Mobius Strip from Wood – Art, Sculpture

Mobius Strip from Wood – Art, Sculpture

Well, I have to say that I think this turned
out much better than this one; my last video. Obviously, my goal was to make a Mobius strip-like
shape. Hopefully, make the viewer think, “How do
you curve wood like that?” I had a few people ask how did I do that? What angles I used for cutting these pieces. What I did was, I started at ten degrees on
the mitre saw. I have a compound mitre saw that allows me
to cut the bevel at the same time. I started at zero degree bevel. For every cut I made, I changed it one degree. I went down one on the mitre and then up one
on the bevel. I went from having a wedge shape this way,
to a wedge shape this way, over eleven pieces. As I glued them up, I twisted them about nine
degrees or ten degrees or so. Mathematically, it is about nine degrees. These are basically identical halves, one
I just turned around and glued them together. They needed not only to have flat faces, when
I glued them together, but they also had to be perpendicular to each other. One had to be this way and one had to be this
way; 90 degrees. That’s what I had in my head when I went into
this thing. Obviously, I eyeballed it. I did not really measure any of these pieces. I am not necessarily happy with how it kind
of has a couple of kinks down here and a flat spot. It is not as smooth of a transition, as smooth
of a curve, as I wanted. Hey, it is not too bad for making it up on
the fly. This time, I finished this with lacquer because
I wanted to show off the wood. This one had that one piece of wood that was
different from the rest. I thought that looked odd. That is why I ended up painting this. Although, a lot of people seem to like this
on Instagram. It is not my favourite piece, but people have
their own tastes. This is made from a reclaimed bed frame. I think it is ash, but I am not sure. This one was made mostly from reclaimed oak
from a broken cabinet. Thanks everybody for the continued support. I have been reediting my old YouTube videos
for Instagram. Recently, several of them have gone over a
million views, which is just stunning. I am quickly approaching 40,000 followers
on Instagram. That is exciting too. Thanks again and we will see you next time
in Cammie’s Garage.

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  1. Thanks for explaining the process. I’ve never thought to try this but now I may. They really are mind boggling when you don’t know the process.

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