Mr. Kate DIY Coral Decor

Mr. Kate DIY Coral Decor

Knock Knock! I’m Mr. Kate! I’m here! I’ll take a look at your place. Oh hi! I’ll drop for awhile “Mr. Kate!” I’ll help you find your style. “Mr.Kate!” We’ll laugh, we’ll paint I’m Mr. Kate! Yeah! Hi Threadbangers! Mr. Kate here I am so happy to be doing another how to video for you guys. And today, I’m gonna do something really fun and easy to accent your shelves. I’m always on the lookout for fun DIY decor pieces for your home. And I think that using these on a little pedestal and some paint is gonna make something really cool for my shelf and your shelf! So let’s get started! All you need for this DIY is coral, from your local pet store or I’m sure you could buy this online too. It’s made out of plastic. It looks pretty real. For the pedastals I’m gonna use old candle containers. I’ve since enjoyed these beautiful aroma therapy candles. They’re all gone and I’m gonna use these as a pedestal for my decor piece. And then the final thing, most important, to make it look totally new and different is some spray paint. So I’m gonna go outside and get my spray paint on. Let’s go! Now I’m just gonna wait, uh, oh, dries in fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes. And then I’ll display them on my shelves. I just turned my home into a coral exhibit. Beautiful and easy Thank you Threadbangers for watching I’m Mr. Kate, and i’ll see you next time. Mr. Kate!

76 thoughts on “Mr. Kate DIY Coral Decor

  1. I don't care if this video was about feeding starving children in 3rd world countries, that intro was so cute i'd watch it till my eyes bleed.

  2. @ThreadBanger I liked the tutorial a lot, but I don't think the intro is flattering or demonstrative of your work. Just trying to be helpful! xx

  3. Why are you people disrespectful! No one asked you to watch this video; you came here on your own. You don't like the idea? Get off this page and try to make a better video. But I bet you can't

  4. Wow, you people are so ignorant. All you did was bitch and complain the whole time that Threadbanger was gone, you already chased off one really great girl because you all had some kind of a stick up your ass, and now you're attacking Kate. Why MR. Kate, I'm going to assume it has something to do with the mustache trend. And I happen to like her intro, it's cute. And if you don't like the project that she's doing, then guess what you can do? GTFO. Grow up and be lucky that Threadbanger is alive.

  5. The intro was cute, reminded me of Disney's Enchanted. Although I wish you'd refer where you had the inspiration from, like Eduardo Garza coral sculptures. It's best to take credit from where it originates.

  6. aww, I loved the gold one halfway through, when only the textured pieces were covered. It was such a nice contrast, I think I might have to try that. 😀

  7. @erinmtdew Yeah I don't thinks he had to do a weird high-pitched song and dance montage like some Nickelodeon intro. :/ I like the coral though.

  8. @dustypork It is not that she cannot afford real reef. She doesn't use it because of the degradation that it causes to our oceans. And she is vegan so that would be out of her realm anyway.

  9. Really? Spray paint some plastic coral and stick it on a tin? Did I really need to watch a video to tell me this? Waste of 2 minutes.

  10. Ok so I've wanted to do this pin for a while but I figured I would have you do it first so because I want u to do this so bad I'm gonna go through every single one of ur videos and comment this pin 😏😉 so anyway here's the link

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