Mercedes-Benz GLE (2018): Interior Design

Mercedes-Benz GLE (2018): Interior Design

The strength to share with others. The strength to be sensitive. The strength to be robust. The strength to show emotions. The new GLE. All kinds of strength.

51 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz GLE (2018): Interior Design

  1. ใ„ใ„ใญใ‡๏ฝž

  2. Are you teasing me !
    Mercedes, I promise you
    I vll own you one day and that day is near.
    You will also love to be mine.

  3. Amo el modelo anterior, su definiciรณn frente a todos los suv del segmento B, su diseรฑo interior, todo. Pero en este modelo no encuentro nada, lo veo una y otra vez haciendo un esfuerzo por encontrar algo que me guste; definitivamente es la primera vez que descarto totalmente y absolutamente un modelo de Mercedes.

  4. Formidable !!!!!!


  5. Wann kommt der GLS als Hybrid Plug-in-Hybrid oder meint Hybrid raus und wann kommt der GLE Hybrid plug in Hybrid raus bitte um sofortige Rรผckantwort danke

  6. It's looks like a freaking Hyundai or something on the exterior. Why would you ruin a perfectly good design and abandon it for something like this?

  7. All the mainstream Mercedes are all looking a like, but double the price for 6"-8". Brings a new meaning to land yacht.

  8. These two handles are extremely ugly and useless. Only a few people will use this car for off-road purposes. To me, I wonโ€™t use that. I noticed the new G class doesnโ€™t have these handles, I wonder why the designers put these ugly handles in the GLE?

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