More Dumb H3VR Reloads – Home Improvement

More Dumb H3VR Reloads – Home Improvement

Why guns need hammers Groovy… DOOMGUY SENDS HIS REGARDS Highest DPS weapon in the game Anton add a proper broom plz No excuse to still be using the cleaver here thats better uh… the birth of a dumb reload idea scientific research on maximum acheivable rotational velociraptor premature detonation double fakie ollie grind I actually grabbed the round out of the chamber instead of the 320, then the round landed inside AGAIN peak frustration okay no THAT was peak frustration hey everyone thanks for watching if you
don’t know the game is hotdogs horseshoes and hand-grenades or h3 BR
for short remember to scribble scripts crab and
all that fun stuff and I’ll see you in the next one

17 thoughts on “More Dumb H3VR Reloads – Home Improvement

  1. 1:18 can we stop and appreciate how in sync that was to the music

    Edit: before you say anything when I commented this I didn't read the comments before hand and it turns out there's an identical comment :/

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