Modern Tiny House with Hidden Bathroom & Space Saving Furniture – Full Tour

Modern Tiny House with Hidden Bathroom & Space Saving Furniture – Full Tour

100 thoughts on “Modern Tiny House with Hidden Bathroom & Space Saving Furniture – Full Tour

  1. I'd have polyurethaned/varnished all that mdf/chipboard that's been used in the kitchen/shower-room/toilet area. Just to give it some water tightness and to facilitate cleaning.

  2. soooo…. we sleep on the loft and I'll just crawl down and poop, while you can hear AND SEE everything :s I like the tiny houses, where the bathrooms are in a room…with cealing, where noone can look down on you while pooping.

  3. Est ce que c'est possible d'avoir un concept une étage? C'est très bien vôtre création, mais je suis un peu pattes gauche 😉 et une échelle et pas pratique pour moi.
    Merci d'avance pour votre réponse.

  4. Why do builders always put in "down to the floor" windows?

    Your toes don't need a view and it's nothing but wasted space. You can't put a couch or table in front of a window so your locked into only "one" furniture arrangement.

    In this case that is true for both the indoor and outdoor living space.

  5. I liked everything about it, and because it was a guest cottage, small fridge is OK. Also, she did explain that they chose a bigger mattress, which is probably why the bedroom loft looked too small

  6. This is the best kitchen I've seen yet in a tiny house. Although it does seem a better idea to put the toilet in with the cleaning supplies. Very nice guest house!

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  8. wouldnt be good when you eat taco bell and need to rush to use the bathroom, youll have to build the bathroom in order to relieve yourself

  9. I love everything but the fact that the bed is right above the kitchen no. Who'd wanna smell food when he goes to bed?

  10. great spaces need today life is not that much we look to make it simple space is biggest level multic usage of any household items highly demanded but in the reality domestic market durablity life span of furniture or any house hold is big question mark not conservative how for today multi usage is stable and able to succed in long run , it shows space time limit of spending on more matrial

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  11. This is the perfect home for me. She just didn't explain if you are off grid are there an solar panels installed?

  12. Any other THOW have a tall window that the loft shares? This is what I want, too, but this is the first time I've seen it.

  13. So when you're sitting in the loft, the soles of your shoes are hanging directly over the kitchen counter! Who wants mud in their salad??

  14. It was a nice video enjoyed the look of the place. However it was in another language, and I don't read fast enough to read all the subtitles. Take this into consideration in your next video thank you

  15. I want a tiny house so bad. Trouble is, I'd want to live in it full-time, and the legality of that is scary to navigate. But after watching so many of these tiny house videos, I really can't stomach the thought of living in a standard size house when this is such a better idea.

  16. It's just my opinion, it's not important at all but that toilet … I do not like that location at all. the closeness to clothes is unhygienic.

  17. 3:42 so you can store your clothes and your poop in the same wardrobe. Seriously, what did you smoke to come up with this idea????

  18. Veo poco funcional lo del baño, si estás en el segundo piso recién despertada y quieres hacer pipi, tienes que bajar, quitar las escaleras, abrir la puerta de los closeth (que además está muy cerca de la ropa limpia) abrir la puerta que cierra la ventana, sacar la tasa del baño para poder hacer pipi, yo no me podría aguantar tanto jajaja

  19. Une présentation avec tant d'éloquence, c'est rafraîchissant. Merci pour la superbe présentation; la maison est ingénieuse et de bon goût, vous devriez en être très fièr(e)s!

  20. Over all, I love it, but *C0 poisoning* is a real risk with the stove.

    A gas stove is required to have a hood over it which pulls air to the outdoors!

  21. The hidden bathroom is quite a good idea and I get where they came from, but I wouldn't want to convert half of my house every time I'd need the loo

  22. I luv the smart design of this tiny house. The one thing she didn’t show was a washer/dryer combo and a refrigerator unless I missed that part.

  23. The two doors for the bathroom, they don't even meet and the toilet is opposite the cooker. Imagine you have friends round and your cooking a meal and someone wants to use the toilet, say no more. Also too much messing about pulling everything out, the table in the bathroom she has to push it to the 'living room', and the ladder next to the toilet.

  24. not sure i'd have the toilet in the same closet as my clothes… i get the 'use of space', but c'mon… maybe put all the cleaning products etc above it. and that bedroom with the skylight must get ROASTING in the direct sun.

  25. I've seen 30 seconds and I am already in love. Looks clean, cozy, inviting and clever. Love the wood and the whites.

    Edit: 3 things I don't like. 1 if you need to go to the toilet at night you use the ladder and you'll need to tuck it away to be able to open the toilet drawer. 2 the eating table is too far away (and i would want to clean it completely each time before use). But I love the esthetic of the house, so welcoming and open. 3 why is the fridge so visible? In Europe fridges (and dishwashers) are always covered by the same panel as the other drawers and doors in the kitchen. Why would you give an ugly appliance like a boring fridge all this attention?

  26. Overall an elegant and efficient design, especially the compact furniture such as the ladder and desk (the table being multi-purpose is great). I agree that the toilet being under the clean clothes is a definite turn-off. And the ladder is not convenient if you have to use the toilet in the middle of the night. The windows are lovely.

  27. This tiny home has some great storage ideas! But I would not want to have a toilet underneath my clean clothes!?? Not sanitary idea at all??? 🙁

  28. If not mistaken the deck appeared larger than the mini house ,did I missed something why not utilize some of that space..The toilet really? different strokes for different folks

  29. Lovely build. Great appointments right up to the toilet. I would have said that to have a toilet like that is a personal choice. However but to have it as a guest house and a toilet in a bucket is certainly different. Maybe in Quebec things are different

  30. This dose have some ideas I haven't see before. I like the roll a way table the counter space. I think the sink might be a little small for my taste. But if it works for the homeowner good for them. It is a nice house. Thanks.

  31. A guest house is not a tiny house but simply a holiday home… love the skylight, yet it is of no importance if she only shows it as a design feature instead of the owner showing his/her usage of that feature. Even though the house is physically there, it remains a theoretical exercise. Too bad.

  32. Don’t like it one bit to plain and I don’t want a bucket for a toilet not only that there’s drawers Wright above the toilet the smell of toilet getting in my olothes no way not even a composting toilet were not from the mid century

  33. Very sleek design and having detracting dangling lamp cords. The bathroom had quite a few innovative design elements; however, would switch the shower and toilet so as to put distance between cooking and crapping and so that the ladder [during use] wouldn't be in the way of the toilet.

  34. I love the very clean and clear lines! gorgeous design. Clever way to hide the toilet, but I would have located it away from the vicinity of the kitchen. I would also make sure it is aired out of the house with a fan, as is the case with the Nature's Head toilets.

  35. I don't like that the shitter's right by the kitchen. If you've ever seen that mythbusters episode w/ the toilet & all the toothbrushes, you won't like that either. Also, I think having a ladder on something movable like that slide out is bad. It's not very sturdy looking. If something were to break, whoevers climbing at the time could be badly hurt. I also don't like the bed layout. I wouldn't want a space to the side of my bed I could fall through.

  36. I saved this in my best Tiny Home folder. Many unique ideas I like. Though that low of a toilet wouldn’t fly in our house. But just add a foot or two to the length and put in a proper toilet.

  37. Everyone is complaining about the toilet, but I'm getting anxiety thinking about rolling out of bed and falling to the kitchen 😬😬
    Beautiful windows and skylight tho 😅

  38. Hello, can I get some informations about that bathroom… Can anyone tell me where (link or any company)I can find finished baths ready to install in camping houses?
    Thanks a lot… btw this "tiny" house is awesome!

  39. I really like the idea of that "starlight"-window option, but whatever tiny person eg a kid will drop down into a pot of hot spaghetti from there may not think the same way. And knowing that cooking steam (and its molding potential) will find its way the opposite direction let me think … well, damn it looked so nice with her sitting there, but no :o]

  40. I like this concept, I also like the toilet idea. I actually made some models to find out it if can be upgraded. Result is the idea, that it can slide into shower area instead, a This way a little bit more space can be saved. I would also put the washining machine to middle part of drawer when toiled is lockated, when hidden.

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