100 thoughts on “Metal Gear Survive Angry Review

  1. Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain:we got all the good source material and ideas for this game🦇
    Metal Gear Survive:we run out of ideas for this game

  2. I seen this for $5 in the bargain bin, and remembered this review and kept walking… (Thanks Joe/OJ , for saving my life)

  3. It’s so stupid that joe had to remove the copyrighted music just to adhere to YouTube’s new bullshit copyright rules. So garbage.

  4. More people are moving to battle royale because more people are stupid. The quality of games is plummeting at the same rate as IQ levels. Coincidence? I think not.

  5. Welcome to modern AAA gaming! I halfway expect so many companies are making such garbage games in order to force people to their equally horrid mobile games. Looks look nearly all of AAA gaming has lost their damn minds, meanwhile indies are making actually fun experiences with 1/100th the team size LOL what a bunch of garbage. Video games are slowly getting sucked into the twilight whacko zone where everyone is a SJW and has lost their damn minds.

  6. IM BEGGING SOMEONE TO EXPLAIN TO JOE WHAT "LITERALLY" MEANS. it doesnt mean "really". So "literally cashing in" would mean cashing in $….LITERALLY. He continues to use metaphors so itd be METAPHORICALLY. NOT LITERALLY. GOD ITS FUNNY TO SEE HIM FAIL THOUGH…..

  7. I feel so bad for this franchise. I really do. It's comparable to raising a child, having him get good grades and awards, and then all of a sudden he develops a drug addiction and becomes homeless.

    You just feel disappointed.

  8. Don't worry guys.
    Kojima knew and moved on to death stranding.
    Let's follow him to that.
    Leave metal gear alone and dead, let ground zeroes and phantom pain be the definitive metal gear games.

  9. The Halloween theme cuts off at the 0:37 mark but then returns at the 1:58 mark, leaving almost a minute and a half of just dead silence playing up until that point.

    Is this happening only on my end or was the video edited recently to remove part of it or something?

  10. Ummmmm…???? Did.. uh.. did the music get copyright striked cause there ain't no audio for like the first three mins.

  11. in case if anyone is wondering why the music is partially muted at the beginning of the video, I think this video had gotten claimed and Joe had to do a quick edit to make sure the video was not claimed

  12. I really wish I watched this before downloading it, there is like a hour of cut scenes before I even got to the game and when I did it said it was going to kick me off in 30 mins for maintenance break….. Decided to watch review then just uninstalled

  13. Joe, for the sake of gaming community and all the viewers, do a whole 3 min. video about the "Kuban dance". Pls senpai

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