14 thoughts on “Memorial Mural Of Chester Bennington Stops Traffic On 101 Freeway

  1. This just makes me so sad, that he can't see the love everyone has for him, I'm so sadden that he felt so all alone, misunderstood. I wish all us fans could have just given him hugs one by one…..he helped us so much and we just couldn't do it back my heart is real heavy…..the finality of it is breaking me….really, really, bad.

  2. fuck this. artist has talent to be sure but people shouldnt glorify or talk about love for someone they dont know, his own wife didnt even love him. if ur religious u should know hes going to hell unless ur muslim, i dont know how they view suicide. if ur not religious then it just means he was weak and selfish to throw away a life that was full and rich with the love of his children, a life other children dying of cancer wish they had. he sung in a band and did what ever else. the world goes on till someone else dies. people have too many false idols. fuck suicidal people and fuck the people who love them.

  3. How bout murals for our military.? Or our police? People who are killed in the line of duty to protect us should have murals. Not musicians who kill themselves.

  4. Ah, the worst part about youtube. The comments section is home to toxic simpletons with no real direction or self-purpose in life, that sane, normal people just can't stand being around.

  5. This is very close to my home, so I pass by it all the time and like to think that Chester is watching over all of us. I once one morning went up close and personal to the mural to pay my respects. Even after almost a year, I still miss him and feel the pain of the loss. We'll never forget you, Chester. May your memory always be a blessing.

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