Minecraft PS4 – Episode 12 – Home Improvement

– [Zebra] What’s up
guys? And welcome back to more Minecraft for the PlayStation 4. As you can already see, I have already cleaned
up the chests in here but today we’re gonna be
getting our construction hats on and be sort of doing some renovating. I wanna clean up the house a bit. Make it a bit larger. Maybe get a second story going on here. As you can see, when
we first made our house we ran out of wood, embarrassingly enough, and now it’s all splotchy
and miss-colored. So our first thing I want to
do today is misplace a block. But the second thing I want to do is fix this up, because of
course it’s not very pretty. Aesthetically it is just, bleh. So let’s get rid of
this miss-colored wood. I’ll be using it, in the
future, for something else I’m sure of it. But for now it would not
be used for my house, it’ll be replaced with, as you can see, an inventory full of wood. I decided to go through
and pick up some wood … Pooch, I’m gonna need you
not to be on there. (laughs) Okay then, so let’s … here we go. Yeah, we’re doing good … oh no! So some people didn’t like the … Oh no! I’m so sorry Pooch!
Are you okay? Are you okay? Here you need to sit down.
Take a relaxed chill pill. Okay maybe I don’t wanna do that because we’re gonna forget about him and he’s gonna sit there forever. Yeah, a lot of people weren’t too happy that I put the dog house so far away from the actual house, so I think
that what I’m going to do is improve the house so
it has another full room. And hopefully make that a
part of the house, maybe. Something similar like that. So his doggy house is inside the house and he doesn’t have to be
all outside and all away. But here it’s like,
what would I like to do? I know that definitely
one thing I want to do. Is make it so that …
there let’s put that there. So that I have a staircase upward. So, I definitely need a door going on and probably some stairs.
Unless I want to float up. (laughs) Here we go, okay. Here’s
a door, so let’s make that and let’s make a few steps. And you can see here I have
quite a few chunks of wood, a few stacks of them
… that will be good. Yeah, I hope you guys have
been having a good month. It is now December and I
had one episode of Minecraft go up through the entirety of November. And I’m sorry for you Minecraft fans if I’ve left you hanging. And I’m just sort of looking around. Now, how exactly do I want to do this? Like I said, I want a second story, so maybe I can make a separate room here. And then just sort of
have Pooch’s room … At this point, I should
probably take down the entirety of Pooch’s room and just sort of reconstruct it from the ground up. I feel like it’s just
a full-on renovating, working on the house day for us. Fixing everything up, making it look nice and tidy and all that kind of that stuff. Don’t worry Pooch, you
won’t be homeless for long. We’re just replacing it so (chuckles) And after this of course we
need to improve our farms. We need to make more sheds, along with going and adventuring the mines still. The list of things to do just gets bigger and bigger doesn’t it? There’s always fun
things to do in Minecraft and I love that. Let’s see. I think that I want
to make a second room here. And then maybe, in this room, we’ll also have a staircase upwards. Why are you whining Pooch? Are you hungry? Do you want a snack? Come here to me. Okay buddy, you’re gonna get a snack now. I wanna throw you a
bone. Maybe not a bone. I dunno, what do we have in here? We do have some bones! Okay then. Let’s get you some bones, and eat this up. Where are you? Pooch? Here you go. No! No! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! No! That’s not what I wanna do. What do I wanna do then? I
guess he can’t eat bones. Maybe he’ll eat some meat.
Let’s get some pork chop and replace it here. And
then let’s get some coal too so that we can cook this
up and give it to him and he can stop whining and being sad. I don’t want him to be
sad. He’s our buddy! You can hear him, he keeps
on whining and whining. I feel like such a bad guy now. I’m sorry Pooch! Stop! Your cries make me want to cry myself. There they go, almost
there. (chuckles) Hooray! Pooch? Come here. No. Can I just like … no! How do I give you food? Cuz I just ate it. Did I give it to you? I
might have given it to you. But you are being a pain in
the butt and running away. You want to go kill the sheep. Am I doing something wrong here? I think I gave him the
food for real that time. Let’s try it one more time. Maybe he only eats specific food? There you go. He definitely … yeah. His tail’s nice and long
now. He’s definitely happy. If you didn’t know,
his tail will be longer if he is full health. He’s
taking a look at that sheep like, “Mm I want some of that for dinner!” But I just fed him, so he shouldn’t be. Anyway, let’s see. Anything
else we’re waiting for in here? No we’re not. What we’re gonna do … (chuckles) Completely forget. Okay. So I’m thinking
the best place for it will be right here. This
is gonna be the place where we’re gonna put our door. So actually, the torch is fine there. Do a little bit of that.
Pull out my pickax. There we go. Excellent. And then do a little bit of that. Hooray! So like I said, I hope you guys have been enjoying your holidays. We’ve had amazing
festivities like Thanksgiving and now coming up is Christmas. Of course, many people’s favorite holiday. But what is your favorite holiday? Is it Christmas? All
that kind of cool stuff? I think that Christmas is
always an exciting time of year. Of course, everybody’s
so happy and full of joy. I try to spend every
day like it’s Christmas. I honestly feel like there’s
something cool to enjoy out of every day. So treat
every day like it’s Christmas. That is #zebratips for you. Let’s get this out … Uh-oh it’s actually
getting a bit dark here so I’m gonna … maybe I’ll
go in and try to sleep now. (chuckles) It is getting dark quick. Oh gosh, because I wanted to sort of … I’m definitely going to
need more cobble stone then if I want to rim it like I usually do. Okay, definitely some options here. First of all, we just need to extend this just a little bit. Am I using the right wood? Yeah, I am. For a second it looked different
because of the lighting. All right, then. That’s
the most I can do here. Plug this up a bit just
in case any baddies try to sneak in from under there. And go to sleep. Let’s
take this nap. (chuckles) It’s fun just building in
Minecraft like this sometimes too. We also need to build more bookshelves. There is so much to do, it
is sort of mind-boggling. Uh-oh, do I get this back
if they’re breaking it? Yes I do. Okay, I was a
little bit worried there. We’re also a little close to the woods so we do have to be rather careful of creepers creeping on out. Oh our cows have grown up!
They grow up so fast literally. (chuckles) I was thinking of
maybe making it a bit bigger. Okay, I keep changing my mind
about every little thing. I promise it’s for good reason. I want this to be perfect. And of course if you
have any renovating tips or want to see anything
done a specific way, feel free to let me know.
I’m always interested in seeing what you guys have to say about what I am doing in this game. I think maybe having it a bit
bigger like this will help. Because I want room to put a
staircase to the upper floor. So let’s just get this figured out here. Okie dokey. It’s looking
pretty good at this point. I’m actually really liking it. So let’s get some cobblestone up in here, cuz like I said I really like
to line it with cobblestone. I think it looks really good. We can actually get rid of
this little piece of wood here. And I think that it looks
aesthetically pretty pleasing at the moment. I just
need to get the floor done and all that kind of stuff. But the ouside’s gonna be
looking pretty nice I think. Here we go. And then we
have our farm to the side. And it’s just like, we have
a snazzy household going on. I like it so much. What is the thing that you
are most proud of building in Minecraft? I’ve never been quite that
much of a builder in Minecraft. I’ve always been an explorer, you know? Traveler to new lands. Not that much, “Ooh lets
build a gigantic monument, or a castle, or something like that.” That’s never really been my thing. But if you are a builder
I’m always interested in hearing about what you
guys have built in Minecraft. I definitely want to learn
more and more how to build. Because it’s something
that’s gonna be a requirement if I want to play it fully.
Get the Minecraft experience. All right, it looks like I need more wood. Luckily, I have a ton of it! (chuckles) Okay then, keep on going on. There we go. So without the stuff going on in my life in the channel right
now, I also have a ton of “Little Big Planet” coming on. A “Little Big Planet 3” launched and it’s been fun times
with that of course. We’ve just finished the story mode and we’re doing more community nights and doing more community stuff. I have tons of stuff planned, so if you’re a “Little Big Planet” fan please stay tuned. You’ll
have plenty of stuff to be pleasing you very soon. And then we also got some other stuff. Some new games releasing
nearly every week now on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. “PlayStation Experience”
actually just happened and that was really fun. Maybe I should make
this a different color? I don’t know, I really do like the red. But maybe it’s like the
nice comfortable living room I just sit here and chill out. But in here it’s the serious business room so I have wood floor,
or something like that. Maybe I can make it something similar? Maybe I could use the
jungle, what I just got. I need a little more to do that. I don’t know. There are
options ahead of us. I feel like we should
multi-task a bit here. I don’t know why I’m not. Let’s get our golden
iron and get this cooking while we’re doing all this kind of stuff. So that we’re actually
making some progress. There we go. Cool stuff. Then we’ll have a ton of iron ready for us once we’re completed here. First things first, we most definitely have
to get rid of this dirt because we’re not living
like a caveman here. We need to get rid of that stuff. Let me find my iron, it’s
somewhere around here. Here we go. Iron where are you? Maybe it wasn’t the last one. Guess my eyesight’s going bad on me. (chuckles) There’s also
another spoon right here. I love going on spoons,
but definitely want to get an iron one, because these
guys run out really quick. I need another stick. There we go. And get myself a spoon. Hooray! Right now I do not need the staircases. But soon, what I’m thinking about doing is lining a staircase right
here so that I can walk on up and be up there. And that’ll be cool. Let’s start getting rid of all this dirt. All right then looking pretty cozy. I’m thinking maybe I should continue lining this with cobblestone. Just because inside it looks nice as well. I do it for the outside look, of course, but looking at it from the
inside is important as well. And it looks like it
would just look better with the cobblestone lining. There we go. I like it. I like it. Let me know if you guys
like it though, of course. You guys have to see it every episode. So if it’s nasty looking
then I gotta know that too. So, now we need to make a
nice little home for Pooch. I’m thinking we’ll make
a little cubby hole. Maybe somewhere in here? Maybe I should just make
it within this room? Or maybe I should make
it like an addition. Maybe an addition would be better? So let’s see what we can
do here. Yeah, okay cool. And then shovel this on out a bit. I need to be out of the
way, you stinking dirt. Get out of my way. (chuckles) Okay then. I still have plenty of wood here so it was definitely good
that I did that before-hand offscreen basically. This will work out just fine. Okay, yeah. (chuckles) Cool. And he’ll have a nice
warm place to hang out in. This isn’t pretty at all, so let’s get rid of you and
put down another cobblestone. Yes, there we go. Now we know
sort of what’s going on here so I can go back over here
and put a little edge. Uh-oh, I’m using the wrong
thing … there you go. Hooray! It’s doing this
again, please don’t. I need you to work properly please. No! C’mon. I think I gotta
get rid of both of these here. Why does it do this? Maybe
if I were to (chuckles) I’ll figure this out. I am completely stumped on
how to properly do that. It just doesn’t seem to be
wanting to work with me. Even when I place it over
here, it just doesn’t work. I don’t know why. Did I
chop the wrong type of tree? Did I chop a magical
sideways tree? Who knows? I don’t know, I’ll try to
figure that out sometime later. But I gotta do the same thing over here and hopefully it doesn’t
give me the same issue. Oh, it will. No worries. Oh well. Overall I like the little
addition to our house. It’s rather nice and cozy. Ooh, our farm is looking fabulous! Look at this guys, we are making some great
progress there as well. Man, I’m really liking how our
lovely abode is turning out. Let’s pull out our staircase here and start making our way up, up, up. Where is it? Here you are. Thank you. And how is our iron
doing? Is it doing well? It’s almost completely full. We just checked in at the perfect time. There we go, and let’s throw
in our gold, thank you. And we are level 21, we’re
pretty high I have to say. It’s a nice experience. Oh gosh. That’s not exactly what I want. Maybe I’ll need to do a bit of this. Okay. So now I can, doop,
ba-doop, ba-doop, hooray! Now I can finally do this as well. Wrong tool. And will my head
get stuck here? Not quite. Then that’s all I wanted
to know, and I’m up here. Uh-oh. Maybe I didn’t think
this out completely thoroughly. That’s okay though. We
can figure this out. Make it like a fancy new-age house. And then … Okay. So far, so good. Uh-oh. It’s getting
dark though. (chuckles) All right then. I’m going to … Maybe I should plug it up here? Just in case a mean monster comes in. And then I’m gonna go to
sleep soon in a moment. We need to get Pooch in here though. Pooch. Come in. Come on. Come
on, boy. Come in. Please. Uh-oh. No. Give me this back! Thank you. Fine, if you’re not coming
in then I’m going to sleep. I need my shut-eye. I need my beauty sleep for a good reason. (chuckles) I have to look good for my viewers. Hello. Okay then, that’s right
I completely ruined this. Here, let’s do a bit of that. And let’s put a torch in
here for good measure. There you go. That will
be his little cubby hole when he decides to come into the house. But for now, we must sleep. There we go. I think that we’ve
made some awesome progress when it comes to detailing our house here. It’s a lot more roomy and we
have a lot more options … Oh gosh, I didn’t want to do that. We have a lot more options on where we want to place our things. Definitely, over time I’m
gonna start working it out and seeing if I can’t
make it nicer and better. I’m loving our home so far. We need to work on that
railroad system there. We’re making some good work
here. And I’m proud of it. So let’s keep on doing
this for a little bit. I definitely want to get this
second story figured out. Maybe that’s what we’ll do to sort of finish off this episode. C’mon. We can do it!
Just keep on building. You gotta build until
you can’t build no more. Hey look, there’s a pig
down there. Hello Mr. Pig! Can you see me up here? Or am I too high? Is my face is covered by the clouds? Okay then. We’re almost there. Definitely want to get more colors in because it’s like constantly looking at the same shade of brown can be a little daunting at times. So it would be nice to
mix in the colors a bit and see what I can do on that regard. But for now I feel like this will work. With the limited resources
and my limited knowledge it can be a little bit difficult
to find work sometimes. It’s more important to
have an establishment than to make it look pretty. So of course I have my
priorities straight. Okay, then we’re almost good. We almost have the full work around here. There we go. Oh no! I
put one too many down. Okay. Hooray! Now we’re
doing some good progress. And I have to say, this weekend was “PlayStation Experience.” It is a PlayStation
conference and basically they announce a bunch of
cool games for the PS4. I’ve been so excited, we’re
currently playing Minecraft on the PS4 and this console is
quickly becoming my favorite. There are so many cool
games being announced and coming out for it.
And the console is just so much fun to play on and
interact with people with. It’s a good time. What game
are you most excited for? 2015 seems like it’s shaping
up to be a really great year. There we go. And we’re just
getting sort of the top of it figured out here. And we’re almost done. This is the final stretch here. Let me run way over here
and just back it up, back it up, back it up. There we go. And then finally we must roof it off. It’s a little bit of a short roof I know. But it’s better than nothing. It’s supposed to be like a little bit of an attic area, I feel. And maybe I’ll go on and
add on another tile to it at some point in time.
But for now, I feel like this is nice and fine. This
is nice and dandy, indeed. I’ll definitely have to
add a little gate here so I don’t fall down the
staircase and break an elbow or something, that wouldn’t be fun. Don’t want to go and make
a trip to the hospital just because I’m building
my own house, you know? So we’ll do that soon. I know that they have a variety of different fences in this version now. It’s interesting playing
through Minecraft again. Seeing how this is my
first serious attempt at it in over two years. It’s really fun to play and see how the game’s
changed and what’s evolved. Even while it’s still
the same game at heart, there’s still so many
cool new things to try out and new adventure to enjoy. Hopefully, one day we have
a gigantic mansion to enjoy, but for now it’s just
a lovely little abode at the side of a forest. Next to a sea. We have the best of both
worlds here. (chuckles) We do need some torches but I don’t want any baddies spawning up
in here. You don’t want any monsters up in your
attic, that wouldn’t be good. That’s just like skeletons
in your closet, isn’t it? Okay, where are the torches then? Hm, not in here. Maybe they’re up here? There they are. I’m actually running out, which isn’t good at all. That’s
not the torches, that is. So let’s go up, and
place these torches down. Ooh, you can even hear the
scary noises being made from the lack of room and lack of light. There we go! We have our
house all touched up. All finished up and looking
pretty good I’d say. Right here it’s sort
of this gigantic hunk. Maybe we could add some
windows and things like that to make it a little bit more
pretty but besides that, we have generally increased
the size of our house sporatically, really. It’s
just like, it is twice as large as it was previously. Looking really nice and inside I think it looks even better. Are you trying to make a
break-away, cow? From your farm? What did you do? How did you get out? Look at this guy, he’s a grand schemer. You made your way out,
is he actually here? Or is this glitching out? I don’t know, either way
we’ve made some great progress and we’re going to be
making more very soon. Either way, thank you
guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye-bye.

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