Minecraft Tutorial: Interior Design and Decoration #1!

Minecraft Tutorial: Interior Design and Decoration #1!

hey guys how’s it going today we will be
doing a tutorial on how to decorate the interior of a house now the house we
will be using is my large modern house number one I’ll put a link for the
tutorial in the description but you can apply these techniques and ideas to any
of your other houses now for the design inside I definitely went for a clean
modern look to match the outside it features a nice open-concept layout with
a sitting area at the entrance which leads right into the kitchen and living
room and upstairs we have two bedrooms without further ado let’s get right into
it starting with the material list given that you follow the tutorial correctly
this is what the inside of the house should look like before we get started
we’re actually going to need to make some minor structural changes to the
windows and doors if you’re not using this house you can simply skip the 1
minute 53 seconds where we will actually start decorating the house so first off
we’re going to have to knock this one wonder out here knock one window out
here and add one more glass pane on the edge moving upstairs we’re going to have
to knock out four glass panes out of this window and for this other window we’re going
after replaced for vast pains in the middle now moving over to the balcony
window we’re going to have to replace four glass panes and now that all the
minor structural changes are done we can start decorating so first off we’re
going to place our entry sitting area using quartz tears so you can do open
ended or closed ended stairs at the end depending on which one you like but I
just left them normal that’ll be it for that small sitting area next we’re going
to go over to this wall and place three quartz slabs to make a shelf and which
we will place three flowerpots on top and then your plants of choice so now
we’re going to move on to doing the kitchen first off we’re going to need to
outline the kitchen with stone slabs this helps give the room some separation
but it doesn’t get rid of the open-concept layout so to make the fridge we’re going to
place two iron blocks and place an iron door on the front to place the iron door
you actually have to go behind the iron blocks or else it won’t go on so now
we’ll move on to doing the cabinets using gray concrete so place one block
and then place three furnaces place three more blocks and one to the left
leave a gap place two blocks and then place five blocks to finish it off now
we’ll put stone slabs above the furnaces to make a range hood a cold Rin for the
sink and extra choir hook for the faucet then we will cover the gray concrete
with snow to give a nice white countertop I really like the snow on top
because it provides some contrast in the kitchen now we’re going to make the
living room so using dark oak stairs start directly below this window place
one stair for cross and then one more now for this I did a closed-ended stair
on the wall side and then an open-ended stair on the other side just to make the
couch look a bit more interesting then I placed two dark oak slabs for a coffee
table and a one by two painting on top to look like a TV so now we’ll make a
small shelf left to this doorway using two stone slabs and Val V it for
downstairs until we add torches and chests later so now I’m moving upstairs
we’re going to make the walls so leaving three blocks in front of the
stairs place three blocks and then bring one block board and then build a cross
until your one block away from the wall and here just build three blocks from
the wall and then go across leave a one block gap and then place one more blocks
for the doorways now you can fill in these walls to the ceiling now that you
have these walls place the slab over the doorway I chose not to put doors on the
bedrooms but you can if you want now we’ll place a two by two painting above
the stairs a one by two painting here and then two one block paintings here so now I’m moving it’s a bedroom we’re
going to add five columns of red concrete placing two blocks of gray
concrete here and then quartz slabs on top we can now put a painting in the
middle place our beds and then surround the bed with brown carpet and then place
a 1 by 2 painting here now we’ll move on to the blue Phoenix bedroom we’re going
to knock out this quartz wall and replace it with concrete and then place
two blocks of grey concrete with flowerpots on top place up one block
painting here and a 2×1 painting here next we will place our beds and surround
it with light pink carpet now that all the main decorating is done
we can add torches and chests so place two torches on the blue columns and a
chest in both corners you can also place another chest here but I chose not to place two torches around these two
paintings place torches on these red columns with double chests in between now we’ll move that to the balcony where
we can also place another double chest now we’re going to place two torches
around the front doors a chest at the end of this stone path and two double
chests one below and one above the shelf and finally place two more torches
around these acacia doors and then we’re done so now we’re going to look at some
before and after shots just to see how big of a difference we really made doing the interior really adds a lot of
detail to these houses even though I’m not the best at it I really think it
helps make these houses look a lot better and that’s it if you enjoyed the
video leave a like and subscribe and also comment what else you want to see
me build but that’s all for this time I’ll see you guys in the next video

11 thoughts on “Minecraft Tutorial: Interior Design and Decoration #1!

  1. Thanks for the video it was Awesome i just started building modern houses the first video i watched of yours was the small jake paul house and i watched 2 of your modern house videos and the large modern house was 1 of them after i watched this video then the large modern house 1 then this video again because i built the large modern house 1 then luckily i saw this video and this video helped with interiors of mc houses so much you have earned sub dude! Awesome Video

  2. I have a many towers in mincraft in folw hd
    And i want to lern how to build kichien .
    And i like your vidieos because you do a folw hd.

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