Marmellar: Haunted Abandoned Village (Catalonia, Spain)

You live in Barcelona? No. Granollers. Hey, you speak good Spanish! What is it? And if it falls, baby? Be careful. David, how did you dare to pass through here? In this roof? It looks….I am not going there. Holly molly, it is a bit risky. Sure it is. There is a really old fire here no? Stone fire. So it´s at least 100 years old right? Tombs yes.. What´s there? I don´t know what´s there. There is something strange there no? Yes. But is is a candle! Can´t you see? It is a candle melting in the sun. Ah yes, it´s true. There are more tombs at the back. What do you mean more? Here it´s not possible to jump. How? Show me how. But not there, over here. How do you jump from here? Look. No baby, don´t jump. It looks high. You know what? There is a path over there! How crazy we are. You see there, at the back? Ah yes.

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