Meagen Mackenzie – Home Decor, Home Staging, DIY & Frugal Living | Channel Trailer

As a realtor and a home stager, I wanted to
create a space that provides quick and easy videos full of relevant and useful information
that can be used by anyone whether you’re buying a house, selling a house or simply
want to show your home some love. And so I created Tidbit Tuesday. Each and
every Tuesday, I’ll post a practical tidbit that’s fun, easy, affordable and useful for
anyone no matter where you’re at in the home buying or home selling process. There are so many ways to dress your home
whether you’re staging it to sell or staging it to live and the video’s here will help
you do just that. And if you’d like to share your ideas and
collaborate, I would love to see your comments and suggestions. Explore my tidbit and my videos; I really
hope you enjoy them. And be sure to sign up for Tidbit Tuesday to get great information
to help you Buy, Sell or Simply Love Your Home.

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