Masha and The Bear – Home Alone (Episode 21)

Masha and The Bear – Home Alone (Episode 21)

Oh, wow! What? Is it Christmas again? Oh! Bear is probably still sleeping. Oh, we need to wake up our Bear! Bear! Wake up now! Bear! Are you not going to celebrate Christmas! But there will be presents. No, this will not do at all. I will decorate everything in no time. Oh, I am feeling so wound up! I will be happy-happy and celebrate this Christmas! Oh, you guys are good! You’re not sleeping, you’re decorating! Just a second! No… This is for boys. Boys! This is for you! Merry Christmas! Oh wow! Squirrels are not asleep either! Happy Holidays to you too! No… This is only for squirrels. Whoo hoo! Look everyone, how wound up I am! Phew… I’m so tired Look what I can do! Abracadabra! Oh, wow! It’s like it is a real celebration! Wow! And this present, who is this for? Ah! It’s a present for Bear! Merry Christmas, Bear! Uh-uh. We need to help this tree. Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo! It’s Christmas again! Bear! Here is another ornament! Oh, wow! Bear! Look! It’s Santa Claus! Here!

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  2. hey friends thank you for this upload…
    but where are the rest of the episode 19, 20 from 22 to 42 and from 44 to the rest ????

  3. I s this when this show isn't english finnish because i have a finnish class on Friday. 1 it sounds like finnish 2 their dressed like people in Finland.

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