Moving Day Tips : Fill Nail Holes on Moving Day

Moving Day Tips : Fill Nail Holes on Moving Day

OK, so, I’m going around the house, and I’m
taking out all the nails from the walls, and as you saw before, most of my walls, in the
main part of my apartment, are, are all wood. And, so, there’s really no way to fill in
those holes. But, the ones, holes, when you take nails out of sheet rock, you want to,
depending on the agreement with your landlord. And, but, he or she may not care if you do
this or not. But, you might want to fill in the holes, in different ways. So, first, I’m
going to take out the nail, in the same way. It’s still good to use this, even though you’re
not on wood, it can, your hammer can make scuff marks on sheet rock. So, it’s good to
use a piece of wood still to do that. And, I’ll put this nail in my tool box. And now,
there’s, you can see there’s a hole here, and there are two holes, because, I guess
I was indecisive of where I wanted to put my picture. And, so, you can go to a hardware
store and get some putty to fill those holes in. Or, kind of a home remedy for that, if
you only have a few holes to fill in, is white toothpaste. So, I’m just going to take a tiny
bit of toothpaste on my finger, and just kind of dab it in there. Might need to get a little
more, and it goes away.

25 thoughts on “Moving Day Tips : Fill Nail Holes on Moving Day

  1. well i tried it… it didnt work welll seriously….. the paste doesnt go in welll.. if does welll its not kinda flat…. when u make it flate… it doesnt fill the hole completely

  2. GOOP's "Nail Hole Filler" works great too. You can get it at grocery stores or hardware stores and it's much easier to use than putty.

  3. Seems like the toothpaste might go rancid after a decade or so. Thanks to this plaque remover we may have an outbreak of plague in 2020.

  4. love it, 1 min you tube video, AFTER you watch a 15 sec commercial…and a small tub or tube of the correct material will cost you about $2-3.

  5. I think given the circumstances it's not a bad idea. Certainly good for a move out to something temporary

  6. Thank's Little Lady !!!!! I Will Use The White Tooth Paste Method !!! I Live Down Here In Laredo Texas On The Mexican Border, And I Will Use The Cheapest Method !!! I Don't Own This House, I Rent It !!! And I Am Not Going To Waste My Money Repairing Nail Holes In A House That I Don't Own ,And Down Here In Little Mexico !!!!! They Always Go The Cheapest Route !!!!!

  7. Some people are objecting to it but I like it! All I need is to make the hole less obvious and not give my mean landlord an excuse to charge me an arm and a leg for nothing. I was actually thinking to use "white out" (that I still have), but needed something of a thicker consistency…lol!

  8. So I put some toothpaste over the hole, and 3 seconds later my house burst into flames. Barely made it out. Lost everything thanks to toothpaste.

  9. It goes away lol and just like that the video ended my ass got up to early to watch YouTube glad I know where she put that nail

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