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  13. 500 sq ft is a studio in Manhattan, yet in Europe you'll find it's the size of most 1 bedroom apartments. So how couldn't he fit a proper bedroom in there ? I see that there is only one wall with windows sure, but there would have been possibilities still.

  14. All of these things have use, I don't just want them accumulating dust. Has a giant fucking dobsonian in the middle of the room.

  15. Interesting space: I did not get enough of a good look at everything; too fast pannin and not enough closeups prevent d me to really understand what’s going on and had been done; shame

  16. Didn't like it. To honest, this is kinda of mess, it's over the place. Not really something someone who knows about interior design should do.

  17. The apartment is a horrible mess. Very ugly, this is not a mansion not even a nice room. I wouldn’t want this guy to design my closet let alone a bathroom.😩😩

  18. I like how all this criticism is coming in for this video, yet no one notices the beauty and design of architecture not to mention the interior design. Some people just don't understand the greatness of it. Nice job, very exquisite for such a small space. Not to mention the contrast between the outside and inside sure to blow minds. And this is a mansion because of its design. Just for those small minded, in the box thinkers. He thought out the box, got all the material himself, and displayed it himself. He worked with what he had and I'm astonished by the transformation. Extravagant lifestyle.

  19. The bathroom door was clever. I liked that he showed a plan with dimensions. I would have enjoyed a plan of the finished product as well.

  20. Is that a refrigerator in the bathroom? The camera angles are clearly trying to frame it out. What a nice mansion…

  21. Well done!!! Homey, nerdy, casual, funky avant garde, upscale but minimal & re-purposed items! Good problem solving. Love it. 👍👍👍

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