Minimalist Glam Bedroom Transformation // by Elle Uy

Minimalist Glam Bedroom Transformation // by Elle Uy

So… Hi! This is Elle, and welcome to another makeover. Our makeover today is this guest room. The theme is a feminine look, it’s more glam with a touch of gold; wallpaper with a little blush. That’s all. I am so excited to show you the outcome. Before that, this is how it looked when we started. As you can see, almost all of the things we need is complete. There is a bed, a cabinet, and the like. We just need to buy accent pieces of furniture, for decorating, for walls and the like. Actually we are already done, and we just need to arrange the things that we bought beforehand. The wallpapers are already installed. I will show it later, but before I start, please do subscribe to my channel for more makeovers, design tips, and advice. You may also follow me on Instagram. This is the bedroom today. The paint is different. We finished painting, and we also have wallpaper. This is so cute. Because the look is glam, it has gold… a golden cream It goes well with the existing bed that they bought. The things we bought has arrived; the chairs… We have a lot of deliveries today. Come join me as I fix this room. This is one of our chairs accented with this lamp. We also have a chair there. Then, we also have these frames that will all be installed today. Let’s unbox the things Bea bought. she was the one who bought these. This is my first time seeing them live. So cute! It might break because I’m holding it with only one hand. It’s cold. I’ll show them to you later since they’re still wrapped. I’ll just open them first. Here they are. This one is a super cute container. See? This one… how much is this? Oh, the price is still there. Beautiful. It costs ₱259 Let’s display them here. We will replace their existing curtain. They can use this when they wash their new curtains since it looks fine. However… We choose one that really goes well with it. It’s a very light, beige color. Let’s change it. Finally, we are already finished with this glamorous, and very feminine guest bedroom. Now, you will see the difference when you place decorations, accent pieces, and the like since those are the only things we added here. However, the room underwent a great change. Come, and I’ll give you a tour. When you enter through the door, the first space you will see the sort of “vanity” and desk area. This is already here. We just bought this chair. It’s cute, velvet, and has golden legs. Then, this artwork was bought in Amazon, and it goes really well with the colors we bought. It was unintentional since we didn’t see this before they bought it, but it’s perfect. Then we placed a gold mirror along with a few accessories to get that chic style for this area. Actually, the entire room is chic. Then, here… they also bought this closet because there was no built in closet in this room. Actually this piece is really beautiful. It coordinates well because it’s white When it comes to this headboard wall, we placed wallpapers. The owners requested for wallpaper because they wanted a very chic. They’re fond of floral and the like, so we chose something that has a gold kind of beige because this bed was already existing here. We thought, “what would go well with this bed?” Hence, the wallpaper right now. We chose something very floral, at the same time, it’s still glamorous. This is the side table with a lamp. The lamp is super cute. Actually, we intentionally placed gold items in this room. We really placed gold; those with wire. You can see our theme throughout the space here. Furthermore, on this side of the bed, we placed an artwork that seems blush; we have a lot of blush accent. The reason why I want to place an accent in this corner is so it will balance throughout the room. The bedding we chose is… white, of course. Very classic. Then, we bought this beige or tan accent so it will coordinate with the other colors in this room. Of course, this pretty blush pillow blush here. It feels nice to lie down here. It feels like a hotel that… brings joy. These are its side tables. It’s white… the cabinet… Then, It also has… as I will show later, a chest of drawers. It was bought as a set; that both look glossy white with silver handles. It’s very good because it’s simple; so clean that all the accent pieces we placed stands out. It’s very beautiful, and it coordinates well. Then, this curtain, as I have shown a while ago, was placed because the curtain before was a dark, brown-ish green. We chose tan for this wall so the wallpaper and accent pieces will stand-out. That’s why we chose this to replace that. This is the other side of the room. This is the drawer I was saying that matched the side tables and closet. It’s beautiful. It’s simple. Then, on this side, we placed an accent chair with this lamp this is their reading chair. So I will really pose here and sit because this chair is so cute. This is from Retail Therapy So… it’s beautiful. it also goes well with our blush color. it also goes well with the chair from vanity. It’s perfect with another pillow that has an accent so this is placed here. On the top, we placed a shelf to add more decor because this is a guest room, so we really need a lot of beautiful pieces, right? We also had this blush artwork printed which were free artworks. These are prints we found online. We also placed a little decor such as this. To look fresh, we added a little greenery and a little flowers throughout… We also bought this rug which is shaggy so it feel very cozy. It adds a coziness factor in this room. If you can see what I was saying, throughout the space, I added gold elements for the metal objects. for example that clock, these candle holders, other decor; even the things in vanity area, and the bed side lamp is like that as well. If you look around the room, there is a balance as if if everything matched, even if everything is not exactly the same. They look better together. This is our makeover for today. As you can see, although we are only decorating and adding key accent pieces, it makes a huge difference in the appearance of your space. When we arrived, they already have the bed, the side table, the closet, and this chest of drawer That table was already existing as well. These are the thing that were already here. However, the look was very basic. It didn’t have colors, It didn’t have decorations, so we started from there, and we placed a wallpaper because our goal is very glamorous; a very chic, feminine room. Our color for this room is tan very beige, white, gold, and of course, the blush accent color. Because this is a guest room, we achieved a very hotel-ish look. I’m happy with this project because every element we added worked together; from the blush artwork, the chairs and accent chairs, to the pillows, wallpaper and the rug. Then, we had the room painted because its color before was a grey-ish blue or a blue-ish grey. Now, we painted it with tan that doesn’t deviate from the wallpaper so the space will be very cohesive. I’m very happy with this room. Hopefully, the people that would sleep here will enjoy this room. These are the sources, of the things we added here, where we bought the accessories and furniture. This is where we bought them. Check them if you found something you like. So this is our makeover for today. If you like it, please like this video, and do subscribe to my channel for more home makeovers, design tips, and design advice. and you may also follow me on Instagram. That’s it for now. Bye!

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