Michael Brings Pam to Tears at Her Art Show – The Office

Michael Brings Pam to Tears at Her Art Show – The Office

44 thoughts on “Michael Brings Pam to Tears at Her Art Show – The Office

  1. I have NEVER seen ANY episode of the office but DAMN this almost made me cry. I am definitely going to watch it now. It just hit in a way. Everyone wants to be appreciated.

  2. Nowadays it doesn’t really feel like I’m good at much. Art is about the only thing that I kind of shine at. My art isn’t the greatest and people these days are too busy physically and mentally to notice art. I know this video is a fictional interaction but I can’t imagine how I would react if someone appreciated my work like this 😊

  3. God Micheal is so amazing, like he came in to show his support and that meant the world to Pam, while it was just a normal thing for friends to do for each other for him. He may be a dork but he has his good moments.

  4. I want a shirt that says “Michael Scott dad of the year” because he really was like a dad to everyone, especially Erin, but let’s not go there. 🥺

  5. God, whenever Pam smiled she went from merely beautiful to radiant. She has the smile that you can’t help but smile with her, and if the smile is for you, it just melts you

  6. I love little scenes like this with Michael that show us he isn't actually as insensitive as he comes off as. When everyone forgets about his employees, he's always there. Like, when Angela's cat died and he knows it was Sprinkles, because that was the one was in poor health, even though she had so many. Or when he's out in the wilderness and sings Happy Birthday for Creed even though Creed isn't there.

  7. Michael having a "Chunky" in his pocket is one of the cutest things about this. Simple pleasures. Michael is deep down so innocent, it's adorable.

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