Mirrored Solar Lighted Centerpiece

Mirrored Solar Lighted Centerpiece

Well hello, my Darlings! Welcome back
to our channel! I am so glad you are here! Today on Danie’s Designs Craftmas 2018,
Day 28 I’m going to show you how to create a festive, lighted, holiday
centerpiece. Please stay tuned! For this project you will need some
Christmas foliage, three dry foam bricks, you will also need four solar lights, any
ribbon – color or style of your choosing – any diamond wrap, style of your choosing,
you will also need eight, 5 by 5- inch square mirrors, and a piece of black felt. Of
course you will need your handy dandy tools.
Let’s get crafting! So the first thing we’re going to have to do for this
project is affix all three of our styrofoam bricks together. And to do this
we’re simply going to go in with a foundation of hot glue on either end of
that Styrofoam brick, and then we are going to place these two bricks together
and hold them into place while they set knowing fully well that styrofoam
retains heat so it may take you a few moments before these two pieces are set
into place. Now that our Styrofoam bricks have been glued together, what we
are going to do now is place our mirrors onto our styrofoam bricks. But the
problem that I’m having here, as you will see, is that these four, five-inch mirrors –
which is going to give us twenty inches – is not enough to cover three of our
styrofoam bricks stitched together. So what we’re going to have to do is line
up our four mirrors and then we are going to remove or cut away the excess
foam that is hanging off the end. Now, once I have lined up my four mirrors
what I’m going to do is simply take my knife, stand up so I am making sure I am
having a good vantage point so that I can see where I am cutting this
styrofoam, and I’m simply going to take my knife and I
I’m going to line it up with my mirror and cut off that excess piece of foam
that we do not need for our project. Once I have done that, then we are now ready
to start to build up our piece. And to do this what we’re going to do with our
four mirrors well the four mirrors on one side and then to repeat the step, or
the process, with four mirrors on the other side is we are going to glue these
four mirrors down to our styrofoam bricks. As you can see here I am
taking my hot glue placing it in a rectangular fashion where I’m going to
place that mirror and I’m simply going to take my mirror and set it into that
hot glue applying some pressure and allowing that hot glue to set for a few
moments. I’m going to repeat this process on this side with my three mirrors
and then on the other side with my other four. So here we have our centerpiece
that has been covered on both sides with our five-inch mirrors as well as covered
on the bottom with our black felt. Now what we are going to do now after we set
this aside is embellish what is going to become the top of our centerpiece. You have seen these in another project which is simply just a frame that Dollar
Tree usually has on sale. There is writing on the glass. As a matter of
fact I think we used these just two videos ago when we made our display case.
So all I’m going to do with this is simply use my hot glue to embellish the
sides of this piece with our diamond wrap in an effort to pick up or play
upon the shininess or the silver that is in the mirror. I am going to continue
this process going all the way around the four sides smoothing it out with my
silicone thumbs fingers, which is going to make sure that that glue is not going
to lift up too much. Then what I’m going to do is take a few smaller
pieces of that same diamond wrap and I am going to etch the top of this so once
again we’re going to have a nice complete look throughout our entire
piece. So just going in again with a foundation of our hot glue and simply
sitting that diamond wrap in that hot glue allowing it to set for a few
moments and then completing that process all the way around the four sides. So
here we have our two top pieces that we have embellished with our diamond wrap
which is going to pick up on the reflective parts of our mirror. Now what
we’re going to do is take our solar lights and we are going to embed them
into our styrofoam. To do this I am simply going to push them in to find my
initial placement. Why this is important is because on top of those two
solar lights that were placing there we are going to take the tops that we just
embellished and we are going to sit that top atop those two solar lights. What
you are trying to do, in essence, is you are making sure that once you set your
two solar lights together or in place they’re set to the point where that top
can still fit over those two lights. Once you have found your placement you are
going to take your hot glue and you are going to place the hot glue in the
etching that you just made. Go ahead and stick that solar light back into
that styrofoam with the hot glue which is going to give you the security you
need for that stake not to come out of place. Once you have done that you are
then ready to go ahead and set the top piece
on top of your two solar lights. Now we are going to glue those in place using a few glue
dots in an effort to keep that cover sitting on those two lights. But before
we do let’s go ahead and place these two other lights into place as well by just
following the same process. Of course, I premeasured these second ones off-camera to make sure I have the correct placement and making sure that my top is going to fit
over both of those lights. Once I am sure that they will, I pull those
stakes back out placing some hot glue into those places and then placing my
stake back in again. This will ensure that those lights will be secure in that
space. Now once you have taken or placed rather, and I’m so sorry that this is out
of frame, I thought that you could see it – what I’m doing here is just taking a few
bullets of hot glue and placing them around the perimeter of the solar panel
so as not to block that solar panel with anything. This will make sure that your
lights will be able to charge during the day and at night they will light up. Repeating that process for the other two lights and then setting the top back
into place. So here we have our piece almost put together and now what we have
to do is create our floral arrangement. Now as you can see I went ahead and I
cut those stems for my poinsettias very long because if you remember that
styrofoam is not as tall as those mirrors and so we need to
fill in that space. Of course there’s another way: If you wanted to ameliorate
this by doubling up on your foam you are more than welcome to do so, but just
as we have created it here just make sure that you’re cutting your stems
lengthy so that they will be able to fit or stand up in that styrofoam
and also stand up over our mirrors, as well. So what I’m going to do is to
continue to create my floral arrangement – and if you remember we do not have any
glass sitting on the sides of this centerpiece – so in addition to placing
your flowers in the middle of your centerpiece you are also going to have
to place some flowers on this side to obscure any foam that may be showing
there. So I’m going to continue this process off camera and then when I come back I’m going to show you how we are going to obscure those bullet glue dots
that we placed down to attach the top of our centerpiece. Here we have our
piece that is almost completed. This looks so festive, and I’m so excited. As
you can see we’re finished with our floral arrangements. I went ahead and I
place my flowers on the sides and I topped it off with some ribbon strands.
Then I took some evergreen garlands and I wrapped them around our posts. Now as you can see those bullets that we made earlier so that the tops of our
centerpiece could sit atop those solar lights I am simply going to take some of
my flower embellishment and I am going to place again another bullet of hot
glue over the bullet that is under the glass and I’m simply going to place my
flower embellishment over it. As you can see I am NOT trying to obscure the glass
panel in anyway so that these lights will be able
to charge throughout the day and then light at night. Well here you have it, my
Darlings. Our mirrored Christmas Solar Lighted Centerpiece. Isn’t this
absolutely festive?! I think I would have to say my favorite part of this project
would have to be those ribbon tails that we used to cap off the festivity of
this piece. Additionally I am also in love with the evergreen garland that we
have going up the length of the posts of those solar lights. I think that it just
adds to the holiday season the holiday spirit that is in the air with the reds
and the greens and the golds and the silvers that we have placed all in this
one centerpiece. And here as you can see our solar panels are not encumbered in
any way and so our piece will be able to charge during the day and will of course
light at night. And so my darlings if you have found any value in this video
please be sure to give it a thumbs up as well as leave me a comment in the
comment section below. I would love to hear from you. Tell me how would you
incorporate this into your holiday decor this season? I would love to hear from
you. My Danie’s Darlings, I just would like
to tell you thank you for all of the love, the comments, the questions, the
feedback, but most importantly my Darlings and throughout 2018 for all of
your encouragement. Please know that none of it is wasted and I appreciate each
and every one of you. For those of you, however, who may not yet be a Danie’s Darling how about you consider joining our ever-growing community of DIYers as we
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community. And so my Darlings, before I sign off of Danie’s Designs Craftmas
2018, Day 28 I’m going to leave you with the motto to our channel which is simply
this. Say with me: “Why buy when you can DIY?” And so my Darlings
until next time when I join you for Danie’s Designs Craftmas 2018, Day 29, I
say to you please, please, please take care of yourselves for me. Know that I
love you all! (Giggles) Bye now!

26 thoughts on “Mirrored Solar Lighted Centerpiece

  1. I finally found you again! Ugh…..I've been looking for your channel. Ugh…..I may be too late to do one your these lovely projects. But I'm so happy that I'll have your channel for next year.

  2. What to say, so much talent. I love this peace, but then I've not seen
    anything of your's that I don't like. Keep posting and I will continue
    to watch.

  3. If you painted flower pots in mirror finish, you could do this same thing and line a walkway. Maybe edge the solar lights with just diamond wrap. This would make gorgeous outdoor decor.

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