Mold Making Techniques – Sculpting Two Part Mold For Silicone Rubber (Pt.3)

Mold Making Techniques – Sculpting Two Part Mold For Silicone Rubber (Pt.3)

First let’s go over a couple skull prepping tips When choosing your skull for this project check for any holes or cracks Super glue works well for attaching any removable parts I use clay to fill the holes which will prevent the silicone from leaking inside the skull Keep in mind that you will be removing castings later so the farther back your cavities go the more difficult it may be to release Filling all the holes and cracks is one of the most critical parts of this project if you choose a hollow skull to mold Automotive Bondo also works well for covering up the seams so you won’t see them in your castings later I remove the skull out from the clay after I have removed it from the case mold I make any small repairs and add all the fine details at this time Once finished apply a thin coat of ease release agent over the entire skull I want to make the skull positioned at the same height it was before so all the spacing stays the same when we made the case These little nylock nuts make nice locking keys for the silicone inside the cheek bones I’m building the material out around the bottom of the skull so that it will make removing the castings easier

38 thoughts on “Mold Making Techniques – Sculpting Two Part Mold For Silicone Rubber (Pt.3)

  1. the bottom part of the mold was the part that I was most unsure of… now I'm not so unsure!

    thanks… again! I'm probably gonna tell you thanks on each and every installment of this… sorry. haha

  2. I agree with gothgloom…that is a lot of work. Thank you again for showing us all how you do it.

  3. Thanks, this is just one way to do it, but I wanted to show that with the time and patience in this part of the process the end result is whats worth it!

  4. Damn it! Why it's gotta be this complicated! After y'all finish this one put it on eBay and let the bidding began. I promiss it sells for over one bill

  5. This is like a Soap Opera! What is going to happen next! You are a true Craftsmen Chris! Lot of work involved. I will stayed tuned for the next installment! Awesome stuff!

  6. Will you be selling any? If not, where is a good place to buy some fairly detailed ones that won't break the bank?

  7. Sorry, I tried to not skip any steps and make it easier but I added some annotations now. Thanks for the feed back!

  8. Fascinating and fun like all your videos but why didn't the Talented and Lovely narrate it instead of using the techno-pop? I'de rather hear her read the weather in Madagascar. Nevertheless great stuff.

  9. I totally agree with you it would she would have made them way better to watch but she was getting ready for a trip out of town and left half way through editing these

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