Marina Abramović İstanbul’da/Sakıp Sabancı Müzesi /Korkunç, tedirgin edici ama düşündürücü…

Marina Abramović İstanbul’da/Sakıp Sabancı Müzesi /Korkunç, tedirgin edici ama düşündürücü…

January 31 – April 26

sakıp sabancı museum “The art that compels and tampers with the definition of danger attracts my attention. And moreover, the viewer’s observation should be here and now. To focus his attention in danger is to establish the center of the present, now. Performance is a vibrant form of art: its components are the body of the artist, time, space and audience. The exhibition aimed to create a comprehensive experience in the art of performance. In the first part, we have come across a journey that includes examples of marina abramović’s early paintings, documentation of his works, which his body and mind have difficulties. In the second part of turkey and we got the chance to watch the live performances of the invited artists from around the world to be included in the project. In the last part, we had different experiences with the project-based abramovic method, which includes a series of exercises developed by abramović in line with his artistic research. Unfortunately, I cannot share this experience with which we have established a collaborative connection between visitors. When participating in the method, we had to close everything except the clothes on us in a closet. Some of the videos and images can be especially irritating to children! While numbering the performances, I took the exhibition sequence as a basis. There may be gaps in between as I create a selection …! Examples of early marina abramović painting … 1- old man (60x50cm)
2- turned woman (67 x 55 cm)
3- banana dead nature (80×70 cm) Performance examples of marina abramović … 4- sound corridor (war) 1971

sound installation (raised machine gun sound) 6- Rhythm 10 – 1973 Marina places 10/20 knives on the cloth she lays on the floor. He takes the first knife and stabs as fast as possible between the fingers of his left hand. When the blade crosses his hand, he changes the blade. the first part of the performance ends when he uses all the blades (rhythms). He repeats by watching the video of his performance and cutting his hands from the same places. in this way, past and present errors are synchronized. 7- Rhythm 0 – 1974 Marina’s most impressive performance for me … It allows 72 objects on the table to be used by the participants as they wish. Marina object in performance, the responsibility belongs to him completely. Note; I will leave a link to the description for the full performance. 9- Art / artist must be beautiful – 1975 In this 1-hour performance, Marina brushes her hair with a metal brush in her right hand, while combing her hair with a metal comb in her left hand. It doesn’t stop until its face opens and its hair is damaged. (1 hour) 10- Releasing the sound – 1975 Marina screams on her back until her head is thrown back. (3 hours) 11- Light / dark – 1977 Marina face-to-face with her ex-wife Ulay in a reciprocal position. They slapping each other until one of them stops. (20 minutes) 12- Relationship in time – 1977 Marina and her ex-wife, Ulay, sit without moving with their hair tied together. (17 hours) 13- Stationary energy – 1980 Marina and Ulay are holding a stretched bow. a poison arrow in the hands of Ulay. The target of the arrow has the heart of the marina. their body weight increases the tension of the spring. Microphones attached to their chest record accelerating heartbeat. (4dakik A) 14- Aaa-aaa – 1978 Marina ve ulay yüz yüze, yavaş yavaş gerilimi yükselterek çığlık atıyorlar. (15 dakika) 15- Lovers / walking on the Great Wall of China – 1988 It starts walking on the Great Wall of China from opposite sides of the marina and the moor They meet after 90 days. However, both the journey and their love come to an end due to the mock who had a relationship with the female guide accompanying him during the journey. (90 days) when a problem occurred i couldn’t save more 16- Onion – 1995 Marina eats a large onion with her shell. His eyes are turned to the sky. He complains about his life. Tired of waiting at the train station, bus stops, airports. endless passport checks, tired of hasty shopping, empty conversations, bad tv movies … (10 minutes) 17- Cleaning the mirror – 1995 Marina cleans a bucket of soapy water and a brush sitting on her lap with a skeleton. (30 minutes) 19- Insomnia – 1997 Marina makes tango with her own shadow … (6 minutes) 20- Structures for human use – 2015 We climb onto the platform, and load on the crystals with our head, heart and lower body. quietly … (from a series of temporary objects) 21- Stromboli – 2002 Marina surrendered to the waves on the beach of stromboli (italy).
(19 minutes) 22- Confession – **** Since the childhood of the marina, she confesses to herself and her family (60 minutes) 23- Carrying kitchen v / milk – 2009 In the kitchen of the saint bruno monastery in Spain, the marina remembers the mystic saint teresa, recalling her childhood memories. (send to grandma) (1 hour) 24- Balkan baroque I – 1997 Marina cleans the bones with her brush on a pile of bones. (4dakik A) 25- Balkan baroque – 1997 1- Bones are being washed

2-Dance / songs

3-Dance / folk song

4-Dance / songs

(4 days, 6 hours a day) 26- The artist is here – 2010 Marina at the retrospective exhibition opened at the modern art museum in new york in 2010. He looks into the eyes of his visitors, without moving against a table. (1675 people) performance ends when visitors request it. Interestingly, many years later, they faced this performance with their ex-wife Ulay, the visit ends with tears. (3 months) düzeltme : 27- Altın maskeli portre – 2009 27- Portrait with gold mask – 2009 The light emitted from the icons in churches is representative. light comes from inside (30 minutes) 30- Trust us – 2003 4-channel video about the war in Serbia.

Girl: sings a longing song
Boy: sings a love song
star: children wait around to form a star shape around a skeleton
choir: children sing an united nations anthem
(12 minutes) performas (from invited artists) Arda Cabaoğlu
Forced mizafony:
bursting, blowing, pulse

(28 days 8 hours) (from ankara) Maria Stamenkovic Herranz
This mortal home

(24 days 8 hours) (from Bern Switzerland) Nancy Sitamatopoulou

(6 days 8 hours) (from greece greece) + maı (marına abramovic ınstutute) method Method in the last part is waiting for you … It is a large-scale and general participation event that brings people together in a common experience to connect with themselves and each other. However, I do not have the possibility to publish images about this episode. When entering the method, we need to leave our phones, cameras, etc. in a closet. The 2 images I found on the web about this experience, which we live in an environment completely isolated from sound, will give you an idea. Marina Abramović is an important representative of the body art movement that emerged in the 1960s. Abramović is an artist who pushes and researches the limits of physical and mental potential with her performances. As a body artist, he disassembled himself, whipped himself, frozen his body on ice floes, received psychoactive products and muscle control products, which led to memory loss. In one of his performances, he survived the danger of dying by drowning under a flaming veil.
These works are a series of identifying a new definition of experiences and boundaries (the ability to control his body, the art and codes that determine society as an extension of it). So we can see that he has an ambitious and profound intention to free people on the basis of his artistic project. In Abramović’s first works after he was exiled to Belgrade, it was possible to see the solid education he received and his rebellious attitude towards the oppressive culture of Yugoslavia in the postwar period. As in all his works, his works were in a way the cleansing rituals designed for his own freedom. They lived and worked together for twenty years when they were together. They produced artifacts and traveled. In their works, they examined the relationship of power and addiction by communicating with the audience in a tripartite manner. an assessment with coffee at the exit … I am waiting for your comments

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