we can be the cleaning machines that we
are this is why you don’t see this is real life cleaning with two munchkins ha
I found this and this is gonna go in the garbage anytime I have a chance to throw
away like cheaper trinkets I definitely do maybe you want to see something
that’s driving me insane this bump here on the rug hey welcome back
I’m Andrea Jean and today we are gonna be spring cleaning with Andrea and
Jeanne we got kids running around we got the chaos move in we got about 30
minutes and I want you to sprint clean right along side me put me a new TV your
iPad your phone whatever device you have and if you’ve got kids running around
your house – cheers mama because that’s often times how you clean or get
anything done in your life plenty of small children or any children
or any sort of adulting responsibility isn’t 30-minute sprint so we’re getting
caffeinated I got some pie here I’m gonna scarf down because you know we’re
gonna be needing some energy to do this if you’re new here consider hitting that
subscribe button let’s get into it this video is jam-packed I am telling
you by the end of this video you’re gonna be so pumped up we’re gonna do an
organization project we are gonna put something together that I almost asked
my husband to do for me but you know your girl she conquered I did a
guesstimate got myself in a little bit of trouble here and we also do some
packing so without further ado let’s do it I bet there is someone in your life that
could benefit from some sprint clean with Andrea Jean so make sure that you
share this video with them so they do not miss out on any content also if
we’re not friends on Instagram we need to be we have a ton of fun over there at
Andrea Jean 1 and I just want to say thank you to Ashley wicker for reposting
and my Instagram stories I appreciate you I support you thank you thank you so
much here’s one of those tasks that I have
been putting off and I look at it it drives me nuts but I’m finally going to
take care of it it’s something so simple to write under here are a ton of crumbs
under the oven so I’m going to go ahead and get this wiped down I don’t know
it’s something so simple but literally it’s probably been a month or so since I
finally went in here and cleaned it out sounds like a freight train in here okay
so I get asked about this laundry detergent it’s gone he writes a little
bit more quiet it’s okay it smells nice I don’t know that it’s worth the cost if
you know what I mean per fluid ounce it’s okay I probably won’t buy it again
I don’t think I’m just I’m in the mood of trying a lot of different things but
um on a scale of 10 I’ll give it a 5 10 being the best and
then I love these love the love game changer right there this is all done
we’re gonna bust into that one next I got these on target a cartwheel not
cartwheel just like a buy three get a $10 gift card or something like that so
I would definitely recommend these you okay there’s a lot going on in here and
this is a toy room that we do not use it that often oh so it gets neglected but
let’s just see if we can whip this up super quick like Michel right here is
six minutes should we set a timer yes we showed it all right we did way better than I
thought we still have two minutes and 20 seconds left so yay
even though things seem like they’re gonna take forever a lot of times
actually got quicker and I found this and this is gonna go in the garbage any
time I have a chance to throw away like cheapy trinkets I definitely do
raw baby don’t mind my washer in the background
so this is a project that I want to do next I want to organize our mod room a
little bit better but I need to actually measure it says 45 0.4 inches in height
to see if it’s gonna fit where I want to go so let’s go ahead and measure before
we start putting this all together so we are just over 17 minutes free
ladies that are cleaning right alongside me you are killing it you are doing
awesome we are almost over that halfway point
here now I tell you when I open up this box I was like oh I’m just not in the
mood to try to figure this out and put it together but once I got going and
grooving and actually it was pretty easy but we’re gonna run into a little snafu
here really soon also I just want to give recognition to its Allen’s life
comment of the day here it’s something I do in my youtube channel to give back
and support the community of people who support this channel and help me do what
I love here and I just want to say thank you thank you so much I appreciate you hi-yah now you saw me measure and I knew
it was gonna be tight I do not have precision with measuring so I’m like
I’ll just estimated and it’s too tall so my plan was to put it in there so
strategize I either return it but that took me a
long time to put together and I do like how it holds 30 pairs of shoes I am
going to try organizing something right here let’s do it all right I am I’m already not liking
that there uh this is its decisions boy what to do what to do ok this is what
I’m gonna do mm-hmm better idea Plan C not too shabby okay I like this I just
need to vacuum this up and just keep this area pretty tidy so when the kids
and it comes out there to get their shoes and then I can sit down in here
and put them on this will probably be a much better because it gets super
congested in here you can imagine okay one we’re trying to get out the door so
I do got to switch the laundry yeah this will be good so I will actually take
this downstairs it’s pretty filthy under there I don’t know if you can see it and
we’ll just tidy up a little bit what we have time for we got about ten minutes
left oh that’s like blue light in here it is
so beautiful outside but I’m super happy with what we got done my two boys I just
did my three boys are actually napping that means my husband he took a little
snooze as well but I gotta go get my daughter off the school bus so ya feelin
good feelin good I’m all tired but that’s all right
satisfied more important voila magic outfit change no it’s the next day
so my two boys are with my husband right now they went to get a little snack I
just got out of work and my daughter it’s just after 12:00 my daughter is
still at school so we were actually headed out of town and I wish I could
say that this house is gonna be all cleaned before we leave but that ain’t
gonna happen but we need me to clean up this bedroom here I mean I haven’t even
made my bed yet today and you know me I like to make my bed first thing in the
morning but that’s the kind of day it’s been today so let’s see how much we can
get done and before we had a out of town for our family pictures so I’m very
excited about that but let’s clean mamuh clean don’t you just love the sound of
that first things first we are gonna need
some coffee we’re gonna have some of this caramel one from Starbucks you can
see that it is so delicious delicious autofocus and this is where we’re headed
for family pics whoo a caffeinated
okay evaded so we can be were there now you can see we can be easy cleaning
machines that we are I wish it said press one for espresso this is what you don’t see this is
real-life cleaning with two munchkins ha yeah yeah love that steamer we are almost at the 30 minute mark I
hope you are feeling like a complete queen of your castle by getting a ton of
stuff done around your house it is way more fun cleaning with somebody else
just like it’s way more fun working out with somebody else so consider me your
very own cleaning buddy alright let’s finish this up strong so I have a few favorite things that I
like to do a steam vacuum but I do truly love cleaning a bathroom something about
it is very gratifying probably because I like knowing that it’s sanitized so yeah
I like clean the bathroom I know it’s pretty girls though you remember yesterday how my kitchen
was all clean you wouldn’t even know that I cleaned it you know that’s how I
God oh my word let’s go over here we’re going to clean
this up here I mean I can’t even walk without stepping on some toys so yeah
that’s happening just getting these dishes put away now I
talked about some of my favorite chores previously but one of my least favorite
chores is putting away the dishes in the dishwasher and that’s because this is my
chore all growing up in high school the dishes were always waiting for me to be
put away so I think I came to resent them now couple things have helped some
awesome music and it’s just one of those things I like to get crossed off my list
so in the comments below let me know what is one of your least favorite
chores and ladies we are almost done here so I want you to sprint clean the
remaining of this let’s do it or wrapping up here I’m just finishing
the random drinks left around my house that includes coffee diet coke wanna
stay hydrated here but if you can in the comments below let me know what you were
able to get done around your house or cross off your list during the sprint
clean with Andrea Jean I would love to hear it plus you probably gave me some
ideas of things that I can do around my house and here we are just having a
little fun as well I appreciate you so much head into the description box below
for the ladies that I mentioned and also for some playlists to keep the fun from

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