Master Bedroom Makeover – Scandinavian Style | Extreme Bedroom Makeover

Master Bedroom Makeover – Scandinavian Style | Extreme Bedroom Makeover

Hi everybody welcome back! I’m Disha and I’m here to help you transform your house into a home So today’s video is a makeover video and it will be in Hindi because it is difficult to make makeover videos in two languages. DIY videos can be made in two languages but makeover videos will be in Hindi with English subtitles. I have been using SleepyCat mattress for past one month so my review today will be a genuine review. Because after using the mattress for the past one month I can share what I genuinely feel about it. Now, let’s talk about today’s makeover. This is my apartment’s master bedroom makeover and this quite different from my personal decor style. Ever since I came back from my trip to the Scandinavian region (Denmark & Sweden), I am really drawn towards Scandinavian decor. So I’m gonna do something totally different from my usual style. This makeover will be in Scandinavian style. Its paint is around 10 years old. First is the dressing table here. Here it is and it will be left as is because it is as good as new. And here is a niche which I don’t know what I can do with. I have just thought to cover it. I will use it as a storage unit. Below is a laundry bag. Here is a window where I keep cooler in summers and move it later. I am planning to make a seating arrangement here. I will remove the cooler from here. First of all, this room needs a fresh coat of paint because the paint has worn off. This is the wardrobe. Next, This is the wardrobe. You see this curtain rod here, I am planning to extend this too but I’m not very sure. I want to cover this entire wall with the curtains but that’s only a plan. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to execute it or not. I am gonna shift this desk to my workspace. Next, my plan is to make this wall a focal wall. This will be my accent wall so I have planned something for it which I’ll tell you later. So we’ll start by changing the mattress. Because I think my previous mattress had this depression in the centre due to which I started feeling pain in my back. I was too troubled due to my back pain. I am gonna do the unboxing of it. SleepyCat has sent me this mattress. And I’m completely surprised to see how such a small box can accommodate a queen-sized mattress. So it takes 3 hrs to expand and around 12-48 hrs to take its original shape. The SleepyCat mattress that I’ve been using for the past one month now has been amazing and I am really relaxed now
as I have no shoulder, neck or back pain. My existing bed is a queen-size bed and it’s quite traditional Indian style. I can’t change this bulky piece of furniture so excluding this I have to show my creativity in other stuff to bring Scandinavian vibes into this room. So the first thing I did was to bifurcate the single electric point which was in the centre of the focal wall So that I can hang pendant lights on both sides of the bed. After that comes the main source of light. There should always be one main source of light and some warm and soothing lights to create a warm ambience. So pendant lights
and ceiling lights would create a warm ambience and they will be mood light and Tubelight will be a main source of light. So after installing the light fixtures, I chose a wallpaper in a brick pattern which is white and grey in colour because whites, neutrals, greys and black are the main colors in Scandinavian style. I was left with no time and energy to apply the wallpaper myself so this time I called someone to do it for me. Since this wallpaper is patterned so the wiring that I had done for pendant lights is not visible at all but it would have appeared if the wallpaper was in one solid colour. After getting the wallpaper installed, I installed the hanging lights. These hanging lights are quite trendy. All the products that I am using in this makeover have been added to my Amazon shop. You can find “Get the look of this Scandinavian room” list in my storefront I have added the link to my Amazon shop in the Description. After this comes the turn of this shelf in the corner which is quite big and deep. To hide this, I have decided to extend the curtain rod and cover this shelf with the curtain. After this comes the turn of painting the room. So I decided to paint the room in two colors white and grey which are present in wallpaper so I am gonna paint white on one adjacent wall and grey on the other. So here I would like to share a tip that whenever you are planning to paint the wall in the same color as wallpaper then always carry a piece of it with you for easy reference and to get a perfect match. So it was a bit tricky for me I don’t like this grey color of the wall because it doesn’t match with the grey of wallpaper so I have bought new paint and it’s that grey on the wall. It’s looking a bit darker at the moment but it will become lighter as it dries. o the first time I got to know that grey has so many shades. Grey is not just a grey there are too many shades of grey!! I’ve applied putty here After fixing ceiling lights, I removed the cooler from the window seat. It’s time to clean these dirty window panes These window panes have become too dirty after incessant rains. Now that rain has stopped cleaning them is essential. After that, I had shopped from the bamboo market here in Pune which is very famous. There bamboo weavers make quite unusual and beautiful bamboo products so, I keep going to shop there. I had bought a bamboo basket from there so that I can DIY bamboo basket planters. So this a teapoy which is used to place earthen pitcher (Matka), I’m gonna use this as a plant stand. If you don’t have this then you can use 3 wooden dowels and fix a cardboard/ply over it and then you can use it to place basket planter and place a potted plant inside the planter. And I will keep this right here on the floor and this duet is ready! After the bamboo basket planter DIY, the next DIY was to create an artwork. Scandinavian artworks are mostly botanical prints, colourful animal figures, geometric shapes or are black white sketches. So first I decided to put up my wedding photographs in black and white but my printer went kaput. This artwork will not go well with the Scandinavian theme of this room. So I have removed glass and cardboard of the frame and now I am painting this frame in black. Previous curtains were dark and patterned so I wanted to change them. I hunted in local markets in Pune and online as well but I couldn’t find anything to my liking. Fortunately, I got to travel to Delhi and what can be better than Lajpat Nagar for furnishings shopping. So I went there with my sisters and bought linen curtains which I really liked a lot. I will change the soft furnishings now but these aren’t blackout curtains so I don’t think these are perfect for bedroom that’s why I had bought one more set of the curtains. this one is in satin and the fabric is bit cheap and I’m gonna use this as a lining of linen curtain. Now, we’ll hang this So before I cover this mattress with the sheet, I want to tell you that you get 30 days of a trial period to use this mattress. If you don’t like it, you can return it after 30 days. Secondly, if you buy this mattress then you get 10 years of warranty. The third and most important fact that I personally liked a lot is that the SleepyCat brand believes in giving back to society. So with every purchase, they along with their NGO partners do their part by donating mattresses to the needy people which is awesome. SleepyCat mattresses are shipped directly from the factory to you. Which means they come at factory costs and help save customers 75% of costs. SleepyCat is available on website – If anyone of you wishes to buy a mattress then being my subscriber you get a special discount of 10% which can be found in the description box along with the validity. And one more important thing I would like to share is that this mattress comes with a soft and anti-skid mattress cover. After changing the soft furnishings comes the turn of styling and after that Reveal ๐Ÿ™‚ Now one of the corners in the bedroom is empty which I left purposely because I am gonna put up a unique painting in that corner which will be in trend soon. That painting tutorial
will be my next video so stay tuned for that. Transforming the look from traditional Indian style to Scandinavian was quite tricky. Moreover, there were some restrictions like I couldn’t change the bulky pieces of furniture like bed and dressing. So keeping that in mind you all tell me how do you like this makeover.

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  1. Okay! So here's a tip to adjust the budget of this makeover. The products I've shown are sold in a price range. To do the budget friendly makeover, choose the products from lower price range
    and for luxurious makeover choose the products from the higher price range. Tell me what's your favourite part in this makeover!!!

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    I am also doing makeover of my bedroom and daughters bedroom your video is very helpful for me but my challenge is that I have small rooms so not able to do much as the space is very limited. Thanks for this video on right time for me as I need help and suggestions.
    Thank you very much

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