MANUAL vs AUTOMATIC Anthony Rogers Photo and Video Tips

MANUAL vs AUTOMATIC Anthony Rogers Photo and Video Tips

Hi guys if you’re after short videos on
photography and videography Tips that I’ve found personally useful what to buy
and where to get it and how to earn cash with your camera you’re in the right
place what’s up guys I’m Tony from Anthony
Rogers photo and video advice. If you’re new to digital photography and you like to up your skills one step at a time quick and easy then hit that subscribe button for
new videos each Monday don’t forget the thumbs up and share with a friend if you
want someone to learn with and definitely leave your comments and questions so we
can all come up with new ideas Need the right camera gear then check out our shop for what
we use and recommend. There’s also other useful products in clothing
Wall art decor bags device cases and more. So you’ve got yourself a new
dslr and you think you’re pretty good with a camera don’t you. Don’t you.
Everything starts to look good now that you’ve got that new dslr but if
you’re still shooting on auto you’re still limiting all the things you can
really do with your photography It may seem daunting to get onto that
Big M button onto manual but one step at a time slowly you’ll get the hang of
it believe me this will be an easy course you’ll get it very quickly and
then you’ll just keep learning more and you’ll be addicted you won’t be able to
go back to auto believe me you won’t. Believe me you won’t.
My background is with wedding photography and wedding videography
music videos with real estate and business promos with portraits and
landscape photography and travel. I’ve done documentaries and macro filming and I
work with Photoshop and Lightroom they’ll also be tips on how to turn
pics into cash and help with Facebook and social media and websites. Well what
are you waiting for subscribe hit that like button find a friend to share this with and leave those comments and the question of the day is what type of camera are you actually using okay guys I’ll see you in the next video Are you right. You’re always coming in early. Told you. Don’t you talk you’re just as bad shoving that camera in my face all the time.

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