Michigan Home Decorated with 60,000 Ornaments

Setting up the Christmas Walk takes a
lot of teamwork and a lot of man-hours. Probably from August until we start the
Christmas Walk in December we spend at least 40 hours every week putting up the trees. My name is Diane Kodet. I am one of the owners of the History of
the Christmas Tree Walk. We’ve been doing this for 16 years. We are telling the story of how Christmas ornaments originated in the United States. We hope that when you come to the History of the Christmas Tree Walk you sort of relive your childhood. We get people that are all the way from two years old up to 90 years old. And they always find a tree that is something that reminds them of what they saw when they were a child. This is where we live and it’s a
log home located in Algonac, Michigan, about 40 miles north of Detroit. The house is 9,500 square feet. There are five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. All of the rooms are decorated except for the office and the laundry room. My husband Allen is the one who really started the whole passion for this. I love Christmas and collecting Christmas, but this was his passion and unfortunately he passed
away in September. We were pretty much halfway through of getting everything ready for this year and we decided that we were going to continue it and honor his memory. We’ve been collecting for about 45 years total from the beginning of when we got married. We’ve bought some on eBay. We’ve gone to antique shops, junk
shops, flea markets. We have a lot of donations. It’s really been a a two-person, you know, hobby that’s turned into a business. Every tree in the house has some sort of
a theme. Originally it started out with being themed towards a decade. Now with over 200 trees I’ve run out of decades. So now we have trees that have a theme. For example, an all angel tree, an all bear tree. And then we also have trees that are dedicated to a certain company that made ornaments. My favorite tree has always been the largest tree in the living room, which is our Victorian tree. The ornaments are the oldest that you’ll
find in the house, dating anywhere from the 1850s till the 1920s. My husband Allen always liked the simpler trees. He really loves the trees
made by children. Some of those are from our own children. We also sometimes go to a garage sale and somebody is throwing out their kids’ ornaments, you know, and we
will purchase them and put them on the tree. We do know we have at least 60,000
ornaments on the trees, but that’s not even half of the collection that we have. We have people who come through the house and make it a yearly tradition. They come and they bring their kids, they bring their families. We’ve had two marriage proposals during the Christmas Walk. I’m predicting we’re probably going
to get about 3,000 people this year. That would be the biggest year ever. We’ve really enjoyed sharing our collection with people. And people in general are
very respectful. They just are so excited and happy, it’s just nice sharing
his passion and vision with everybody as well.

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