[Music] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope you are having an amazing day today I am going to be sharing a super super motivating cleaning video but also we are going to be decorating a little bit later on once we get everything cleaned up and then I’m also going to be taking you guys downstairs into our basement and sharing a new update we have had a ton of work down there since I’ve talked to you guys about it so I wanted to make sure to include that in this video sometimes it can feel really overwhelming when you have such a big mess like this but you just need to take it one step at a time so the first thing I wanted to do was clear off the table and move everything into the kitchen and then start putting away leftovers and then moving the empty dishes over to the scene [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] so I actually filmed this right after having like an early Thanksgiving dinner it was actually on the day that I had filmed cooking all of the things giving meals that I shared in that video for you guys I will link it up above if you guys missed that but I figured that would give me a great opportunity to basically share a Thanksgiving clean with me and give you guys all the motivation to clean up your holiday messes but of course you can definitely use this for any time so as you can see Kyle and I are just starting out in the kitchen this is something that we usually do together a lot of times you guys see just me cleaning but he definitely pitches in quite a bit when he is home and any time we have big huge messes like this if he is home he definitely comes in here and starts helping me out because we all make the mess and I think it’s really important to just have everyone kind of pitch in a little bit of course I do tend to do a majority of the cleaning in her house but it really does make a big difference if you can get your family on board to help you out a little bit [Music] [Music] so once we had all the dishes crawled in the same area and I had the dishwasher started I just wanted to start soaking the rest of the dishes that I was going to be washing by hand and that way I would just make the whole process a lot easier instead of having to scrub everything I could just clean it really easy [Music] so these are really really neat I actually ordered these on Amazon so I will have them saved in my Amazon favorites but basically they can replace plastic wrap they come in a ton of different sizes but they just go over whatever shape whatever size Bowl you have or dish you have and you don’t need a lid for it you don’t need plastic wrap and it’s also pretty leak proof I haven’t ever had these leak so these are definitely a good option if you are always losing your lids or you just want another option that’s not plastic wrap these are a really good one to try [Music] [Music] you start looking at you you’re like a Firefly you guys always love when I share the real mess there’s nothing sugar-coated or anything it is just what it is so I hope that the real mess is kind of motivate you a little bit more and just show you that we are all the same and we are all in this together and we can all just kind of tackle our areas together because although some things look perfect online it is absolutely not that way things are messy things are disorganized things are just real and that is how it is for everyone so I hope that you guys continue to enjoy the real mess and just the realness that I share in these videos it’s definitely a little hard to be vulnerable and share your imperfections with everyone but I think in the end it brings us a lot closer and it just creates a more stronger community and I’m so incredibly grateful for that and I am so grateful for you guys [Music] go in [Music] I thought you saved me when I was down but what you’re doing it’s hurt me now cuz I’ve been in the fire way too long I’ve been in the fire way too long you hit me baby you shot me down my heart is bleeding I’m scarred for life cuz I’ve been in the fire line away too long you held me in the fire I wait too long what you said is playing on repeat in my head baby you hurt me bad but that’s all you do now and that’s how you do now you shot me [Music] once I got all the dishes cleaned I just let them sit over there to kind of let them air dry a little bit and while they were doing that then I took my eat cloth and I just started wiping down my countertop I feel like I’ve been using my eat cloth a lot lately like I always use it but I feel like I’ve just been sharing it a lot and I think that’s just because during the busyness of the holiday season I am just trying to take things as easy as I can and eat cloths definitely make my life easier because it just uses water and so all I have to do is just rinse it out sometimes and then just wipe everything down and you were good to go [Music] [Music] it’s now that’s all you do now [Music] next once the kitchen was all clean I just had everyone come into the living room with me and help me out in here so as you can see Noah was actually passed out on the couch he was so exhausted from the day and then Liam was upstairs getting dressed after his bath but the rest of us just started tidying everything up and then Kyle and I kind of tackled the floors together and it made me wish that we could do this all the time because it went so much faster like he just went right behind me as I vacuumed he mopped it just got done so so quickly and I’ve also been getting a ton of questions from you guys whether I have been liking my Dyson cordless vacuum or my new shark apex uplight which is a corded vacuum and it’s really hard to say which one I like more but I will say that most of the time I have been finding myself actually using the shark up light a lot more often than my Dyson and I think it’s because while the Dyson is extremely convenient because it is cordless the shark just has so much power and so especially if I’m going to be vacuuming carpets and things or if I’m going to be doing like a whole house vacuum I will definitely go for the shark but if I’m just doing a quick vacuum then sometimes I’ll still use my Dyson so I do still use both and I do still love both but I kind of feel like I’m changing over and doing a short-girl I just have been so impressed with that vacuum [Music] I never thought breakups were pretty you told the line and let you go start at the words that I completed but that was then so long ago we were called no you’re not here you brought us down I told you so so now I wanted to start tithing of my office and actually putting a Christmas tree in here and just kind of changing up the room a little bit so this is a few days later but I really need your guys’s opinion on this I know a lot of you guys have told me to go ahead and move the couch back to where I had it on this main wall well I do feel like it kind of goes there it just feels so crowded in the rooms if you guys have any ideas on where I can put different furniture pieces let me know in the comments because I feel like I’m kind of at a loss for this room I’m just trying to get it to feel good and look good at the same time [Music] I go to bed to get up early I go to work did not much change I met a girl she’s quite funny but I’m not quite so once we had all the furniture moved around it and some of the wall pieces taken down if they didn’t really go then we started pulling out our Christmas tree and I’m actually teaming up with home story for this video they have sent me this Christmas tree and I have been so impressed with it the setup on it was so incredibly easy as you can see it’s also pretty lit which makes it really really pretty and also just super convenient if you don’t have the time or other lights to add to your Christmas tree and once we got it all fluffed out it was just really full in such a gorgeous tree I am loving this one they also shared a really good coupon code so I wanted to let you guys know that and I will be leaving that down in the description box for you guys and then next I did want to add a few our own lights to the tree these were Luke’s favorite they were really neat because they’re actually a USB corded one so you can plug them into anywhere you have a power source and they have a ton of different colors and a ton of different modes so you can kind of customize it to whatever you want and also all of the lights do come with a remote which makes it super convenient as well and then as you can see we ended up taking those lights off just because of how I wanted to decorate this tree I felt like the colored ones just didn’t really go as well and so I wanted a more softer look and so I went with the warm lights and these ones are probably honestly my favorite and I think it’s just such a gorgeous soft color these ones are battery-powered and this one actually comes in a pack of four so you’d be able to put them onto your tree put them somewhere else in your house you can just kind of use them all over the place they also have a bunch of different options on like if you want them to Sparkle or twinkle or kind of fade in and out or just be a constant I just love the different options these ones give you so while I’m talking to you guys about the different lights they offer I wanted to share another one these ones are Kyle’s favorite they are 80 feet long so they are super super long and they are also waterproof so they are perfect to be put outdoors honestly I feel like these lights are all really cool because they just have a lot of different options so if you want the colors you can go for the colors if you want just a white you can also do that and so kind of whatever theme you have or if you’re changing your themes each year these lights are something that you can have each year and you don’t have to keep buying new colors and new lights and then the very last set I think was all the kids favorite because these were another set of the colored lights these ones are nice because they are battery-powered and they can also go on a timer and a lot of these lights actually can go on timers as well and so they can just turn on whenever you want and then they will turn off a little bit later it smells really fun and whimsical and I love just kind of using them by the kid’s room so like I said home story is offering you guys a severe discount so I will leave the links and the coupon codes down and the solution box below for you guys to check out [Music] I think that I’m going to so once we had all of our lights on our tree and everything I ended up just putting this little Erland on I got this from Hobby Lobby and I just thought it was so gorgeous and so simple and kind of that rustic look they’ve been going for and then Luke and I were going to put all the bells on the tree but I realized that we had picked them up from our storage unit and they were still in Kyle’s truck which he had took to work that night and so we had to wait until later to actually enough decorating the Christmas tree so while we were waiting I ended up lining the banister with the garland and then these are actually the cool lights that I was talking about earlier and I’m kind of planning to do like a candy cane that tree in our living room I thought that would be really fun for the kids and then I will end up sharing our Maine Christmas tree and like the rest of our Christmas decor in next video so make sure that you were subscribed because I am so excited to share how everything ends up turning out I am just getting so so excited for this [Music] we could have [Music] finally after Kyle had gotten home Luke and I started decorating the tree while I would love to have a Pinterest worthy tree just like totally perfect and styled really well I feel like Christmas time is just so magical and a lot of things that make it really magical is just the experiences that you have with your family and then just having everyone together during that time and so that is something that has been always so important to me so I know that there will be a time when my boys don’t really want to be included in this type of thing and then I will get the chance to have my perfect tree but for now I’m just enjoying like the little imperfections that comes when you were decorating with kids because I feel like that’s kind of what it’s all about [Music] [Music] some gates never get open cos it’s too late I can’t beat the one who saves you from this place baby they never gonna fun I really hope you guys enjoy just seeing like all the decorating and the Nutri going up and also got a ton of cleaning motivation towards the beginning of the video and I also wish for you that you have the most amazing holidays and I cannot wait to chat with you guys in the comments [Music] trust me I’ll go legit [Music] okay so I am in our basement I wanted to quickly show you guys an update it is looking so different from Las Vegas odd we have actual walls there is no longer says we got all the drywall put on it’s mud and taped the ceiling is all textured it will be getting textured on the walls this weekend but I’m gonna show you in the round it looks so so different it is like for real a basement now I don’t know I just this is like a huge step sometimes you guys around show you this is where you just walk in from the stairs you turn right and this is the first bedroom this is just kind of a smaller bedroom and then you have the closet there and then you have this big opening right here I love that like these pillars and stuff kind of match and mimic like the architecture upstairs so right in this room you just have I think you’re gonna have like a game room kind of and then this will have the two bunk beds that way and then two bunk beds that way this is the main area so we’re gonna have like the projector and everything here and like a couch this way and there’s the stairway that goes along the entire way look at how different that looks we’re stairway going up into here so when you walk into the bathroom we will have a vanity here just a one sink vanity and then the toilet and then this is like a half wall into the shower right here coming out of the bathroom you go into this room this is gonna be Luke’s room so it’s a really good-size room I think we’re to put his bed right here I just cannot get over like how good it looks with all of the drywall and everything up this is going to just be like a little walk-in closet right there coming back out of Luke’s room you walk into Hobie Liam’s room and there it is with all the drywall on and there’s his closet of course this is how everything is looking with all the drywall and we just cannot get over it it just it’s like our vision is just coming to life and I just cannot believe it so anyway I just figured I would go ahead and show you guys because you guys are always asking like where we’re at with the basement and I also wanted to say next time we will be painting maybe even like the next week or two we’ll probably be painting down here and we’re actually thinking that we’re going to end up painting at the same colors upstairs just because we love it so much it’s kind of like a grayish tannish color like the best of both worlds and it’s also really light and neutral so I think that’s what we’re gonna end up doing but we could always change our mind let’s start getting like the fixtures put up and everything and then we down to like floors so it’s getting real and we are definitely on track to finish pretty soon so I can’t wait that is oh I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and do not forget to subscribe down below if you are not already and I will see you guys in my next one bye guys [Music] you [Music]


  1. Hey family!! What was the highlight of your thanksgiving, or if you’re not in the US, what was the highlight of your week? ♡ I hope y’all enjoyed today’s video! Monday I will be sharing the rest of our Christmas decor & putting up our family room Christmas tree!! Let me know if y’all want to see a giveaway in Monday’s video!?! I hope you have a sweet weekend!! Love you guys!! XO ♡amanda

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