Modern Succulent Wall Decor

Modern Succulent Wall Decor

what’s up glue dots? I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter and today I have a really interesting DIY for you
it’s a succulent holder wall decor that’s a little different than some of
the other stuff you may have seen not farmhouse not glam kind of somewhere in
between and it could be also it’s not real girly it’s not real boy like it’s
very in the middle so it should be good for everybody out there I hope you like
it it’s something different with pieces that you may have seen already at Dollar
Tree with a little bit of a twist so stick with me if you want to check it
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share with you guys so helping my channel grow helps me to be able to
continue to do this so plus we need to prove to my husband that this I’m not
just out here putzing around I’m actually really working hard okay so
help me out on that one okay anyway let’s get right to it this is a really fun one because it’s so
easy so the first thing that I did actually is and I already did it ahead
of time so I’ll be able to work better is I went ahead and glued on with my
e6000 the little picture hanging hook at the top part of the back of my three
section tray so what we’re going to be doing first is using the hot knife and
cutting the bowl part off of the ladles I’m going to show you how this works
with the hot knife so I’m starting right about here so the further out on the
blade the closer to the point it’s less less heat there so you want to go use
the part of the blade that’s closest to the actual heat gun itself and it cuts
through just super super easily I applied just a little bit of pressure
and it cuts right through there you go so the next thing we’re gonna do is take
the bowls from that we cut the handles off of and we’re going to be attaching
one into each of these sections so figure out your angle I’m gonna go with
an angle not too far tipped forward for me I want it to kind of almost be as
though it is displaying it kind of at a at a dip I don’t even know if you can
really tell but anyway I want it to kind of be dipping down as opposed to
completely up and horizontal so I’m just gonna be using my e6000 and my glue gun
because again I want the immediate hold with the glue gun but I want the more
permanent hold with my e6000 so I’m gonna go through and figure out where I
need my glue to be in each obviously it’s skin
to be at the top part of this bowl where we cut the handle off and somewhere
along the bottom part of the bowl where it’s going to adhere there so part of it
will adhere here part of it will be adhering to the the bottom of each
section so we’ll start out with the e6000 and then add the hot glue so that
we have a little better working time and I already know that my a 6000 is gonna
go there I think I’m only gonna use the e6000 on the upper part and use the
e6000 and the hot glue on the bottom because minimal glue would be better for
the top because it may show somewhat unless we decide to cover it with a bow
or something I don’t know but so a little bit of my 6000 as well on the
bowl the bottom of the bowl and then I’m gonna go with a little bit of the hot
glue on the bottom of the bowl now it’s not really gonna show much from the
inside because we’re gonna have the little rocks in there so figure out your
positioning may need to hold it there for a minute to dry make sure it’s
centered and where you want it now the other thing is probably better to start
from the top I don’t know why I started from the bottom because now that’s kind
of in my way but that’s alright well make it happen anyway and now our final
ladle Bowl so here’s another little quick tip you know I like to give quick
tips sometimes with this e6000 it continues to goop out and goop out if
you from the base of your e6000 give it a tiny little squeeze from the sides it
will sometimes suck it back in so that it won’t continue to drip okay now that
we’ve got those in place the next thing we’re going to be doing will be to
remove these succulents from there and it’s super easy they just pull right
out there in a styrofoam I’m gonna set those aside and pull out each of the
little succulents that we’re going to be using if you want to you can cut these a
little bit shorter so they sit better I’m actually not going to because I
might be reusing them so but I would recommend if you are going to be keeping
this as a permanent piece that you would cut these by about a half an inch or so
they’re going to be going in here and we’re going to be pouring one little
pack of these gems with the light into each of these folders so very the light
under there and then we’re gonna be sticking the succulents inside so each
one will have the succulent and the gems so I’m trying to do this upside down for
me right side up for you so you can see now these little gems with the little
immerse ability lights they when you when you unscrew the bottom there’s a
piece of paper in there that’s protecting the battery so that it
doesn’t turn on and then the way you turn these on is you by screwing them in
all the way if you unscrew them a little then
they’re off and then screw them on the rest of the way and they turn on so I’m
gonna turn them on for now so you can get a feel for what they look like well
I’ll turn that one on because I already put the other gems in there so
and then you’re gonna put your succulents in so I’m gonna go put this
up so you can see what it looks like all lit up and decorated super cute super
easy if you choose you want to embellish around this edge at all you can do that
or if you want to tie any type of bows I feel like a lot of times we embellish
our bling out things or add so much to things and sometimes it’s just nice to
have something simple clean and a little more modern so I’m going to be leaving
this like this let’s check it out you you

60 thoughts on “Modern Succulent Wall Decor

  1. Precioso me encanto muchas veces😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. I love it!!!

    Your videos are a joy to watch and you are very creative! I am so glad I came across your channel.

  3. Love love love this idea so cute.i would paint mine white with no lights.for my's done in Black n White……πŸ’• TFS πŸ’•

  4. You did again,Elaine. I love it!❀❀I made something similar. I'll send it soon. Have a blessed day.

  5. Very very pretty you could use real succulents in that little Miniatures that I've seen online and that would also be very very pretty

  6. Hi, Elaine. This dyi is lovely! I loved the unique way you used the tray. Tell that husband that your work is very important in making thousands of us glue dots happy!!

  7. Love this!
    And don’t worry, your channel is going to keep on growing so you can show your husband that you really are working.πŸ˜‰
    Love and blessings!πŸ’–

  8. Super cute diy project, a definite one for my front porch. Thanks for sharing your talents, much love from South Tx πŸ˜€.

  9. You could even enclose the succulents with that ladle part. My mind's going 100mph. Too many things are popping into my head! Lol.

  10. Hi Elaine, Great DIY! I love how you use the ladles. Oh, and I love your top too! Even the heart flag is blingy! LOL TFS, hugs~ Josie πŸ™‚

  11. Φανταστικο!!!!! (Fantastic!!!!!)πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  12. This is super cute. I was trying to thinking of something to do with that part of the spoon. I had one idea but i like this one

  13. Hi Ms. Midnight! I'm an insomniac πŸ™ so I can relate to your nighttime creativity. I figured it was time to actually let you know, that your personality and warmth is so calming and inspiring to me! I love how you jump in and make your amazing projects without all the 15 minutes of hoopla, seen on so many channels. Your instructions and display are easily followed.

  14. Ooops. I wasn't fini!!! You come up with projects that leave me thinking, why didn't I think of that? You have that special inviting essence that I feel like I'm sitting with you drinking my tea. Just kidding. I drink diet coke- but that sounded better! Thank you for being an inspiration and simply real!!! Your channel is my go to. Thanks for taking time to go through the time consuming filming and editing process to share your lovely ideas with us! Many blessings ❀️

  15. Oh, and does anyone know where your get the acrylics with the light? I don't believe I've seen these at dollar tree. Also probably another silly question, does anybody have ideas on what I can use to burn the ladels off? I don't currently have a burning tool 😬 Thanks so much I appreciate it greatly! Be very blessed.

  16. This is my favourite Diy, will look great in our home. Our home is more male oriented, except for my craft cubby. TFS. xxx

  17. Great DIY. Will try that on my new home Hubby and I are not in sink of decor. He is modern and I am anything cheap πŸ˜‡ That is why I am surfing around for great DIY'S.

  18. This is really nice and simple to make. I've never seen a gray tray like the one you have here. I have a clear one that I got from DT a while back.

  19. That’s super cute!! I’ve been thinking about buying a hot knife, it’s time I got one. I think πŸ€” I would use natural rocks, would they be too heavy? Thank you so much Elaine for sharing this wonderful idea, I love succulents. I always look forward to your videos.

  20. You can show this to your husband if you'd like too. You do such wonderful videos of all the great projects that you come up with. It takes a lot of time to do your videos and explain step by step how to recreate the items. Thank you for sharing them with all of your viewers. Happy crafting from Debbie in Zanesville, Ohio. 🐝

  21. Thank you! I've been looking at that on the wall and trying to figure out what you did! I really like it! Thanks again!

  22. I think this is so darn cute & I might add some moss around the lighted clear base. I enjoy watching you & you have a wide variety of DIY's that keeps your channel interesting. I love the changing color light items, I like beachy items, I love roses, candle items, different types of lantern ideas, I just I just like all kinds of projects. And they are not super expensive that is a huge plus since a lot of us are on budgets and I am retired & on a fixed income now. I use to make beaded jewelry, little wooden boxes from Michaels craft store I guess a trinket box but they were football team related colors, some were with stickers related to children – including little boys since its hard to make things for them – make them with flowers or different themed trinket boxes & painting them all kinds of colors. I made braided dog pull toys out of material, candles they were great sellers & so forth. I didn't limit my crafts to a specific item so all ages would be interested in my crafts. But with my income decreasing & my hands not being what they use to be I haven't done any in a few years.

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