35 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Mural In NYC Sparks Controversy

  1. What are they trying to do? he is not even convicted of anything. They are trying to remove everything. This is cruel trial by media. America , he was best thing you gave to the world.

  2. The man was cleared from ALL charges against him!!! STOP trying to destroy his legacy and let the late King Of Pop Rest In Peace ALREADY!!! We all know the media is controlled by the elites ( Illuminati ) that Michael warned us about in his music. So I am not one bit surprised that this journalist comes off in favor of his accusers. It doesn’t take a genius to see that his accusers are lying and just want money. Oprah Winfrey lost ALL respect from me for using her platform to nail Michael the same way they did Jesus to the cross. I’ve watched the Leaving Neverland documentary several times and it just doesn’t add up to me. People really need to listen to the interview, Brandi Jackson, ( Michael’s niece ) did before they pass judgment on Michael. She dated one of the accusers ( Wade Robson ) for years and she makes one HELL of an argument against all the false accusations towards her uncle. These people ( the media ) and his accusers are like ravenous wolves in sheep’s covering looking to condemn a man that already proved his innocence. What child continues to go back to a place where they are being sexually abused for so many years and not say anything or give the slightest hints of abuse!? Why would they hide this for so many years and now decide to come forward after Michael is no longer with us!? Again, none of what his accusers had to say in the documentary adds up. Plus, If you go back and look at the interviews with Wade Robson and other children who have stayed on the ranch, they all defended Michael when the first child came forward saying he was molested. How do you go from strongly defending a persons reputation to now being the victim!? It’s obvious that the motive for these false accusations is money, especially since his recent accusers are financially in dept and broke. When Michael settled out of court for all that money he payed out to his first accuser, it gave the other “ so called victims “ the idea that they too can exploit him and walk away with millions. The only reason he decided to settle out of court with his first accuser is because he didn’t want to deal with all the court procedures and litigations. Now that Michael is no longer alive to defend himself, these money hungry leeches want to come forward and claim they were molested too. GTFOH!!!

  3. I got a friend who live in New York tell me they're not taking it down it will keep Michael Jackson there forever

  4. What a great mural ! Which is all I can comment on a fantastic piece of work by an iconic artist one of the worlds greats , the rest is open to public opinion

  5. How about this? Those 2 accusers are liars…MJ was not…how about people consider THAT! Media (for ratings) is allowing accusers to create doubt.

  6. It was completed last year and now they want it down. No leave it it’s a beautiful piece. The change in his appearance reflects his pain and maybe even the abuse he suffered as a child that cause him to disfigure his face Hurt people hurt other people I’m not saying it okay if he did abuse children but the conversation is important brings light to hushed abuse This mural represents the good the bad and the ugly

  7. They need to keep it up.Michael was innocent, like he was in a court of law.Its just a painting.People have nothing better to do, so they bitch and complain over a painting?Anything to try to destroy MJs Legacy. Michael was innocent and he always will be.RIP Michael Jackson

  8. Let's see..An Italian explorer that didn't find America gets to stay. An American iconic singer known worldwide is threatened to be taken down because of alleged accusations…🤔

  9. You are simply going on a word of two who have lied in the court of law Michael has already been through this and was found not guilty he has not done anything wrong these two guys I'm doing this for the money does taking a lie as far as it can go people lie but facts don't lie do your research search for the truth then report don't report on a lie and give Liars a platform to destroy someone's life and their legacy you make it where people do not even want to believe the news nowadays because they always reporting on untrue occurrence this was a documentary based on lies a real documentary is based on true facts you're only playing in the hands of deceivers Michael's true fans a fed up with it do not appreciate you throwing this down our throat and speaking for us you can only speak for yourself Michael is innocent so go report on that we the fans will not stop it will not give up and let these to win go be jury and judge over them question them treat them like they are the criminals that they are and leave Michael and his family alone.

  10. Don't be so Naive Michael Jackson was proven innocent those people bringing out the accusations for money has their couriers have gone downhill so as
    Peg usual Michael Jackson's name gets brought up because he is a easy target and these people want to destroy Michael Jackson's Legacy we need to stand together dont listen to the lies it's what these people want you to think micheal jackson was proven innocent in a court of law
    He was under investigation for a decade and they found nothing it is again people wanting money thats the bottom line Michael Jackson was never a paedophile do your research

    it for money

  11. LEAVE IT UP!! the truth will come out he's innocent let's give Brandi Jackson a televised interview for people to start hearing the lies of WADE!! I wonder which news network will go down in history to have been the first to actually air the truth.

  12. Elvis was a pedophile. If it was his face on that building nobody would say anything negative about it. Meanwhile there is no evidence against MJ yet he's getting hate. Why is there a double standard?

  13. He was a legend, he was innocent, how can u believe these lies, more proof that he was innocent than he was guilty.

  14. Columbus killed and tortured so many native american people, yet they wanna keep his statute up. Michael Jackson wasn't even convicted of anything yet they wanna take his painting down wtf is wrong these people. The media is always trying to destroy him, MJ was innocent so leave him alone the guy has been dead for over 10 years now and their still trying to destroy his legacy

  15. There shouldn’t even be a controversy over Christopher Columbus, Without a doubt his structure should be taken down he was a murderer, Michael Jackson wasn’t..👍🏼

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